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Command W7 Sand Wedge

The Command W7 irons are the ultimate game improvement irons. The wide sole and cavity back iron provide the forgivenesss your looking for in your irons. All the irons feature a deep cavity, lower center of gravity and lower back weight.

A deep cavity, low center of gravity and lower back weight, increase moment of inertia (MOI). A higher MOI reduces twisting of the face on miss hits resulting in a straighter shot. You will instantly notice better results in the accuracy of your iron play due to the fact that there is more room for error.

Set also features an option to add a thin lined SW wedge (pictured to the right) perfect for chipping around the green and shots from the sand.

Put a set into your bag that will improve your game the instant they arrive on your doorstep.. Also, the iron set is available in a 5-PW and SW. This allows you to add hybrids of your choice to replace the harder to hit the 3 and 4 irons.

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  • Built standard with high quality Pinemeadow steel shaft from Apollo®, a 125 gram shaft with a low to mid kick point.
  • Also available with our standard low-torque Pinemeadow Limited graphite shaft for only $7.50 per shaft.
  • Set is standard 5-PW for $139.95; SW available for $24.95 each.

Technical Specifications

Shaft and Grip:
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Dean reviewed this product on 11/16/16 Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I wanted to have several days to work with each in order to be able to give a more realistic report. Well, I have worked each thoroughly and, in short, I could not be more pleased. The first day I went straight to my new 7 Iron. This has been my "go to" club and I have used it for many different things. What I have not used it for is to drive a ball over 150 yards straight out. I had hit about 14 balls and the club felt OK. I was about to go to my 8 and hit one last ball with the 7. I hit the "sweet spot". I could tell by the feel and the sound and that ball was smooth out of here. One Fifty Plus. My 8 drops bombs on the green at 110 yards with backspin. Simply amazing. These clubs feel so incredibly well balanced and hitting is --- well, "crisp and sharp" would be close to the feeling. I got the same great results from the 52 and the 60 wedge. Great performance. On the down side - I had yet to try the sw in the sand and I noticed a large flake of the chrome on the toe of the face has fallen off. The chrome appears "thin" at that spot. I'm not sure why but the sw seemed unable to lift the ball and sand out of the bunker. But we have very hard sand here. Maybe you could do something about the chrome? The 5 Iron is virtually a caveman club. So much power. The 7 Iron, by comparison is a surgeons scalpel. I have chipped 10 footers (and more) with it and drained more than a few. The best thing is all my golfing friends who gave me the weird looks and sad comments about buying other than a "name brand" and buying "on-line" are now singing a different tune. Not only do the clubs perform beyond expectation but they look damn good too. In conclusion, with the exception of the chrome on the sand wedge these clubs are GREAT. Thank You for the fast shipping. Thank You for everything; Dean
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Steve rated this product on 03/21/14 Buyers beware. I have not used these irons. Even though Pinemeadow builds some outstanding clubs, Secret Weapon, Yukon fairway woods, and ZR1 Mark II irons, to name a few, I have learned through experience to personally inspect their clubs before buying. I like the look and style of these irons and local sporting goods store has them on display. I went and had a look. From a distance they look great. Close up, the construction of the club was up to Pinemeadow’s excellent standard, but the green paint job is awful. The paint job is nowhere near the quality of the brand name clubs or even other clone golf clubs. It really is terrible. If you want quality clubs at a great price then check out Pinemeadow. However, if you consider the total package important, which includes the paint job, look elsewhere.
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Art M rated this product on 12/21/13 These are my first set of irons. I bought these irons in October and wanted to play a while before reviewing. The value is very good. I do not suspect my play would have improved any quicker with any other set. Even with lofts not as high per club as many of the irons on the market, distance is never an issue. I am now shooting 90 pretty consistently. The w7s are no more thick on top or bottom than other sgi clubs. Clean contact feel really sweet. I would have rated 5 star but I am not fond of the 9 and sw. To me, at 6'2" they could use +2 lie. Overall a good set of irons for high cappers. ps. the hybrid 3 and 4 feel really nice and are super strikers. I find the w72g driver useless
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B.P rated this product on 12/20/13 Purchased these clubs about two weeks the second time i played with them finally shot under 100.I've only been playing golf for 4 months.I recommend these clubs for all beginners
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