What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On August 11, 2008 JR wrote: Clark I have already had a chance to hit them and WOW! They feel great and are so easy to hit I was able to drop 16 strokes of my normal game I believe the clubs have a lot to do with that. Also I think they contribute to the confidence in my mind knowing that I have the clubs fit to me so I can get the job done. I have already told all my golfing friends about your website so they can go for their golfing needs and a majority of them have already checked it out. As for me I will be ordering the lightning driver, excel 3 wood, and a blade putter in the very near future. I will be adding some feedback on your website later on tonight after I come home from work.
On August 11, 2008 Trevor wrote: Chris,

Thanks for checking in! I received the clubs last Tuesday, but didn't have a chance to take them to the driving range until yesterday. I LOVE these new clubs! As it was, I was using an OLD set of clubs-rusted irons and wooden woods. This is my first real set of clubs, which my parents bought me for my birthday! I'm a lucky guy! :)

I will admit I was a little leery at the prospect of buying clubs online, but your return policy and year warranty made it look like a safer bet. Not to mention all the positive feedback your customers left!

I am extremely satisfied with my clubs, I hit some beautiful shots yesterday! The driver was a real blast to hit, made some nice shots with it. I would never typically attempt to hit a 3 wood off the fairway, but I really surprised myself by hitting some straight, perfect shots right off the grass. The irons feel solid--when I hit the ball right I can't even feel the contact, it's so smooth. I'm also glad I put up the extra $$ for the Winn grips too, I never knew a club could feel so comfortable. Consider me a customer for life, and I'll be sure to tell my friends and fellow golfers to give you guys a shot!

By the way, what do you recommend for cleaning the clubs? Is there anything else I should do to keep the clubs in good shape?



On August 06, 2008 DL wrote: Good morning Tom, Thank you for check-up. I did receive the clubs on time (rather quick delivery, to be honest. The order was placed with Pinemeadow on a Tuesday morning, and the clubs were in my hands by noon on that Friday).

I haven't been able to hit the course with them yet, but have done some early testing with them at driving ranges.

The feel and hit is very nice, and I find that I hit much straighter with them than my previous clubs. I've also gained an iron over my previous shots (i.e. the Excel Strong 9 iron hits as far as my previous 8 iron did, etc.) which will take some getting used to, I think

A friend of mine joined me at the driving range to test these clubs out (he has Callaway X-18 irons, and a Big Bertha driver) and found that he actually preferred the Excel Strong irons over his X-18s, which I think is a pretty impressive compliment to you. He even commented that if he had known about Pinemeadow a few months ago, he'd have happily purchased your clubs rather than the X-18s.

On August 06, 2008 S.C. wrote: Thanks, folks. I have to tell you about my golf round today. At the beginning of the summer, I ordered a full set of the ZR-1s. I had always struggled to hit a drive that did not slice, and to hit iron shots that had any sort of a high trajectory. I had been happy to every once in a while break into the 90's for 18 holes.

I spent quite a bit of time at the range with my new clubs and played a few rounds of golf. Today, I went out and shot an 87! An 87! Ok, it was not Pebble Beach, or anywhere close to being a hard course, but it was a legitimate 87. The drives (mostly) were straight, the irons (mostly) were nice and high, and my new Pinemeadow putter was great. The highlight was recovering from a lousy drive by hitting my 4-hybrid from 165 yards and leaving the ball 5 feet from the pin, for a follow-up birdie!

I get some of the credit for working hard on my grip and my swing, but I give you and your clubs much of the credit as well. Thanks so much!

On July 30, 2008 B.P. wrote: I got my ZR1 driver on Wednesday. Oh the inner turmoil.... nice weather, go golfing? Or.... be an adult and study for my college Meteorology final that I had to take the next day? Well... I studied, yet agonized about that new driver that I had quickly moved to my golf bag. So finally today, Friday, I at least got to go to the driving range over my lunch break. I took only my driver with me (mind you, I had also ordered another hybrid). I can barely wait to hit the course: This ZR1 driver ROCKS! It is absolutely amazing! And - just like you told me - it truly is one hot looking driver, despite my initial lack of enthusiasm for the style. My golf trip to the Legacy courses is only 2 weeks away, and I'm stoked! So here's to you, Clark and Pinemeadow - two thumbs up. What's in my bag is 100% Pinemeadow and I carry the allowed 14 clubs:

