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Light weight, yet extremely strong and stable, the woods abandon the trampoline effect technology recently adopted by most other golf club manufacturers. Instead, it achieves its performance by building the solid concrete floor from which the super ball bounces. The design is engineered to achieve the largest, most stable sweet spot in golf at the highest COR allowed by USGA Rules.

Click the links to discover how our exclusive Doublewall technology creates the biggest sweet spot in golf.


  • Fitted standard with our low-torque Aldila Mid Launch Pro Graphite shaft.

Technical Specifications

Wood 3 5
Loft (deg) 14 Sold Out
Lie (deg) 58 Sold Out
Weight (g) 210 Sold Out
Face Angle 0 Sold Out
Face Height (mm) 32 Sold Out
Volume (cc) 160 Sold Out
Shaft and Grip:
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Vinny G rated this product on 10/11/06 A year later and I still think this driver is the most amazing advancement in golf technology since the graphite shaft! When I first started playing with it I was hitting drives 225 - 240 which was great for me. I had given up on my previous driver.I have been playing with it for over a year now and am hitting drives 250+. One of my buddies was so blown away with the club, he ordered all 3 woods!
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justin rated this product on 08/04/06 I bought the 3 wood and 5 wood dw last year. I already own a set of your irons, wedges and a putter. The 3 wood easily goes 240 yds on a misshit and straight. 250-270 normally. The 5 wood easily hits 225 at least. My first swing with the 3 wood, I was probably about 280 to the green on a par 5, there was a group on the green so I hit, thinking no way would I come close. After a loud Fore! the shot was just off the left side of the green. Love your company, the service and especially your quality clubs. I recommend you to others all the time. Thanks!
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Jay B rated this product on 08/04/05 I have been using the Double Wall 3 wood for over 6 months I don't even carry a driver. The other day I played in a best ball tournament with one of our salesmen from Omaha. When he saw me pull out the club he was like are you sure you have enough club face on that. He was hitting a 460cc cleveland launcher. he would hit 300 pretty consistently while I was hitting 270 almost everytime and even got one 290 he could not believe the distance out of a three wood. He said if they make a driver like that you need to get it so I am trying to save the money for the driver now. This is a great club would not hesitate to buy again. GREAT CLUBS!!!!!!! GREAT SERVICE!!!!!!!!
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Robert Gregory rated this product on 06/24/05 Just finished 2 days of testing on the range. Compared to my old Oxygen RST9000 driver, the new Doublewall is about 5-10 yards longer with a dead-center hit. Best news is that it averages about 15-20 yards longer with an off-center hit. Both drivers are same lenght and stiffness, so only difference is club head. Looks like a "keeper" to me, and well worth the extra dough. Thanks for the hat, too. My old one was getting pretty raunchy.
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Dan Terraz reviewed this product on 05/07/05 I received the number 5 double wall wood a few weeks ago. As A beginner, I have been please with the quick delivery, the quality of this club and overall by the ease of use. Balls are flying high and long even on off center hits. Lately, our local Pro borrowed this club to demonstrate how one can change the ball trajectory with the proper technique to some of his students. After many shots, He found very difficult to work the trajectory and all the balls going dead straight down the field ! Thanks Pinemeadows !
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 14 in total