Frequently Asked Questions to

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive thousands of technical questions from our adoring customers and customers-to-be and love answering them. We believe knowledge is power. Trust us, the more you know about golf clubs the more you will want to buy from us. However, to get your most important questions answered efficiently and effectively we have a few options for answering questions.

General Questions

Do your clubs come completely assembled?

You bet! All of our clubs come fully assembled and ready to hit. Once we get it into your hands the rest is up to you. Amazingly, this is a common question. We show only the heads of the clubs in many photos of the site, but that is because we use a number of shafts (both graphite and steel) and we want to avoid confusion about what shaft comes with the club. Also, we can make a larger image that you can see faster by focusing on the most important aesthetic part of the club—the head. We are aware that a number of companies do not make their clubs and just ship you the components in a box. That would not be a good thing.

I am a beginner/high handicap. What kind of club would you recommend?

Generally speaking all of our clubs, with only a couple of exceptions, will be perfect for the Beginner to Average golfer. Every product we make features the game improvement technologies and design concepts which will make you a better golfer — cavity back irons, perimeter weighting, low center of gravity. The first key to deciding what club to buy is to answer this simple question: What name brand club do you like the looks of? Our advice is to go to your local golf course and look at the name brand clubs. When you like the looks of a specific model, that is the one you should be interested in. Remember: You have to feel comfortable looking at the club when you go to hit the ball. Liking the way the clubs looks is very important.

How long is a golf club?

There is no exact standard for golf club length in the golf industry. To make everything clear, we are letting you know our standard club lengths for men and women using both graphite and steel shafts. The measurement is made with the club in address position — club head resting on the floor, grip end in your hands. The measurement is made from the floor up the back side of the club to the butt end of the grip.

This information is optional information for golf wonks and is not necessary for buying our products or getting fitted using our Club Fitting Wizard. It is reference material for those interested in comparing our golf club lengths to others.

Standard Shaft Lengths
  Men’s Ladies
3 Wood43”42”42”41”
5 Wood42”41”41”40”
7 Wood
9 Wood
11 Wood
13 Wood
15 Wood
2 Hybrid41”40”
3 Hybrid40.5”40.5”
4 Hybrid40”39”
5 Hybrid39.5”39.5”
3 Iron39.25”38.75”38.25”37.75”
4 Iron38.75”38.25”37.75”37.25”
5 Iron38.25”37.75”37.25”36.75”
6 Iron37.75”37.25”36.75”36.25”
7 Iron37.25”36.75”36.25”35.75”
8 Iron36.75”36.25”35.75”35.25”
9 Iron36.25”35.75”35.25”34.75”

Questions About Ordering and Shipping?

For all shipping related questions, please visit our shipping information page.

Questions About Golf Club Shafts & Grips

Can I specify the shaft or grip I would like to have in my club?

For an additional charge we make several shaft as well as grip options available. Forspecific options and costs, please refer to the following pages:

Custom Shaft Upgrades for:

Custom Grip Upgrades for:

What if I would like a specific grip or shaft and it is not available on your Upgrades list?

We have two options

  1. Sorry, if it is not on our upgrade list we are not able to make the club.
  2. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but please be advised that several factors are going to come into play:
    1. Cost can and will vary wildly based on your request.
    2. We will not be able to adhere to our 48 to 72 hour shipping window. We will do our best to keep you up to date on delivery, however many times these orders can extend into weeks.
    3. Our 30 day money back warranty will not apply.
    4. As much as we want to please you and get you exactly what you want, we may just not be able to do some things - then option a would apply!