What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On September 08, 2010 Frank wrote: Thanks for the e-mail. I received the clubs and tried them out at the range yesterday. I have to say I am very impressed. The feel, look, and build quality are all excellent, and it's just an unbelievable value compared to brand-name clubs. I'll definitely be coming back to Pine Meadow for clubs in the future - why would I go anywhere else? I can get new, custom-built clubs from you for less than the cost of used brand-name ones.

Keep up the good work,


On September 08, 2010 W.S. wrote: I did receive the clubs, exactly when you said I would and I have played a round with them. I am very impressed with the clubs performance but even more impressed with the level of service you provided. I was so pleased with the way the order went, I bragged to a friend at work and he has since ordered a couple of hybrid clubs to compliment his set of Pings. I can assure you we will be doing more business in the near future. Please keep up the tremendous work.

On September 07, 2010 L.S. wrote: Thank you for the follow up on my recent order of two hybrids, Command Hybrids #3 and #5.. I did receive them and have played two rounds with them. I must say I love them. I have tried different hybrids in the past but had a tendency to hook every one I tried. The ones you built for me were well made and their performance has been fantastic. I hit very straight, perfect trajectory shots with them. I expect to have them in my bag for the foreseeable future. Thanks for a great job, fast shipment and professional business operation.
On August 30, 2010 David wrote: First of all, my entire experience with Pinemeadow Golf has been awesome! Your website is very well done: Nicely formatted, easy to navigate, plenty of pictures, and easy to shop and pay. The UPS tracking info was very handy. (I bet that every one of your customers eagerly checks the tracking status several times a day) My clubs are wonderful, and I felt that I got exactly what I paid for.

Your follow-up email is just another example of what a great business model your company has setup. My co-workers already know what a great experience I've had with Pinemeadow.

I'd love to work for your company, but I'm afraid you have no need for a Surveyor. (I have other talents, though!)

On August 19, 2010 Ivan wrote: Another reason why I enjoy purchasing products from your company. Not only your clubs are excellent but you guys have one of the best customer service departments I have ever dealt with.

Yes, the clubs arrived and I had the opportunity to use the Command BK 3 wood. I have used it and meets all my expectations. I’m certain that my next purchase will be Driver of that BK series. I already owned the set of irons, so that will complete my arsenal.

On August 19, 2010 Esa from Finland wrote: Thanks for your mail: the shipment arrived at my door in Espoo, Finland, on Wed Aug 11th ,i.e. 9 days after the order, which is exactly as promised. UPS contacted me the day before, and everything went smoothly and the shipment was in perfect condition. I have now played one round with the new clubs and I like them a lot. I hope to get around to experimenting with the weight screws later this week.

Thank you for an excellent service !

On August 18, 2010 Bob wrote: Used the new clubs a couple of times now and am very pleased. I replaced my Taylor racs and they hit nearly identical. I love the new arthritic grips. Makes a big difference to me, as I have RA. Played today and shot 78, which is about my handicap. Would, and have, recommend your company to anyone. thanks
On August 17, 2010 Eve wrote: I don't really have a question. I just wanted to let you know that on Thursday (8/12) I had a hole-in-one with my Pinemeadow 4 hybrid! It was on the first hole which was 110 yards.

My 4 hybrid was one of the first clubs I ordered from you and I have loved it since the beginning. My whole set of clubs are now Pinemeadow as I added more hybrids, then a driver and finally a set of irons.

Thank you for making great clubs at affordable prices.

On August 11, 2010 Richard wrote: I received my 3-7- Yukon Offset's & Yukon nine wood in fine order & they look GREAT. I haven't been able to hit them yet due to the constant rain we have been having. Hopefully I' hit em Sunday. I have played many rounds with my PRE hybrid set & can honestly say they are the best clubs I have ever hit!! I've had them all, Taylor Made, Callaway, Cobra Titlist and these clubs are in no way better than clubs by Pinemeadow. I only wish I had found you all sooner! The service you all provide cannot be beaten.
On August 09, 2010 Andrew wrote: Yes I did receive my club. I have to say, it is a great club! I shot my lowest round of golf ever on friday, an 87. I have been playing for just over a year and I have been stuck in the low 90s. With the new club in my bag, I was able to hit 200+ yards straight, stick long par 3 greens and get out of trouble on bad tee shots with my driver. I will be recommending this club to everyone. I'm considering getting a 5w soon. Great club!