What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On May 08, 2003 Gary M. wrote: I just want you to know that you have the best service of anyone i have delt with on or off the net. i like how you keep the customer informed of whats going on,thats great! keep up the good work . I'll be telling all my freinds about Pinemeadow Golf. The very best part is that your clubs are great , i meen really great!!!! Its nice to see quality and service in one great place . Thanks for everything
On March 26, 2003 Kenny from Switzerland wrote: I am surprised. In only one week I have received all my new clubs ! Great ! I must tell you, at the beginning I wasn't quite shure about your clone clubs.

Let me tell you that I am absolutely convinced, after having a more than 200 yards shot with an 99$ driver ! Forget my Taylormade ! I tried also my wifes clubs, which can be compared to the Big-Berta Clubs, priced for more then US$ 1'000.--. Why spending more, if you can have the same for less money !

On March 10, 2003 Jean Mousseau wrote: Just a short note to thank you and the pinemeadow people. I have been ordering clubs from your company for the last two years. Your patience, knowledge, flexibility and help are second to nobody. I have recommended and past the word around about pinemeadow and the people who work there.

I know for sure one friend has ordered wedges from you and two others are thinking of ordering full sets of clubs. I'm sure as the word spreads, and if you don't already have, you'll be receiving a lot of business from the areas around Windsor ( Canada)and Detroit (Michigan). It nice to know there are still some quality, personable and honest companies to deal with.

Many Thanks


On March 07, 2003 Phillip Oliveras wrote: I would like to share a story with all of you at Pinemeadow. My friend and I went out to play a round of golf a few months ago. It was the first time that I used my new Catapult irons. My friend was quite impressed with the distance that I got with my irons. (I was at least two clubs ahead of him - I used an eight iron, he used a six and so on...)

After a few holes he wanted to use my irons to get the feel of them and see what he could do with them. He loved the clubs so much that he bought himself a set as well. He is now hitting the ball farther than he could before. (Just wait it gets better.)

Last weekend he went out with his brother-in-law to play a round. Yes you guessed it: his brother-in-law hit the clubs and of course he was sold. (Wait! It is not over yet.)

We play men's league and tonight his playing partner was not hitting his irons as well as he likes to. My friend said, "Try my pitching wedge." "Nahhh, I need a 9 iron," he responded. My friend gave him the 9 iron and he flew over the hole. To his amazement, he grabbed the pitching wedge and still drove it past the hole. "Wow, I haven't hit a pitching wedge over 125 yards in about 5 years." Yes, yet another set of clubs sold.

I appreciate your product very much and I think that all my friends will soon. Thanks for having not only good product but quality service as well.

On March 07, 2003 Mark Guillermo, Honolulu, Hawaii wrote: Just wanted to thank you for your professional and courteous service in handling my order.

I had shopped around a long time comparing name brand clubs, and various clone manufacturers. I am very pleased and satisfied with the quality and value of your products, and the service your team has provided in delivering your products to me.

I had met some of my friends at the range and until they viewed my Tour Model Series 6 up close, they thought I had bought Ping i3's. I reluctantly let them try my new sticks, and they were very impressed with the performance and craftsmanship. I will surely tell more of my fellow golfers about the high value of your products and services.

On March 07, 2003 Thank you very much, Mark Emmons, Portland OR wrote: You guys are really amazing!

First, a few weeks ago, I contacted your webmaster regarding a problem I was having with your website, and when I was able to help him figure out the problem, I was unexpectedly rewarded with a club of my choice! (by the way, I chose the PM Pro Titanium Driver, and I really love it!)

Then I ordered a set of PM III Pros last Monday morning with custom length and grips and I just received them - less than 54 hours from the time I ordered them! Wow! I hope I can hit 'em as good as they look!

Finally, while I was unwrapping the clubs, Misty calls to confirm that the order was fulfilled! Amazing! The most unbelievable thing is... I have a tee time today at 3:16 and I can take my new clubs with me!

It is hard to find a company these days that seems to put any value on its customers. Your attention to detail, thoroughness, and dedication to your customers is truly refreshing and greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work! You now have another Pinemeadow Golf evangelist roaming the streets singing your praises.

