What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On December 10, 2003 Mary K. wrote: I got the golf clubs I ordered yesterday. I just want you to know I have told everyone I know about your excellent customer service! I have never had any other company keep me so informed. I am sure I will order from you again.
On December 09, 2003 Charly Graf wrote: Today I received the order. Thank you very much. Everything is perfect. Good job. I'd like to thank Pinemeadowgolf for the relationship that we could establish so far and I'm looking forward to our next season. All the best wishes from Switzerland.

On November 20, 2003 R. Burkhardt wrote: Dear Sirs,I never did it, but I must write you the following: On Monday morning in a little village in Switzerland (Europe) I decided to send an order per internet to pinemeadowgolf for a set of iron clubs + 1 driver + 2 woods. On Friday morning I received all what I have ordered in a very good condition. I must say, I am very impressed but not only because of the rapidity of your service but also the way you use to inform the customer about the state of the order. I had the feeling that I was there and not in Switzerland. I thank you very much for your service and if the quality of the clubs is so good as your service, I have made a bargain. You will be sure that I will recommend you at any time. Thank you Kind regards R. Burkhardt
On November 07, 2003 Fernando Artola wrote: A friend told me about the Pinemeadow web page and I took a look at it, as first I thought that the offers could not be as good as shown so I bought a few clubs because I needed just to try them out. All the processes were perfect but one of the items, the driver, had a small crack so I went back to Pinemeadow and their response was unexpected. They decided to send me a brand new club (the original was second hand) totally free, to Spain. The new club is as good as the original one, my brother has bought another club, and another three friends have bought a set of irons at a price never expected. I
On October 29, 2003 Andrew Elms wrote: First of all, let me say what a great website and company Pinemeadow Golf has turned out to be. It was trully a pleasure to do business with you guys and I will be a customer for life.
On October 28, 2003 Joaquin in Spain wrote: Everything arrived perfectly packed and, remarkable in a 100plus club delivery, matching exactly my demand. This weekend I had the chance to try my POWER PLAY SELECT 5000 TITANIUM DRIVER - 450CC~ 9 DEGREE DRIVE and I was surprised to see how easy it was to deal with, apart from how powerful is. I am sure my wife and friends will be delighted with their clubs. Thank you and be sure I will purchase again at Pinemeadow. Best Regards,

On October 22, 2003 Ann L. in New York wrote: Dear Pinemeadow: I hit them straight and alot farther now that I have a 5Wood. Thanks so much for the help in ordering my club and sending it to me within a good amount of time. I was so excited when it came at 2:30 today, I was teeing off by 3PM. Had a pretty good round was very happy with the added distance I now get with the 5Wood.

Thanks to all! I recommended Pinemeadow to everyone and I will do so in the future too. Sincerely a satisfied customer, Ann

On October 10, 2003 Douglas Beavers wrote: I just had to write and THANK YOU again! My order has shipped already. This is within one day of order process! I am giving these clubs as Groomsmen gifts for my upcoming wedding on Oct. 25th, and now I know for sure they will be here on time, thanks to you and the wonderful service of Pinemeadow Golf Products!

Please feel free to post this as a note of recommendation to prospective customers! Have a Great Weekend!

On October 03, 2003 Dr. R. Salles wrote: Dear sirs, I received today, 10/03/03, the set of golf clubs I have ordered 4 days ago. I
On September 17, 2003 Thomas Smith wrote: Received the clubs on Tuesday of this week as scheduled. Just wanted to express my appreciation and state that Pinemeadow Golf Products has truly impressed me. The new clubs were used within a couple of hours of receipt and they are everything they were advertised to be. PLUS! I was actually hitting the ball straight.........If at any time I can be of assistance to Pinemeadow Golf Products, please let me know. I would not hesitate to endorse the company and its "Customer Support" team. Again, thanks for your kind assistance.

Sincerely, Thomas Smith