ZR1 driver (G10 style), Excel Strong 3 wood, ZR1 Hybrid 3 & 5 (G5 style), Excel Strong irons: 3-SW, and the Xeon 9 putter. Not to mention, I LOVE the Neutron orange and pink balls. While my golf bag is now full and complete, don't be surprised if you see me order more Neutron balls or a Pinemeadow hat. (P.S. You need to make those hats in a female version with pink, lime green, orange, etc.) And did I tell you my boyfriend carries all Pinemeadow (except putter... gotta work on that one...) His clubs are all ZR1's that compare to G5s. He has ZR1 driver, 5 wood, Hybrid 3 & 4, irons 5-SW and a 68* wedge. He was in a United Way fundraiser tournament today and his group won without any of the "buy a mulligan" deals. It was Best Ball and he carried most of the holes so his teammates had to try out his clubs. Pinemeadow is getting great exposure here in the Minneapolis area.

I don't recall specifically where I first heard about Pinemeadow - I'm only ecstatic that I did. Look over my orders and the order from a friend (he bought me my irons). You will see I am both your most challenging customer but also your most satisfied customer and your greatest fan. Thanks for your help and your patience. You really did get the right clubs in my hands. Kudos to you and everyone at Pinemeadow for helping promote the love of golf by making superior quality products affordable, backed by customer service that is truly second to none!

On July 29, 2008 Jason wrote: Hello Tommy,

My clubs arrived at 11:35 this morning, and I was on the golf course 4 hours later. I am very pleased with this set of hybrids, as I've increased my tee shots by about 40 yards, and they're much easier to hit than conventional clubs.

My brother (who is a more experienced golfer than I) was with me as he was very skeptical about my Pinemeadow Golf order of a complete set of hybrids, but after the first 9 holes, he was using my Excel Strong Hybrids, and he'll be placing an order tomorrow for the same complete set I purchased.

I want to thank you very much for your patience and help in my ordering, and I'll be making a very positive review about Pinemeadow golf and this complete set of clubs, as I'm now convinced that Pinemeadow golf clubs are second to none when it comes to quality and price. Thanks again.

On July 15, 2008 Anonymous wrote: Love the sand wedge. It has really helped my short game. After spending half a round getting used to the Command Q4 driver, my tee shots are straighter (I left the weights as they came for a high trajectory), added 10 - 20 yards to finally break 200 yards on almost all of my tee shots and 3 out of 4 are hitting the fairway. I am almost always dead on where I aim with the fairway woods. Overall in about 2 1/2 rounds, I've gained so much confidence and improved accuracy, I've shaved 15 stokes off my score. I have broken 110 for the first time (105 and 109) which was my year end goal, and this is my first year of golfing.
On July 10, 2008 Greg B wrote: I would like to thank Pine Meadow Golf for assisting my game. I had been utilizing outdated Golf Technology products as I was swinging 7 years ago product of the year. I was lucky to find Pinemeadow thru a member of a foursome. Subsequently I chatted with a professional at Pinemeadow online regarding my height, weight, swing speed and they assisted me. Two days later after checking my swing speed at a local range I ordered the ZR 1's and have found that the hybrid is something that I can command from the 3 and 4 Iron. The height, weight, etc worked extremely well and I can thank Pine Meadow for assisting my game. I just came off my 4th round of under 90 after shooting over 95 for 8 years. My next order will be the Driver and a new bag. Again, A + for service, A + for delivery. Thank you.
On June 20, 2008 PB wrote: These were for my son.

We received them last Friday.

We hit balls that same Friday night.

We played last Sunday morning. He has played twice since. He loves them and has knocked about 10 strokes off his game, just in confidence alone. These clubs (brand name) would have cost me over $1000. I got him an additional sand wedge AND a 3 wood, all for just over $200. He loves his new clubs but not nearly as much as I loved the price – you guys are the best.

On June 17, 2008 wrote: I got my driver in the mail last week after extremely quick shipping for a custom made club and wonderful Pinemeadow service as always.

I have played 27 holes with it and had it at the driving range 2-3 times and I can definitely see a marked improvement in my drives! I have added 15-20 yards to my drives, and I am hitting the ball straighter too! It sounds great upon impact and the ball still flies nicely if you don't hit it dead center.

Not that it is attributed directly to the driver and a new putter I also bought from Pinemeadow, but the first 18 holes I played with the two new clubs, I cut almost 20 strokes off my game. I have consistently been about a 120 golfer and last round I got down to 103! I'll see if the improvement keeps up, but the way I was playing the other day, I think it will!

Thanks for another great club Pinemeadow, and I'll be back to get that new set of irons next year!