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The newest oversize Excel Titanium Driver features a powerful 450cc head. The club was designed with features to suit the needs of golfers of all different skill levels, making it easier to improve distance and still maintain control. The ultra-forgiving club head size is design to optimize forgiveness and get the most out of its large sweet spot.

The Excel 450 driver also features a thin faced Beta Titanium design club head that feels like a spring board. On contact the beta ti face will allow you to hit longer drives, offering the distance needed to stay competitive at all levels. It also employs a rear weight chip to increase the moment of inertia (MOI) that will help you square the clubface at impact. For players looking for maximum forgiveness and a large sweet spot, this driver is perfect.

If you are considering an Excel Ti Driver, the Pinemeadow Excel Strong SW (LH Only) and Pinemeadow Excel Woods (LH Only) are perfect complements. Driver and Fairway Wood Headcovers are available too!

If you are looking for a smaller 395cc model check out Pinemeadow Excel Ti Driver.


  • Fitted standard with our low-torque Pinemeadow Graphite Shaft for the same $99.95 value.
  • Compare features, performance and price to the Callaway® Big Bertha Titanium 454 Driver at $499.

Technical Specifications

Club 1 1 - Discontinued 1
Loft (deg) 10.5 13 15
Lie (deg) 56 56 56
Weight (g) 200 200 200
Face Angle (deg) -1 -1 -1
Face Height (mm) 60 60 60
Volume (cc) 450 450 450
Shaft and Grip:
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Beta Titanium
100% Titanium

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Brad rated this product on 06/15/08 Excellent service and great club! I'm a beginner (3 months), and I just finished nine holes, with seven great tee shots. Much more forgiving than my standard driver.
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David rated this product on 05/06/08 This club is great. Never could hit a driver before using this one. The first day at the range more than half of my shots were straight and long. The others were my fault. I always had a terrible slice but not with this club. The 15 degree loft is perfect for me. Can't wait to hit it again.
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Adam rated this product on 05/01/08 I have never been able to hit a driver, my old driver was an 8 degree driver, so I figured I would really up my chances of driving sucessfully if I purchased the 15 degree. This thing looks amazing and as other have stated the *pop* this club makes when you hit the ball solid is amazing. The first time I took this to the range it turned heads and someone I didn't even know asked me where I got it. My slice that I had with my other driver was almost completely erased and when the ball did slice it was about one tenth of what it used to be. The driver is amazingly light weight for the size of the club head. As for distance, a nice easy swing added roughly between 20-50 yards to my normal drive I was having before. I've never felt more confident stepping up to the tee with a big stick. Thank you Pinemeadow! You have a new customer for life!
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Ged rated this product on 10/11/07 I just could not use a driver till i bought this one. i brought it back to the u.k. with your mid launch irons and what a difference. I am gaining 30 yards plus off the tee. All my friends are after one. Wish i could ship them over! Great work PMW.
Preston Hale responds with funny Ged a friend of yours has already contacted us. He was not happy that you are suddenly out driving him by thirty yards. The 15 degree loft makes such a huge difference for the player with a normal swing speed.
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Mike ShInn rated this product on 08/23/07 For years all I carried to drive with was a driving iron, because I could not hit a driver. I hit this thing a ton, and it only took about a hlf dozen swings to start popping it. I'm not big off the tee (215-220), but that's HUGE to me. Also, the 3-wood I ordered is just as outstanding. In addtion, Scott's customer service was outstanding.
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 33 in total