What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On April 26, 2013 Con wrote: My new clubs are better than expected, very professional look and feel and after a couple of rounds I am even more impressed. I especially like the hybrids and when I find the sweet spot on the driver the ball really gets out there, 20-30 yards farther than previously. Great clubs delivered fast at a fair price. Once again I'm very satisfied with Pinemeadow golf.
On January 30, 2013 Roy S. wrote: l LOVE my new putter and the bonus of a ping sound when you hit it. The Ping clone 3 wood is a present for my 14 year old grandson so I haven’t given it to him to him yet but I’m sure he will love it too. Great on-time delivery and prompt handling of my order. I would recommend you to any and all of my golfing buddies!


On December 28, 2012 Don D. wrote: The white putter is terrific. Best putter I have owned in 50 years playing golf. I have gotten so many compliments on the looks of the putter and my putting. I have told many of my golfing friends about the quality of your products and your service. Thanks a lot.
On November 06, 2012 Ric wrote: Hi Aaron,

I have received the wedges. I am going out today, Saturday, November 3 to get them dirty. They look great and I'm sure that they play much better than I am. You all at PinemeadowGolf.com are the best! I am truly astounded at the quality for the price. Everyone I know already has clubs but I will inform anybody who is looking for a new set to see you all first.

Best Regards,


On November 02, 2012 Kevin M wrote: Just wanted to let you know I did receive my Command Hybrids, and I am completely and totally pleased. These hybrids are THE BEST hitting hybrids I have ever tried, bar none! These clubs are real confidence boosters! And, as usual, and I completely blown away by the great looks and quality construction. PMG never lets me down!

Thanks again from bringing affordable QUALITY golf equipment to the masses!

On November 02, 2012 Gregory E wrote: Hi, I will take this opportunity to thank you for your e-mail, it has been a pleasure to do business with you and Pinemeadow Golf. The ZR1 Mark 11 irons have arrived and I must say that the quality and workmanship are well above my expectations, also I have had these irons at the range and I have found them to be the most forgiving, easy to hit irons, I have had the pleasure to swing. There have also been many complements and positive remarks about these clubs..

Thank you again, and I am looking forward to doing more business..

On October 22, 2012 Robert wrote: Hey, guys

I just wanted to thank you for providing me with some excellent clubs for a very reasonable price. I am a college student in Oregon and just started playing. I just got my clubs this week and got to break them in this weekend. I am really happy with them, just wanted to say thanks for helping me out by getting me into a great first set. My sales associate was Aaron Hartling so tell him good job on the sale. I will purchase from Pinemeadow again and as always I am glad to support an Oregon company!!! Thanks.

On October 12, 2012 Bruce W. wrote: As I have come to expect, EVERYTHING, was done exactly as promised. This is around the 6th time I have purchased from Pine Meadow and to use the term from another sport. "you are batting 1000". Each order has been handled well, processed accurately, shipped on time and performed as advertised. On this order, being both a guy and in a hurry (redundant?), I didn't read your web page that clearly would have told me that paying for faster shipping to the zone I live in, was a waste of money. I can't tell you how pleased I was when I got a call from Aaron to talk about the order. He recommended that making the shaft on my new driver shorter would impact the flex and that I may want to make a change the flex. I followed his advice and made the change. When he followed that up by calling the added shipping charge to my attention and offered to refund it. I was pretty sure I would be a Pine Meadow customer for a long time. When I used my new driver and shot the lowest score I have ever carded it removed all doubt. Thanks for everything
On October 02, 2012 Wayne wrote: In my professional career I didn't manage people that much, but, I always believed in giving both praise and criticism where it was deserved. You guys are the class of your industry and deserve the recognition.

Yes, the PRE clubs arrived (when scheduled) and they are fantastic. As always, great quality and workmanship. The PRE has a feel that is absolutely incredible. The balance and weight distribution is superb. They just give you a lot of confidence that you can hit the shot when you address the ball. I hear people talk about their Callaways, Taylor-made, Titleist, etc., but the PRE doesn't take a backseat to any of them. I guess some have to look good at the country club with the name brands, but when I hit my PRE wedge about 6 foot from the pin and the ball takes one hop and stops, I'm asked what clubs are you hitting. I always say Pinemeadow PRE's, you oughta try them.

I love it! Thanks again for a great job.

On October 01, 2012 Armond wrote: Aaron,

Yes, the new Pinemeadow Golf Club arrived in good shape last week. I played it twice last week and twice this weekend. I am not a great golfer but this club has really helped my game. I managed to par the first three holes I played. I am able to hit it straight and at least 50 yards further than I could ever hit a drive before.

Thank You! I will certainly consider Pinemeadow Golf when I am ready to purchase any new golf equipment in the future. The price was right, your help and assistance were wonderful and the results were way beyond my expectations. Thanks again for your help and efforts! This was not the most important purchase decision I have ever made in my 70 years but it was far and away the most satisfying result I have ever experienced from any purchase. I will promote your club and company whenever I have the opportunity. You have once again made golf fun for me.

You may use me for a reference anytime you wish! Keep up the good work. God Bless You!