Lesson #7: What Golf Clubs Should You Buy?

Golf Lesson #7: What Golf Clubs Should You Buy?

Well you've read all the lessons, so now what? There is information overload when it comes to what clubs to buy. It's overwhelming but don't be intimidated. Remember that golf is a great blend of art and science. Each golfer is different and there is no perfect club for everyone.

Important. Choosing the right club does not mean playing what the pros play. The perfect club for a pro is not necessarily your perfect club. Players tend to get caught in a trap of trying to buy exactly what the pros are playing. This is a bad approach in any sport since there is equipment designed specifically for a very high performing individuals. This includes equipment like racing skis, tennis rackets, track shoes and yes, even spandex running shorts. Just because they fit those individuals does not mean every skier, tennis player, or runner should use the same equipment. Especially spandex, definitely not for everyone!

Golf pros look for clubs that fit a specific need for their swing type, desired trajectory, and spin rate. They also have the advantage of changing clubs with every adjustment in their swing. You can compare that to a skier who chooses a stiffer ski for a certain type of race. While that may be great for competition, the average skier will not have a good time on the slopes. Golf is much the same and the goal is to play with equipment that you can enjoy and that maximizes your game.

We ship out thousands of orders each month, so we get the chance to talk to many customers each day. They provide us great feedback and we strive to improve based on that. The more you know about our products, the happier you will be, and the great thing about the Internet is that we can provide you with lots of information.

You can also call us and talk to us toll-free at (800) 309-6878 or (503) 783-3710 if you live in the Portland, OR area. We welcome you to reach out and seek help. In the end it all comes down to what should you buy and how can we make that easier for you.

Here are our recommendations to successfully selecting your golf clubs:

  1. Find golf clubs that match your level of play. We provide an amazing amount of information about our golf clubs. For every model, we describe the materials used, the loft and lie angles, the volume of the clubs and provide technical descriptions of the performance characteristics of the golf clubs. Every golf club we manufacture is designed for the average to above average golfer.
  2. Get fit. If you do not know your length and flex, please use our Custom Fitting Wizard to get properly fit.
  3. Read our customer product reviews to see what people who have bought the products in which you are interested have to say. We provide customer ratings for every product we sell.
  4. Call our friendly Customer Service Representatives at (800) 309-6878. They love to help.
  5. If you are shopping for someone else, buy a Gift Certificate. You can't go wrong there!

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