What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On April 19, 2006 Marc Duclow wrote: James,

I must say, Pinemeadow Golf has impressed me. Companies don't easily impress me. I see customer service as a sorely lacking commodity nowadays, and I recognize it when it exists in a company. Mistakes happen, how a company handles them is what defines their character. I put a cost on products, but not on a companies chararcter. You are the first company I can think of that has truly exceeded in both those areas.

I guess about 2 years ago was when I first stumbled onto your company. I was searching for discount golf clubs at the time, saw your website and read some testimonials and your blurb about knock-offs. I then, a little hesitantly, ordered a set of the Acer XDS irons, + .5" apollo shafts, Lamkin mid-oversize (or something like that ) grips, and I might have bought head covers from you too. Unbeknownst (sp?) to me a friend I played with had recieved as a gift the Hawkeye VFT irons. We played together and were both impressed by both sets of clubs. Of course, his were a $1200 gift from his father, mine were a $250 set of your clubs. I couldn't bring myself to tell what I actually paid for them, I think I made some excuse about them being knock-offs, but having custom shafts and grips, like $450. He said, and I quote, "Yeah, but they're nice! They don't feel any different from mine,

and I like your grips better." It wasn't too awkward and we quickly were back in the game, playing well and having fun.

So I order a Ping G2 knock-off Oxygen Driver, 3-wood and 5-wood, along with the swingtrainer hinged 5-iron and a true line putting pal, or whatever it's called. I get them yesterday while I'm at work, they're waiting for me at home. I get home, rip the box open and gaze in wonder at the beautiful

clubs before me! Can't wait to go to the range tommorrow, I have the day off! The driver looks like I'm swinging a VW Beetle at the end of that

Aldila shaft compared to the one I had. I'll crush it, kill it, hell maybe I'll even hit it straight once or twice! Got that trainer club, I'm in like Flynn this year! I must look like the Joker from Batman with the grin I'm wearing. But wait, my permanent grin is fading fast, the hinged trainer doo-hickey club thing that's presently flopping around in my hand is left-handed (as you can probably guess, I'm right-handed). So, still in the plastic, I swing it. By the way would you mind paying for the lamp I broke when the hinge immediately let go and it flopped right into it? Nevermind, my bad, I should know better. I realize this won't work, I gotta return it.

So, I'm dissappointed at having to wait to rectify the problem (I waited 2 weeks already to get them, no complaint for custom shafted clubs mind you).

I call and James is great, he sympathizes, says he'll find a correct right-handed one ( I guess you don't carry it anymore, and only have left-handed ones in inventory) and will ship it out 2-day or 3-day or something. I'm happy, no crap or 20 questions, just ok, sorry, we'll fix it. Who can complain with that? I ask for a car cover for the Beetle and he says he'll send one along. I ask if he has my credit card # and he says don't worry, not necessary. Again, what can I complain about? You dropped maybe $15 for a head cover and that again for shipping, but the gesture is

what counts, I get it. I will always look to your company first for anything I need golf related. Thank you, James, and the company.

James, feel free to pass this along to your bosses, I would have cc'd it,but don't know who to send it to. I think everyone in the company should

know how their customers feel about the work you do, especially when we're happy. I'm sure you hear about it when someone's not.


Marc Duclow

On April 18, 2006 Eric wrote: My father purchased his clubs from you and raved about the quality look and feel. I've recently decided to give golf another try, so I did some research on your website and decided to take the plunge. When they arrived, I took the irons out and, after a short adjustment period, began to see and feel great results. I say "feel" b/c there wasn't this type of dull thud or vibration that I experienced with my prior irons. I was definitely finding it easier to get loft on the ball. It was during this practice that I found and corrected a kink in my swing that was pushing balls to the right. Honestly, I'm not sure if it's the clubs or my progression in learning, but for the first time, hitting the ball seems effortless. The next purchase for me will be woods. At any rate, I WILL recommend you to anyone who'll listen. For me, the best part of your customer service was that I didn't have to call or email you at all. Everything happened in a timely, efficient manner. Thanks.
On April 17, 2006 Bob D wrote: Dear Sirs,

I purchase one set of Excel Irons Hollow core and two Hybrid Command clubs and have used them for one month. Believe me that was the best investment I ever made. Irons are forgiving and give a crisp impact with more distance. The Command Hybrids go straighter than ever and longer. I was a twenty seven HDC now trending to twenty three and better. Great buy Thanks.

On April 10, 2006 Blake wrote: I am very please with all aspects having to do with Pinemeadow Golf. From the ease of placing an order to getting the products to me and the warranty after I receive them. I have never been happier with any other company. Thank You
On April 10, 2006 Pat wrote: Mr. Travers,

As you requested, I am emailing you to let you know that my clubs arrived just before the start of the weekend. I immediately put them in my car and went to the driving range. VERY NICE!! I am not the best distance driver, nor do I hit straight very often. These clubs almost fool everyone into thinking I am not a beginner!! They are awesome!! Thanks for fixing the apartment number issue and re-shipping these clubs. I really didn't want a refund as I suspected they'd be worth the wait.

By they way, don't be surprised to get a few more orders from the Dallas, TX area soon. I have a couple of colleagues who also liked them and I think are going to order a set themselves. I am passing your website around the office so you should hopefully get a few extra orders to make up for the added shipping cost you had with mine.

Thanks again!



On April 07, 2006 Thomas wrote: I received this set for Christmas and have played many rounds with them. I absolutely love them. I recommend them to everyone I play with. I have turned my family onto them and all my freinds. I went to a driving range with my brother and hit both the Calloway X-18 and the Excel Mid-Launch 6 irons and got virtually the same results with the Excel as I did the Calloway X-18, just as advertised! There is no way that the Calloway clubs are worth an additional $800.00-$1000.00 dollars more in price. My brother fell in love with the Excel Hybrid 3 and 4. The products at Pine Meadow Golf are fantastic! I have since ordered a 3 wedge set and putter and cant wait for them to improve my game as well.
On April 07, 2006 Jimmy wrote: Site had very useful information about their products, but also about the game of golf itself. very helpful. The order process was easy and quick.
On April 05, 2006 Thomas wrote: I received the PMG Excel Hybrid Iron set for Christmas and have loved them. I am now getting the wedges. I sell this company every chance I get.
On April 04, 2006 Anonymous wrote: I've been pleased with every purchase I've had from Pinemeadow Golf. I will definitely be a return customer.
On March 29, 2006 Andre wrote: I bought the set of clubs because I wanted to get into Golf. I found a good product at a really good price in Pinemeadow Golf and now I am addicted.