On March 07, 2003 Thank you, Greg Anyon (A very happy customer) wrote: I just wanted to write and tell you how much I am enjoying my new set of Acer irons (Hawkeye Clones). I played 18 holes Friday with my old clubs and found the new ones on my doorstep when I got home. Played 18 with my new ones on Saturday and was able to take seven strokes off of my score from the previous day. The ball leaps off of the face of these clubs and really puts a backspin on the 9 and PW. My problem with topping the ball is completely gone. I could not be more pleased. Thank you for your help on getting me the correct length. Surely that helped also. Between the new irons and the Acer Titan 300 driver you suggested, my game has improved tremendously.
On March 07, 2003 A very happy and satisfied customer, Manuel I. Cuevas wrote: I want to thank you for all the effort shown by both of you along the people at PinemeadowGolf, that made it possible to get me the Tour Gear II club set to my address in Texas in 1 day. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

I showed my wife the level of service that you two provided me, and she was impressed, eventhough she is a specialist on the area. I need to thank Bryan for getting back to me during X-mas and letting me know that it was too tight the delivery schedule before I departed to Argentina, but he said that the plant would be shut down until the 2nd, and Misty would later call me to get it done and shipped overnight on the 3rd (at no extra cost, WOW!). Well I received it on the fourth, and I flew to Argentina on the fifth.

I need to tell you that this extra effort gave your company a sale that was almost impossible, and I hope that the clubs are as good as they look and the level of service that you provided me. I will try them this weekend...wish me luck.

On March 07, 2003 Jason McCutcheon wrote: I recently embarked on a clubfinding mission which eventually led me to you. I desperately needed new golf clubs but unfortunately my budget would not allow me to buy high priced, name brand clubs. During a web search I came across your sight. At first I was very sceptical, I thought, how in the world could you boast that your clones were the same if not better than the name brands they resembled? So I did a whole lot of research on clones and I found some negetive remarks made about other companies, but everything I heard about you was positive. So I decided to go ahead and give you a try, I purchased your velociteque irons (Taylor Made Super Steel clones). The very first ball I hit with them I knew I had made the right decision. The ball literally jumped off of the clubface and my distance improved by about 15 yards, I shot 12 strokes better than the round I played 2 days previous using my old clubs. I also purchased the matching Velociteque drivers and I swear!

I drove the ball 20 yards further than I ever had before, needless to say I am a very satisfied customer...

I also want to comment on your helpful and professional sales staff. I ordered my 2 iron and Sand Wedge from Jenetta (excuse me if I spelled it wrong)and told her I needed the clubs before the end of the week because I had a big golf weekend planned, She was very kind and considerate and assured me she would do everything in her power to get them to me on time. I had also ordered the woods that same day online and left a note about my weekend plans. That thursday I came home to see my new clubs waiting for me at my front door, I was tickled pink. My friends all tried the clubs and were impressed also, and this is the kicker! One of my friends had just bought the Taylor Made Super Steel irons online for something like $350 dollars, I showed him my clones and he tried them and told me he could not tell the difference, the proof is definately in the pudding!

I just wanted to write and say thank you and I am definately going to recommend you to anyone I know looking for new clubs.

On March 07, 2003 Ron Rivera wrote: Good morning.

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you and your company for the pleasant experience I've had dealing with your company. Misty provided excellent customer service and my clubs were at your offices ready for pick up as promised. Many people have been waiting anxiously to see how my clubs performed(I'm new at golf so I don't know how clubs are supposed to perform). I did end up ordering the Tour model 6 iron & woods. Anyways, my buddies took me to a driving range in Tigard. My buddies were quite impressed with my first few swings(since I've really never done this). I was hitting 150-170 yards with my 5 iron. I don't know if that's good, but they were impressed. They each tried a few clubs. Before I knew it we were all using my clubs!!! All they could talk about were buying new clubs. I know they will be contacting Pinemwadows real soon to order clubs. In fact, I know one of my buddies will be ordering today.

Again, thanks and I commend you for the excellent service and product your company provides!