What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On December 28, 2014 James wrote: The club arrived a couple of days before Xmas, and Dad was pretty excited about it. Thanks to some nice weather, he actually played with it yesterday. He said it took him a couple of swings to get used to a new club, but after that, he was "throwing darts from 120-130 yards." Needless to say, I think he's happy with it. Thanks for all of your help.
On December 18, 2014 Hector wrote: Thank you for checking to see if my clubs arrived. One of the reasons I do business with your company. Yes they did arrive and I am very happy with them. Have gone to a driving range twice already. Thank you again
On December 05, 2014 James wrote: I got both clubs and this is the first time I have ordered from you. I am very satisfied with both clubs. They have both helped my game. Just what I wanted. Will order from you again.
On November 17, 2014 DK wrote: My package did arrive a day earlier than initially projected. I love to order from Pinemeadow because first and foremost, excellent quality and secondly, the UPS tracking lets you know exactly when the parcel will arrive. I am currently considering using Pinemeadow as my One Stop Christmas Shopping Location. Keep up the Good Work and I will always shop at your site. Job Well Done!!!
On November 15, 2014 Larry wrote: I have received the clubs, and I am very pleased. I haven't played much golf since the four kids were born (in the 1980s), so I'm on a steep learning curve. My PRE hybrid set give me all the encouragement I need, especially compared to my old ("vintage") blade irons. I have retired to South Carolina, and golf is becoming part of my fitness plan (no electric golf carts for me - usually). I've been to the driving range twice with the PREs, and am learning how to properly hit a ball again. But even when it is a slight mis-hit (the rule, not the exception at this point) the ball typically goes OK. I am already hitting the 3 iron 200 yards with good consistency. I'll play a round next week and whereas before I would have expected to hit in the mid-90s, I bet it'll be in the upper 80s, since the irons have been my weakest point. We'll see, but these clubs are very forgiving - and I need a lot of forgiveness! Thanks for following up, and thanks for these great quality/value/performance clubs.
On November 15, 2014 Joel wrote: I received my order late on Wednesday afternoon. They were packed well, and were in great condition. Due to the extremely unseasonable cold snap, I have not been able to try them out properly. I did go out in my back yard Thursday afternoon and hit 3 balls off the tee, and all were hit very solid (did not travel very far due to tree line). I also hit 2 balls with the 19 degree hybrid, and they rocketed dead straight off the clubhead. Those 5 swings were with no warm up at all. If those swings are any indication of what I can do while playing, I am sure I will have no regrets about my purchase. I am already looking at several other clubs I will probably be looking to purchase in the next few months. I do not play very often during the winter season, so I am not going to be in a big rush to purchase them, but if these clubs play as good as they look and feel, you will see more orders from me in the near future. As a side note, I am playing with clubs that are probably 15 years old. My newest club is an Adams strong 7 wood that I won in a tournament about 8-9 years ago. I was shocked at how much lighter the driver is compared to what I am using. I am glad I found Pinemeadow and I think I will be a devoted customer. Thank You
On October 14, 2014 William wrote: Bought a PGX putter. The white finish is beautiful. The putter is well balanced and it is the easiest putter to line up. It putts true to where it is aimed. This is the best putter I have ever used. Many thanks to Pinemeadow for such a great buy.
On October 13, 2014 Lyke wrote: Got the PW, 9,8, &7.Took them to the range and they are all I could have expected. Love the high ball flight and the spin on range balls is exceptional. Just ordered the 6,5,4, &3. I'm 66 years old but still play from the men's (black) tees. These hybrids will allow me to compete with the younger longer hitters I typically play with.
On September 08, 2014 Jerry A. wrote: I want to take this time to say thank you to Tyler and all staff. I ordered a couple of clubs that were sent wrong and they went above and beyond to make it right. Tyler was very nice and done everything to make it right. These guys are top notch thanks
On August 06, 2014 Larry M. wrote: This isn't a question. Just a thank you. I have been playing my Pre Progressive hybrid irons steadily for about 2 1/2 months now. These are absolutely the easiest irons to hit I have ever owned. I have had many name brand clubs including Ping, Callaway and Cobra irons. These are by far the best clubs I have ever owned and at a fraction of the cost of branded clubs. So much for the "big boys". Sorry, I couldn't find a place to add another testimonial but just wanted everyone at Pinemeadow to know how much I appreciate you. Oh, I have lowered my handicap 10 strokes since I got these clubs. I am a senior golfer at age 71 and to improve that much is a blessing I can't thank you all enough for.