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You've found a product that we no longer carry. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to explore the rest of our site by clicking here. For help finding a similar product or other questions, please contact our customer service team.


Clearance Sale - Save $50. Regular Price $99.95.

The club was designed with features to suit the needs for golfers of all different skill levels making it easier to improve distance and still maintain control. The ultra forgiving design and slick appearance make the Excel highly sought after. With the thin face Beta Titanium design and classic shape this club also offers the distance needed to stay competitive at all levels. It also employs a rear weight chip to increase the moment of inertia (MOI) to help you square the clubface at impact. For players looking for maximum forgiveness without having to sacrifice distance, these are the perfect woods for you.

Clearance Sale: Guarantee and Warranty Information

This club is on clearance. Please note it is not eligible for the 30 day money back guarantee or store credit policy. However, we still offer the twelve month defect warranty on all clearance clubs.


  • Fitted standard with our low-torque Pinemeadow Graphite Shaft for the same $99.95 value.
  • Compares features, performance and price to the Callaway® Great Big Bertha II at $399.
  • Suited best for: All levels of experience

Technical Specifications

Club 1 (Discontinued) 1 1 3 (Discontinued) 5
Loft (deg) 9.5 10.5 12 15 19
Lie (deg) 55 55 55 56 57
Weight (g) 200 200 200 210 215
Face Angle (deg) 0 0 0 0 0
Face Height (mm) 55 55 55 44 41
Volume (cc) 395 395 395 230 210
Shaft and Grip:
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Beta Titanium
100% Titanium
Dark Met. Blue
Bulge x Roll:
10" x 10"

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Adam rated this product on 06/22/08 This driver absolutley crushes the ball. Took a bit of adjusting to get used to but I'm nailing drives about 245-250 which with my old driver my max driver was about 220. I almost drove the green the other day out, short by about 10-15 yards on a par 4, this is a really great driver.
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JW rated this product on 02/24/08 My second time out, I hit a 265 yd drive! (personal best). My game has newfound life as I flirt w/ par on most par 4s/5s. -1 on the shaft was a great adjustment for me, better control... Drives are straight down the middle, and I'm also learning to draw it back now. Great value~
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Bobby rated this product on 05/29/07 My normal driver is a Adams brand driver, being in the military I went ahead and bought a new set of clubs through Pinemeadow. I was looking for clubs that are expendable and what I got is totally in the opposite direction. After hitting the Pinemeadow Ti Driver 10.5 degrees with +1 Reg shaft...I was blown away! I didn't hit it as far as my Adams driver but I did hit it straight as an arrow and right where I wanted it to go...unlike the Adams driver. I'm a 290-300 normal drive...I've only lost about 15-20 yards but this was the first time I have hit this club and I am sure I will get those yards back after the driver is broken in. This is a great club for the honestly cannot beat it. So I thought I had an expendable set of clubs and found myself with what could be my only set.
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Andy rated this product on 08/31/06 I got this 10.5 degree driver just few days ago and I've liked the club pretty much. I have hit quite often long drives(275+ yards). Some par 4s I've been near the green after my drive, though this driver feels pretty much longer than my old Wilson Pro Staff driver with a steel shaft. I don't remember the Pro Staff driver shaft lenght, but it feels like there is a noticeable difference and I don't think I have totally got used to it yet. When I get used to the new driver, I think I'm able to get my drives more consistent. I also remember hitting occasionally some long drives with my old driver too, but with this new driver I think I'm hitting more long drives and normally those long drives are further than they used to be.
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Tomislav rated this product on 07/27/06 I purchased the Ti Driver earlier this year after not being able to hit a different driver that I purchased through PineMeadow Golf. After a few stints on the driving range and a little swing-tweaking, I am able to consistently hit the ball straight and around 275 yards. I then purchased the Ti 3-wood, and I'm able to hit most of the par-5s around my area in 2 instead of 3 or 4. These two clubs were the best driver/wood purchase I have ever made. Thanks PineMeadow!
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 15 in total