What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On April 23, 2004 Ron S. wrote: Received my club and I am another satisfied customer. Thanks for your rock solid service.
On April 23, 2004 Dan T. wrote: Hi Pinemeadow, I'm really impress over your service! Me and my friends order clubs from you on Tuesday morning and today"Friday" the clubs arrive!! Thanks for the great service and have a nice weekend.

On April 21, 2004 Mike wrote: I was in the market for a new set of irons last year, but couldn't afford the $1000 for the taylormade rac irons. I stumbled upon pinemeadowgolf.com and found the clones priced at $150 and decided to try them out. I've golfed since I was 8 years old and have gone through numerous sets of clubs, i'm 21 now. Previous to last year I was about a 9 handicap, after using the power play select irons I was shooting under, at, or just above par consistently. These are the first irons i've ever really felt great contact with when hitting the ball, they're also the only irons i've ever been able to work draws and fades. I recorded my first 3 eagles of my life last season, and after playing about 5 rounds this year i've already had another (thanks to a 4 iron i can finally make good contact with. I recommended these clubs to two friends, one purchased a set earlier this spring and after playing 6 times shot 8 shots better than he ever has. My other friend just ordered the Oxygen S types yesterday. Quality clubs for a quality price, thank you
On April 21, 2004 t lingit wrote: I originally bought a putter that was on clearence, and came back for the quality=price. Got a mallet putter that gets a lot a looks with people I'm paired up with when golfing, voit putter, custom cut for no extra price, works great. Bought a Power Play hybrid 1 iron, hit as far as my driver some times(with less slice! Don't ask please). Even a stranger I was paired up with tried it and loved it. Bought 3 wedges for me and two brothers, on clearence, voit, we love them. Sister bought the Acer Big Bertha knockoff irons(XDS) for me on my birthday, hit the pitching wedge for the first time 143 yards instead of using my 8 iron! Talked my brother into buying from pinemeadow the Acer X-16 knockoff's(XP's), he loves them(so do I after I tried them, the ones I was originally going to buy, but love the XDS!). Can't wait till I move back to Oregon in a few months(pinemeadowgolf.com is located in Portland) where I grew up, and go to the factory directly and chech out the drivers(Clevelend knockoffs), if I can wait that long, and get a choice of shaft stiffness from the namebrand stock shafts in Apollo steel or Aldila graphic at $99(from senior flex to extra stiff). I bought a generic titanium knockoff at a local sports store here in Albuquerque for $130 that had no choice other than a flexy graphite shaft, stock shaft stiffness choice at pinemeadowgolf.com at no extra price. I'm sold.
On April 20, 2004 Shannon D. wrote: I just can't tell you how impressed with your follow up I am! You're 'outfit's' business ethic is second to none. Kudos to you!
On March 29, 2004 Iris D. wrote: Just wanted to let you know that your web site, ordering process and courtesies regarding your explanation of how you function (set forth below) is the best I have come across on the web and certainly regarding golf merchandise. I purchase a fair amount of golf related products via the web and often "b" never follows "a". I really appreciate it.
On March 10, 2004 Graham Ford wrote: Yesterday, I received my new golf club, and I am delighted, not only with the club but with the speed and efficiency of your system. Imagine sitting in Australia and ordering a club on the web in the US on a thursady afternoon, for it to be manufactured and delivered to my home here in sydney by the next tuesday. amazing world we live in. thank you for your great service and I will be telling my friends Cheers from Australia
On March 09, 2004 Doug in New Zealand wrote: Hi Guys, WOW, 4 and a half days to my door halfway around the world - fantastic.

Should I need anymore clubs will definitely be re visiting you folk. Off to try them out - hope they work as good as they look. Cheers

On March 08, 2004 Ruth C. wrote: I want to thank you all at pinemeadowgolf...what a wonderful shopping experience this has been for me....I have done a LOT of internet shopping and your company is the very best!!! I love the way you kept in touch with me, keeping me posted on every aspect of my order...you made me feel like I had ordered a Million dollors worth of merchandise, made me feel very important, and believe me I will order from you again.....most all the other companies can take direction from your company, keep your customers feeling like a Million and they will be back!!!! Thank you so much again and I know my husband will be so very happy this coming Tuesday, his birthday!!!!
On February 27, 2004 Dale G. wrote: This will be my 2 time ordering from Pinemeadow Golf. I love the golf club quaility and the design of the clubs are truely some of the best around, and they are saving me lots of money compared to the name brand.