What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On May 24, 2006 Dave wrote: I must say, I am impressed, I purchased the clubs based on the many very positive reviews that I read and of coarse the price. I also am already impressed with the very rapid response from the emails, if the clubs are as good as this I will the thrilled. thanks

On May 23, 2006 Bill B wrote: I ordered this driver, the ZR1 #3, and #5 fairway woods, and the #3 and #4 hybrids. I took them to my local course and these clubs perform as well as the Ping metal woods and hybrids I've swung. In fact, the driver worked so well I broke a Bridgestone golf ball (cracked the cover half way round the ball) with my driver swing on the 8th tee! Never done that with a Ping. Now when I'm traveling I'll have my Pinemeadow ZR1's with me wherever I go to hit the links. Thaks again for prompt and professional assembly, and timely UPS shipping.
On May 22, 2006 Thomas N. wrote:

Hi James,

Damn, that's the single most impressive delivery from the US to Norway I have ever witnessed. Very impressive. The package arrived today. I just wanted to track the package, but that's no use when the shipment travels at lightspeed ;-)

Thank you!

On May 09, 2006 Bill wrote: I just used the 3 and 5 woods I got a while back. Fantastic was the word that came to mind right away.. For a fraction of what they would have costed retail, I received 2 great clubs. The grips i use are the oversized and they feel perfect. Shipping was right on time, customer serbvice was perfect. I used the online chat and that worked great! Anyone considering clones should use Pinemeadow!!! Thank you so much again and I am looking forward to doing business with Pinemeadow again real soon!
On May 08, 2006 Cedric wrote: James,

I received my Driver. I really appreciate your services at Pinemeadow golf. I have a full set of woods that I still use that are made by Pinemeadow. Great products and services. I tell all of my friends as well. Keep up the great work.

On May 04, 2006 Mike wrote: Thanks for the info. It's always nice doing business with you, the products my wife and I have gotten from you are great and the service is terrific.

Thanks again, Mike

On May 02, 2006 Huang wrote: Scott,

i finally got the clubs, my friend Roy bring them all the way from US to Beijing, we (me and my wife) tried several times, the clubs are wonderful, I can hit 240 easily with first wood, and the irons are very stable, thank you for all your help and promise, that I can get them in cheaper price and no one in town believe they only cost me that much!

On April 25, 2006 Randy Slider wrote: Scott:

You products are the best I've come across in my years of ordering golf clubs and accessories; since 1984. Your customer service is better than most companies in the U.S. You've sold me and I will return the favor by selling others on your products. Keep your edge and you'll be amazed how much growth you encounter!

Thank you, again

Randy Slider

On April 20, 2006 Dan P. wrote: I spoke with one of the reps on the 1 800 number and he helped me out. Thanks you for the quick reply! I'll definitely be shopping again.
On April 19, 2006 Chad S. wrote: Well I received my 56 Degree Wedge yesterday. I was very impressed with the quality of the club and the delicate handling it had received during the shipping process. After opening the box, I went to the range so I could put this club to the test. Let me tell you, it is one of the best clubs I have ever had the privilege to use. The weight and feel are perfect and within a couple of swings I was putting the ball on the driving range green. I cannot describe how amazed I was when my ball stayed on the green because my golf balls usually roll onto the fringe. I think my golf partners are going to be surprised this summer. Next time I need a new set of clubs I know where to purchase them. Thank you Pinemeadow Golf.