What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On August 21, 2003 Tim Ringler wrote: I really appreciate your thorough communication on my order. This is the way I try to run my business. Good job. I'm sure I will be doing business with you folks again.

On August 19, 2003 Emmanuel P. wrote: Dear James,

I was so pleased with the driver after two weeks of use that I also ordered a complete set of XDS Tour irons, a 3 ball black putter and a 56

On August 08, 2003 Patrick Smith wrote: What superb service! I ordered the clubs on evening of 5 August . They arrived today, 9.15am on 8 August at my home in England. The clubs look superb. Everything I ordered well packaged and I was able to track my order into your production and then as it was in transit from Portland via Louisville- Philadelphia-East Midlands Airport - Nottingham - my home. Can't wait to get over to my golf course tonight. Just wish my golf would match your performance.

Patrick Smith

Ravenshead, Nottingham, England

On July 09, 2003 George S. wrote: I am new to golf since last year. I was given a set of irons from my uncle but had no drivers. I found your website through a search engine. I purchased a set of your Acer drivers and am very happy with them. I do not have a lot of experience with equipment but they have suited my needs very well. I have decided to purchase a set of irons since my set is not a total match anymore (broken shafts). Your products, service and prices are to be highly commended. If it keeps the prices lower to not advertise then I would rely on the opinions of people who have already purchased. Your are not going to convert the people who need a brand name. I have been playing tennis for 28 years and have always stuck with equipment that I liked. Regardless of manufacturer or of its age. I would highly recommend anyone to your sight for future equipment. Keep up the good work
On July 08, 2003 John M. wrote: Dear Mr. Travers,Thanks for taking care of the shipping. I received my clubs in the mail yesterday...all in great condition! Appreciate your customer service. It ranks up there with the best. I'll put in my review on how the clubs worked for me as soon as I get time to go and play.

-John M.

On June 24, 2003 Steve H. wrote: Dear Guy, I have placed several orders with your company and can't give you enough praise. I recently ordered a Power Play 5000 driver (wonderful club) and was to receive a complimentary club at no charge. I inadvertently ordered the complimentary club not realizing it was automatically attached to the order. Your staff caught my mistake and removed the $15 additional charge. Pinemeadow is a breath of fresh air among the stench most internet suppliers.


On June 02, 2003 Stephanie L. wrote: Hi! I ordered 3 Nike clone low profile fairway woods (3,5,7) back in April and finally have played a few rounds with them now that the rain has stopped. I wrote earlier to say they looked great and the service was quick, but I hadn't played them yet. I wasn't going to write again, but today (3rd time out with the clubs) I hit a 225yd. shot with my new 5 wood! My longest with the old 5 was about 185-190. The guys I played with were waiting for the green to clear and told me to go ahead from a 225yd. sprinkler head. Even I knew I wouldn't reach the green.I hit the green on the bounce and rolled just past pin high!!

I am hitting all 3 of these clubs and getting good air time thanks to your recommendation of shafts! Thanks so much for raising the potential of my game. :) Whoo-hoo!!

Stephanie L.

On May 08, 2003 Gary M. wrote: I just want you to know that you have the best service of anyone i have delt with on or off the net. i like how you keep the customer informed of whats going on,thats great! keep up the good work . I'll be telling all my freinds about Pinemeadow Golf. The very best part is that your clubs are great , i meen really great!!!! Its nice to see quality and service in one great place . Thanks for everything
On March 26, 2003 Kenny from Switzerland wrote: I am surprised. In only one week I have received all my new clubs ! Great ! I must tell you, at the beginning I wasn't quite shure about your clone clubs.

Let me tell you that I am absolutely convinced, after having a more than 200 yards shot with an 99$ driver ! Forget my Taylormade ! I tried also my wifes clubs, which can be compared to the Big-Berta Clubs, priced for more then US$ 1'000.--. Why spending more, if you can have the same for less money !

On March 10, 2003 Jean Mousseau wrote: Just a short note to thank you and the pinemeadow people. I have been ordering clubs from your company for the last two years. Your patience, knowledge, flexibility and help are second to nobody. I have recommended and past the word around about pinemeadow and the people who work there.

I know for sure one friend has ordered wedges from you and two others are thinking of ordering full sets of clubs. I'm sure as the word spreads, and if you don't already have, you'll be receiving a lot of business from the areas around Windsor ( Canada)and Detroit (Michigan). It nice to know there are still some quality, personable and honest companies to deal with.

Many Thanks