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The Synchron II woods have been one of our best sellers for almost two years. The longer than average toe to heel length and slightly taller face height creates an expanded sweet spot which is easier to find consistently. Also the dual-rail sole helps cut through the roughest lies with ease. The Synchron II is by far one of the most forgiving clubs offered by Pinemeadow; we all highly recommend these to all levels of golfers. Not only are they forgiving, but also are available in the widest range of lofts, so now golfers can keep with the latest trend in golf by substituting long hard to play irons with high lofted woods.

If you are considering the Synchron II Woods, the Pinemeadow Excel Mid-Launch 3 & SW are a perfect compliment.

Pinemeadow Logo Headcovers are also available.

A new design of the (RH: 3+, 3, 9, 13 and 15) and (LH: 11+) wood will released in spring. Sign up for our newsletter and we'll be sure to email you about new products when it arrives and the lastest promos at


  • Fitted standard with our low-torque Pinemeadow graphite shaft from Aldila® for the same $49.00 value!
  • Unbelievable feel and forgiveness. Ultimately the most playable club we carry.
  • Compare features, performance and price to Adams® Tight Lies at $199.
  • Suited best for: All golfers especially those who want to drop some of the longer harder to hit irons.

Technical Specifications

Club 1 3 5+ 7+ 11+
Loft 10.5 16 19 24 31
Lie 57 59 60 61 61.5
Weight in grams 202 212 216 220 230
Face angle -1 -1 -1 -1 -1
Face height 39 32 31.5 31 30
Volume 230 165 145 125 120
Shaft and Grip:
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17-4 Stainless Steel
Bulge x Roll:
12" x 12"
10.5 driver, 5+, 7+ and 11+
10.5 driver, 3, 5+, 7+ and 9+

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Wm Tipton rated this product on 10/15/11 Not sure why I said 7 wood. What I bought used was the Synchron II 9 wood. Great club.
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Wm Tipton rated this product on 10/15/11 I bought the Synchron II 7 wood at a used sporting good store in town here about 12 days ago. I am a very new player as far as Im really just learning the proper way to swing a club...its been less than 2 months and no lessons or anything, just a bit of time on the range, really. Frankly, this 7 wood is unbelievable. I can drop the ball about 170+ yards out and straight as a arrow about 90% of the time, which in my mind is impressive as all get out given the fact that Im about as low end a player as it gets. I have no clue how anyone who has played golf before couldnt hit these clubs like Tiger Woods. I ended up ordering the whole new set of club heads. I dont like graphite and since the used one has a steel shaft and it hits so well I dont want to change what I have and am used to. Ive tee'd off one time with this club and the first try was 175 yards or so dead straight down the middle of the fairway...right on the line I was aiming. If it gets better than that with some other name brand 9 wood for a newbie player Id certainly like to see it. If youre looking to buy some fairway woods dont be afraid to give one of these a shot!
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J.Drew rated this product on 06/07/09 Purchased the 3+ around October/November, and took it out the first time this weekend. I am impressed, I hit it long and straight whether from the tee, fairway, or even the rough. My driver started coming apart so I had to use it for a driver and consistently out drove the rest of my group. Conditions were wet and drives were plugging in the dirt but I was still clearing 240+yards in the air.
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J. Cole reviewed this product on 01/01/06 Purchased the driver and the 3+ just before Christmas. Had knee surgery a week before they arrived, so just got a chance to take them to the driving range today. They sound dead, but when the ball landed beyond the 250 yd. mark, I knew they were not. I found that I had to tee the ball lower with the driver to prevent getting too far under it, but the club is every bit as good as the Callaway I have been using. The three was smooth and easy on or off the tee. Thanks Pinemeadow.
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Tom M reviewed this product on 07/25/05 I purchased the SynchronII 7+ wood (when can we stop calling these new metal clubs "woods"?). What a great club!! It swings smooth and accurate, the 24* loft gets the ball out of the tall grass and lands it on the green soft from 165 to 185 yards out. With this club I feel like my short game just got a little longer. I have an Adams 9+ I like the SynchronII better. Buy these clubs you'll be happy you did. I've been a customer for 3 years, Pinemeadow is one of the best golf retailer I have ever dealt with local or online.
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 71 in total