What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On February 09, 2011 Toni wrote: Hey Aaron - we got them - and yes, we've hit them (although not on a course yet) - we LOVE them! Thank you for all of your assistance - they fit us perfectly and they are quite striking (no pun intended). :-)

On January 26, 2011 Kathy W. wrote: ...I have loved all my clubs for it has put new life in my game so I am enjoying golf again thanks to Pinemeadow. I am glad we saw the news report about your company on national broadcasting. Your customer service is fantastic for I feel like I get individual attention and that you know me by name. Please keep the "small company" feel as you continue to grow bigger and bigger and bigger. I haven't written any feedback but just wanted to take the time to do so now. My sister, friend, and I have ordered complete new sets of clubs little by little over the past year. Thank you.
On January 24, 2011 wrote: Hello,

The order arrived on the 18th in good condition. Although I haven't had an opportunity to play with them yet I have hit balls at the range on two occasions. Very happy to report that the clubs work very well, especially the seven wood. I've never tried a real high lofted wood like that before and am pleasantly surprised.

In all honesty I was a little hesitant to buy these clubs in the first place. I've always been a low handicap player (currently 4) and somewhat of a "club snob", only playing Ping's and other "name brand" clubs. The assembly of these clubs is first rate and the quality of the metal in the heads appears to be quite good. Most importantly the shaft seems to work well with my reduced swing speed.

Overall very happy with my purchase and will buy from your company again.


On November 30, 2010 K.H. wrote: Thanks for the follow-up. I was glad to receive my new BK driver on the date promised. Have not had a chance to use it yet but this is my second BK driver. I loved my previous BK driver (12 degree) so much (purchased a little over a year ago along with the BK irons and hybrids) that I wanted to get a little more distance with this new driver (10.5 degree ). My distance and accuracy have greatly improved over the last year using all Pinemeadow clubs from the woods to the irons to the hybrids (handicap of about 18). Historically, I have had trouble with hitting a driver; not so with this one. Your company has secured a client for life.

Thanks for the prompt service and quality clubs,

On November 30, 2010 Anonymous wrote: Guys, my order was actually placed by my friend [anonymous]. Weather didn’t allow me to play the clubs much but I did get out twice. I bought these to take down to our condo in Arkansas. Normally play Ping I3s so that’s my reference point for the ZR1s. First, I love the way the clubs feel, they are at least as good as the I3s maybe better, I may keep ZRs at home and take the Pings to Arkansas! Bonus was I bought the Zeon putter which I like as well. My compliments on your customer service, I returned the first set I bought, I liked the quality, I just didn’t like the weighting. The no hassle return policy allowed me to find a set that I really like. Thank you, I will not hesitate to purchase from you again.

Best wishes for the New Year!

On November 12, 2010 James S. wrote: Hello Aaron,

I wanted to write you and pinemeadowgolf.com a quick e-mail after receiving and using my two new wedges that I bought recently.

I want to extend my thanks to you and all the people that work at pinemeadowgolf. I received the clubs on the day expected and they were in great condition. I have used the wedges several times over the past several weeks and I am very happy with the purchase. I will be looking to purchase from Pinemeadowgolf.com when I want to replace/upgrade my current set of clubs and when looking at supplementing my existing clubs.

Thank you again for your attention to detail.

On October 21, 2010 Jim wrote: Thanks A, played my first round today. You guys do golf right. About 6 months ago I got a 9 degree driver with a regular shaft. I went from 220 off the tee to 235. I used your 3 wood today and just killed it. It is so easy to hit off the fairway. The 16 degree hybrid was to die for. Hit a nice 190 yard cut shot into the middle of the green on 18 a killer par 4. Bottom line I have not broken 80 in 2 years. Shot 74 today. It is so cool when your long game gets resurrected from the dead. Golf is a blast again. Cant wait to get out there and kick some more butt. Fairways and greens, Jim
On September 16, 2010 Brian wrote: I just wanted to thank you again for the outstanding customer service that you and Pinemeadow have provided for me. Being in sales for 25 years I know good customer service when I see it and I am very proud of Pinemeadow especially since your a local company. I play a fair amount of golf and know lots of golfers and I can tell you I will be bragging Pinemeadow up every time I can.
On September 15, 2010 Roy wrote: I have to say, the hybrid #2-16 deg and the #4-22 deg from my first order are great. The putter is awesome too. I can't say anything but good things about the clubs, my purchasing experience, your flexibility to change the shipping so I would be able to have the hybrid #2 and putter in 2 days for a recent golf outing---which turned out to be a great game for me and had some people shocked at how I was hitting the ball. I was looking like I had lesson's, but didn't - it was the clubs!

I initially was looking on the web for the Taylor made R7 and was set to buy it at Sports Authority for $89.00. But then I came across your site and read the reviews and saw the price, I figured I'd buy one club, similar to the R7, to see how it felt. I was truly amazed! When my club arrived, I could see and feel that this club was a quality made and engineered club. It feels great when I hold it and when I come down in the swing. Also, unlike the R7, your club has the weights in them and you supplied different weights and tool for me to change out if needed.

With either hybrid, I hit them straight now off the tee or fairway and really don't need to try and hit the ball as hard to get it to go the distance I wanted or hoped to get. I'll be looking at some more clubs soon and I now am giving your website out for people to go and order clubs from you.

If you consider opening up a shop or office in New England, let me know.



On September 13, 2010 Les wrote: Thank you for following up with me. I have taken my new driver out only once, but have already seen a difference in consistency. Pinemeadow Golf is the second clone company I have done business, but is by far head and shoulders above their competition. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Your professionalism is by far 2nd to none.

Thank you for showing me true customer service is still around.