What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On August 13, 2004 Ronald S. wrote: I want to thank you all for your promp business reply on my purchase of my golf club!!! I can hit it far, just hope it goes straight!!! I'm sure I will enjoy using this club and I plan to purchase other clubs in the future!!! ONCE again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
On August 11, 2004 David C. wrote: I just want to say thanks for the communication that was relayed to me during the process. Its rare you find a business that takes the time to do that anymore. I see that you guys value your customers and I want to say THANKS and I look forward to doing business with you guys in the NEAR FUTURE.
On August 03, 2004 Richard M. wrote: I have purchased from Pinemeadow Golf on two previous occassions and have been extremely satisfied with my purchases. I recommend Pinemeadow Golf to anyone looking at purchasing new golf equipment.
On July 14, 2004 Gordon Wilson wrote: Hi Pinemeadow Staff, the above order was safely delivered to-day at 11.30am - all clubs in good condition. Thanks for your excellent service and communications - has been a pleasure doing business with you - keep up the good work. Regards Gordon Wilson

On July 14, 2004 D. Harris wrote: James, Thank you for taking the time to answer my question last week about the shaft stiffness. I was second guessing myself why I didn't just pony up and purchase the Acer set of clubs but I needed all new equipment and accessories and my wife thought it best that I maintain a tight budget..(House and new baby). I thought since the Secret Weapon Woods and Tour Leader Irons were in the closeout section that I would be receiving an inferior club....Well, I was wrong. The clubs felt really good last night on the course. I am a pretty long hitter with my old Titanium driverbut cannot get a consistant drive.....With the clubs that I purchased the last 2 weeks (to include the Bionic 201 putter) I played the best 9 holes ever. That 5 wood is so easy to hit and the irons really allowed me to work the ball. Sorry for the long email

but I am really impressed and next year when I hand these clubs over to my son, I will order again. Thanks to the team for putting a quality product together. I did not think that new clubs would make that much of a difference. I have been using a 10 year old set of NW Bullits that I bought in a garage sale. The Tour Leader Irons are not inferior in anyway, just a great deal. Beautiful clubs. Thanks alot,

Daryl Harris

On July 13, 2004 Galllaraga wrote: Thank you for the great clubs. You are a class outfit who respect their word. I am outhittings guys with the big expensive stuff. I know you did not sell me a swing but now when I misshit (or feel I did) the ball ends up where I was hitting my best drives with my other clubs. So when I hit one perfect, the results are amazing. I love them.
On July 06, 2004 Ken in Uxbridge in the UK wrote: I ordered my clubs Monday evening UK time. The following morning I had confirmation that my clubs were being made and 25 hours later they were on their way to me ! All my clubs arrived today Friday lunchtime in perfect condition. I would never have believed you could put 14 golf clubs perfectly packed in a box that small. The clubs are beautiful, the service was fantastic, the communication was exemplarary. Thanks again to everyone at PMG from Ken at Uxbridge in the UK. Another delighted customer.
On May 26, 2004 Seth P. wrote: Unbelieveable! You don't know how much I appreciate this. Pine Meadow is now my Golfing supply headquarters and I will spread the word down here in Florida! Thanks again for OUTSTANDING customer service. Have a great one.
On May 26, 2004 T. Bailey wrote: I just received my club and want to tell you how pleased I am with the quality. Please feel free to share with your group I can't believe how well it performs. This was my first experience buying a "clone" and I couldn't be happier. I'll certainly be telling my fiends all about it andwhere it came from.

Thanks again

On May 26, 2004 Mr Ferguson UK wrote: I would just like to thank all at Pinemeadow for what has been a truly pleasureable purchase experience. Your approach is of the highest proffesional order and a credit to you. As i write this reply I do so safe in the knowledge my clubs are on route to my home and can't wait to start playing with them. Everybody I play golf with is being told of your fantastic approach and quality service and I'm hoping they experience it for themselves. I work in the golfing industry and am on the road all across the UK. So the Pinemeadow name is getting good coverage. Thankyou all once again.