What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On October 13, 2008 Jim B. wrote: Thank you for the follow up. I did receive the clubs and I am impressed with the quality and the fact that you have personally followed up on my order.

I will not have the opportunity to try the clubs until after Christmas. It is a gift to my nephew and his son. I have a golf date scheduled for 26 December with them and I will let you know the results.

I have all the confidence in your product as I have purchased two sets already and they perform extremely well.

PinemeadowGolf provides a service product to the average and beginner golfer that enables them to get into the game without the expensive costs associated with top brand names, expensive custom fitting, and grips.

It really does improve the individual’s game without draining their wallet. I am living proof.

Thank you and please feel free to use my emails as an endorsement of your product.

On October 10, 2008 Josh O. wrote: I received the club the day it was scheduled to arrive. It was Friday of last week I believe. I played a round with it earlier this week and I am very happy with the club. The head cover was not specified in the description that I recall, so that was a pleasant surprise.

I also bought a set of your Excel Strong clubs from my local Academy Sports had on clearance (last set in the store) to replace a loaner set I had been using. I have been really happy with them as well. The irons frustrate me a bit due to my own shortcomings when it comes to swinging them consistently, but I have a lot of fun using the 3 hybrids that came with the set. I actually enjoy playing the hybrids so much that I emailed your customer support, yesterday, about a custom set ( 6-PW rather than the 3-PW listed on your site ) to finish my hybrid set.

People will hear nothing but good things about you guys from me.

On October 10, 2008 Corey F. wrote: Thanks for the follow-up, in today's online marketplace, the courtesy of a follow-up and feedback email is close to unheard of; which is why your policy is so great! I got my clubs in a timely manner, although it didn't seem fast enough because of my excitement of their arrival, and they were undamaged and in pristine condition. I've used them in three rounds already and at the driving range several times and absolutely love them. I was somewhat sceptacle at first about switching from steel shafts on my irons to graphite but the transition has been flawless and has defiantly improved my swing. I want to commend Pinemeadow Golf on the amount of good and helpful information that I read thoroughly on your website before I made my choice. I will defiantly be buying from Pinemeadow again and will recommend your clubs and service to each of my friends and family members.

Thanks for your constant updates and service.

On October 07, 2008 Cornell C. wrote: This is the second or third purchase from Pinemeadow this year. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a pleasure it is to deal with your company. The clubs are great! I could not tell if they made any improvement in my score, as I play for recreation only. But, I can tell you that during the 18 holes that were played on Wednesday, I left the course feeling much more satisfied than I ever have after a round. Great clubs, great prices, great service! I will be buying all of my clubs from you in the future.
On October 07, 2008 Skip M. wrote: Thanks for the follow-up. I’ve been using my new clubs almost every day since they’ve arrived and I must say I’m completely impressed. The quality and workmanship is fantastic! I’m still learning to hit the hybrid clubs, but that’s coming along nicely. Your customer service is very impressive as well. Thanks again!

On October 07, 2008 Bob K. wrote: Hi Clark, have received clubs last Thursday and have been used in 2 Hi School Matches by Grandson. Carries the 60 ,56 & 52 degree wedges. Hits the ball from the tee 280-290 and using your clubs. He is a junior. Just recently shot 79 / 18 holes on par 72 course. Was School Medalist on team. Have been very satisfied with your service and clubs.thanks
On October 06, 2008 Greg wrote: I have had several opportunities to hit my 'new' clubs and I love them. We played a tournament yesterday and I was very pleased with them all. The new Xeon Titan putter is taking a bit to get used to, though. I will need to spend more time with it to give a better evaluation. The ZR-1 drivers are awesome and my Excel Strong irons are doing just what they should with the new firm shafts.

Overall, I am very pleased and want to thank you all so much for the quick, professional service. I work for xxxxxxxx, so I know what level of effort goes into providing service that instills this need to brag about an experience one has with a business such as yours. I will continue to tell everyone about your quality products and stellar service.

On October 02, 2008 C.H. wrote: Aloha, Tom & Pinemeadowgolf Staff!!!!

Yes, I received my wonderful new set. It didn't take very long and great packing. I'm very impressed with the condition and the great looks of my new set and the Driver club & cover. Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner, but my computer was giving me some problems.

Took my new clubs out to see if I could still make some contact at the practice range and was I happy! So I figured why not see how I'll do on the course with some of my buddies. I ended up shooting net 71 with the handicap that they allowed me to have, had two greenies and 12 skins. The last time that I played some golf with these guys they took my money and that was several years ago.

They were all impressed with my new set and wouldn't believe me when I told them the cost was under $310.00 and that's with shipping! I plan to get out more golf in and make some change back!!

I told my friends that if they didn't believe me on my great deal to check it out at www.pinemeadowgolf.com. who knows maybe you'll have some new customers.

Here in Hawaii we like to express our gratitude on a job well done by you and your staff in saying to you all Mahalo Nui Loa!!!!! Pronounced (Mah-Hah-Low Nuu-EE Low-ah) and Thank You Very Much!!!



ps Come and visit me here in Hawaii on the Big Island of Hawaii where the Volcano Isle.

On October 01, 2008 E.R. wrote: I did want to give you some feedback Clark after I had a couple rounds.

I hit in a local chamber of commerce tournament today. The difference is astounding. I had some not-so-name brand clubs that I had used for a few years. I seem to be stuck at a certain point. Not ever able to get the edge. Well today, after hitting with the clubs, I can see myself going over the point I've been stuck at for so long.

My distance improved by at least 40 yards on my drives. They were straighter and more accurate. The one thing I have to work on now is my aim. I did have a slice that would seem to be there no matter what. Now, I'm not saying it's gone, but it has really decreased. I actually hit straight! Wow! And those hybrids! Let's just say that my hits are straight and long. I love them!

Thanks so much for such a great product. I'm sure that I'll be a customer for a long time!

On September 29, 2008 Arvid wrote: Thanks for the follow up Chris. I got the clubs, the command q's, and I like them. There is very little difference between them and the excell core clubs I bought several years ago, but I really like those clubs too. Everything is fine. I have offered to my friends to try the clubs but most just don't want to disturb their game, even tho some are playing with 25 year old clubs, some with bent shaft, etc....go figure. Your company is the best and the customer service is exactly what it should be...the customer first, no questions. Thanks, Arvid