What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On November 17, 2008 George wrote: Thanks for the follow-up. I love my new 50 degree wedge and have already used it in play. I love Pine Meadow golf equipment and your fine service. I have 3 hybrids made by Pine Meadow in my bag, as well. I'm a 7 handicapper and your equipment is every bit as good as brand name and for a lot less.

Thanks, again. I'll be ordering from you in the future.

On November 10, 2008 wrote: Yes I received my order and I am very pleased. I appreciated the way the company emailed me step by step on how my order was being processed and when I could expect to receive it. They arrived as promised and I have had a couple of opportunities to try them out. They work great for me. Looking forward to practicing my drives with my five year old next spring! Thanks for everything!
On November 10, 2008 D.B. wrote: I took them out for the first time to the driving range yesterday and they are incredible!!!!! I am so happy with the way they feel and all. Will play a round later this week but already know I will be satisfied. Thanks for the super service also.
On November 07, 2008 Andy C. wrote: The repair and professional service is the best anyone could possibly ask for. Yes, I have hit the club yesterday and am totally satisfied with the results.

Your business ethics are of the highest standards  and your communication is terrific. Thank You so much.

On November 06, 2008 A.P. wrote: I haven't had the opportunity to hit the new clubs. They appear perfectly great to me. If they are anything like the professional and personal service and treatment that was shown to me, they will be superb.

It has been years since I have been the recipient of such concern to insure I was satisfied with everything. I was especially impressed when I received a personal phone call requesting clarification on a left handed club in the order I had ordered it for my son who is left handed. If it turns out well for him, I will order a complete set of left handed hybrids for him. Based on the genuine way I was treated, those clubs will be purchased from you folks. A heartfelt thank you.

On November 06, 2008 Jay wrote: Yes, I received my clubs last Wednesday. I took them out for the first time this weekend - had a rough time at the range before my round, but once I was on the course it was a whole different ballgame.

I don't know what it was, but the clubs felt like butter when striking the ball. I couldn't have asked for better iron play Saturday. Loved the upgraded Lamkin grips, the look of the irons were great (I had read reviews saying the finish looked amateurish, but it looked superb to me). I received compliments all around and played great.

Thanks for the follow up!

On November 04, 2008 Matthew wrote: What a wonderful company. I have played with my clubs a few times and love them. I have been reading horror stories on forums of other clone companies who use sub standard materials to make their clubs. I am very satisfied w/ my product, great company!
On November 04, 2008 Nathan S. wrote: Hi Chris,

Thanks for your follow up and your previous emails, I found the whole process to be very professional. I was able to track the clubs as they made their way around the world and they made it to my house within 4 days of shipping (there was a public holiday and a Sunday here as part of that.

I have only taken up golf in the past 6 months (having played probably 5-6 awful, 'I don't know what I'm doing' rounds in the previous 10 years). So recently I've been using rented clubs at golf courses and a set of clubs I bought second hand 10 years ago that could quite possibly be older than Bob Charles (I'm a Kiwi too). I conducted a lot of research before deciding on your product, and $1k Sing for a full set plus accessories shipped, as opposed to a name brand here for $2.5-3k Sing was an easy choice. The question mark for me was always going to be about quality of product.

So far I'm enjoying the pinemeadow variety very much with the irons being a lot more forgiving than previous sets I've used, and the hybrids being a great alternative to the 3 and 4 irons. The putter feels a good weight for me and the putts are dropping, and I'm liking the driver (although my swing doesn't and I'm slicing hell out of it) so I'm getting a lesson from a Singapore golf pro (his name is Mohammed Ali if you can believe it - too funny) this afternoon to make myself and said driver better friends.

Thanks again to all involved at pinemeadow, for your professional service and I'll be recommending your company to my friends here in Singapore and back in New Zealand.

On November 03, 2008 Aaron wrote: The order arrived as scheduled according to the shipping tracker. And, just to let you know, I traded up from the Nike SV wedges, and CPR irons to Pinemeadow BKs and could not be happier. Thank you.
On October 15, 2008 D.F. wrote: The club arrived promptly, as promised, and has been a joy to play. I’d avoided even carrying a 3-wood for several years, but this one has been productive from the first swing. I’m spreading the word to all of my golfing buddies – visit Pinemeadowgolf.com and start to enjoy golf at affordable prices!