What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On November 13, 2007 anonymous wrote: Very good products with great turnaround on orders. In the past their customer service has been terrific in helping me add to my order.
On October 24, 2007 Peter from Prague wrote: Sunday order, Thursday in Prague, Monday after customs, VAT etc. via UPS by me - the Bloc 455 cc driver, 12 degree It is the best I ever had, driving distance +40 meters, without any slice!!! It is a new order for players like me. I will recommend your golf clubs as often as I can.

thanks for the product for excellent price!

On October 16, 2007 Issac wrote: I feel like Pinemeadow Golf has given me excellent bang for my buck. I took advantage of the 50% off sale on pre-owned clubs and, combined with a promotional code I received from a friend, was able to assemble a great set of clubs at nowhere near the price I would have paid anywhere else. I'm confident that I will be able to use the set I assembled for a long time, and that's important to me as a beginning golfer. I selected my "new" set to be forgiving enough on me as a beginner, but competitive enough to last as my skill increases. I am confident that I couldn't have built such a set at such a low price point anywhere else. I can't wait until I can play a round with my new set!
On October 12, 2007 Steve wrote: I received the putter yesterday afternoon which I had ordered from your company and just wanted to send a memo to confirm delivery. I have not had a chance to use it on the course but did do some practice putting in my family room. Very satisified with the design and manufacturing of the putter. The weight and balance of the club is what I had hoped it would be, and finally found a center shaft putter I am really going to enjoy and purchased this at a very reasonable price. Your company does very fine work and what I read on your site before ordering proved to be exact.

I am so glad that I ran across your web site while searching the web for center shaft putters. I will return to your site for future purchase of more golf clubs.

Thank you so much for being a direct ordering manufacturing company, which eliminates all middle men.

Thanks again-- Steve- Have a safe, blessed and happy day!!!

On October 12, 2007 Trudy wrote: I have only had one transaction prior to this one, but they have been most friendly and cooperative, and their products are very good at the price. I will more than likely be a customer in the future.
On October 08, 2007 anonymous wrote: I checked out Callaway X20 at my local golf store and was taken aback by the $1200 price tag (CDN). After reading all the positive reviews on Pinemeadow, I thought what the heck, for $200 bucks I'll try them out. I ordered Excel strong irons and the #3 Excel strong hybrid. I received my clubs on time and I was very impressed with the way the looked and felt. Very comparable to X20's. I've played a few rounds with these clubs and have not noticed a huge difference in my score. I did shoot a 44 on the front nine of a very challenging course in my area(the Oaks of St.George) only to see my score on the back nine rise to my usual 58. These clubs are easy to hit, but if you really want to improve your score, take some lessons. I signed up for a series of 3 lessons in my hometown after my second round with these clubs and hopefully will be breaking 90 by next spring. Am I impressed with these clubs?...Yes. Would I buy from Pinemeadow again?...yes. Would I recommend Pinemeadow to others?...Absolutley. Why pay all that money for brand names? Thanks Pinemeadow.
On October 04, 2007 wrote: The BEST... Will not buy clubs anywhere else. The staff are so helpful and happy to talk to you. What a pleasure it is to do business with them.
On October 04, 2007 Dr. Mike wrote: Every company should be as responsive and professional as Pinemeadow Golf.

What a joy to find superior customer service tied to a superior product. WOW!

Let me acknowledge, I haven't play a round of golf for over a decade and have always had an uncontrollable slice from the tee.

Initially, I purchased the Hybrid Graphite ZR1 Iron Set, as well as, the Hybrid 2 Iron. Because I hit the ball straighter and longer than I did a decade ago, I subsequently ordered the ZR1 Offset Ti Driver, and 3 Wood with the NV 75 shaft, the 60 degree Tour Leader Wedge and Xeon 9 Putter with an Extra Stiff Graphite Shaft to complete the set.

I'm sure these clubs are comparable to the Ping G5 at half the price. I know you will be as satisfied as I am with both the quality and service of PMG. Just go for it!

On October 04, 2007 Joel P wrote: You guys are the best! As someone who used to be a custumer service lead for a large company and who's current job involves interacting with customers I know outstanding customer service when I see it. If the quality of your product is half as good as your service, you've just made me a customer for life.
On September 25, 2007 Raymond wrote: What a club! What a company! I was treated as though I bought a set of Bobby Jones edition hybrids and I only bought a sale item, a Pinemeadow Excel Hybrid wood, but boy what a beauty! I used it the day I received it and shot a 42 on the front nine of my favorite course. Thank You Pinemeadow you have a new loyal customer and maybe a few more as I was asked about this club with great interest. Game On!