What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On January 23, 2008 Jack wrote: Excellent transaction. Positive call from Pinemeadow about shaft to make sure I would be happy with the selection due to length. Excellent delivery time. I like the clubs. I was surprised that the hybrids (5&3)were as short shafted as they are, even with two inches added. they are shorter that my 11 and 9 woods. I like them. I should have checked that (length) more completly. I would like to see the higher loft's added to your product line for left handed golfers. the eleven wood was as high as I could go. By the time summer rolls around I should be dialed in. Very straight shots and I just need to get comfortable with ball placement and the swing needed. I think I will bring my handicap down two strokes if not more. I'm 58 years old and a 9.4 now. I've been golfing for three years. Thanks, Jack
On January 11, 2008 Anonymous wrote: “Thank you for the replacement putter! This is almost unbelievable, but after playing 2 rounds with the new putter, I have shaved 10-12 strokes off my game. I am thrilled about that! Even my near misses are just that "near misses", thanks to the control this putter gives me. I will post a review on the site, but I wanted to send you an email first to thank you and the other staff for all your help. My friends think I am genius for having found PineMeadow, but I think you guys are the geniuses. One friend was so impressed with the price and the quality, that her and her boyfriend are looking to purchase some new clubs from you guys she is the one I passed the extra putter on to, btw.

My next planned purchase are going to be PineMeadow wedges as soon as I figure out which loft(s) I should go for. I am going to build� my bag club by club and I can assure you that they will all be Pinemeadow Clubs!

Thank you once again for your superior customer service and great products. Happy New Year!”

On January 02, 2008 Kristen wrote: I would like to leave my testimonial for the great service I experienced in my recent purchase.

First, I know nothing about golf, and secondly myhusband is a beginner as well. I set out back in October to buy him a set of clubs for Christmas adn I stumbled upon this webiste. What an amazing find!

My husband would have bought himself the least expensive clubs he could find-- a generic set from one of the big sporting goods chains-- I wanted him to have something better, something he wouldn't "grow out of" too quickly.

I contacted a "golf guru" and these guys were such a great help! I had read a lot on the website and had a pretty good idea about clubs in general, but my guru was able to help me design a custom set of clubs for my husband that was able to impress him with the quality and performance and stay within my budget. He is now bragging to everyone who willlisten about how great pine meadow is...His experience is only with the "end product."

My expereience with pinemeadowgolf.com was fantastic. From the live-chat, to the series of personal emails selecting clubs and a bag for my husband, answering my numerous (and probably obvious) questions, to following up with shipping emails and phone calls when my credit card info didn't seem correct. I shop online frequently and it isn't often that I have found a webiste that has it all-- great look, easy navigation, excellent and personal customer support, quality product and outstanding value!

Thank you so much for making my husband's (and my) Christmas fantastic!

On December 12, 2007 Josh L. wrote: Pinemeadow is a custom golf club manufacturer. They make affordable clubs that are either original designs or close replicas ("clones") of other famous brands.

First off, their website is really awesome. As a beginning golfer, all I had to do was answer a series of questions about my height, weight, etc and they did an online custom fitting for me. I also read their "Golf Clubs 101" section and learned a ton about golf clubs. Cool!

I then proceeded to order a Command Hybrid 3 Iron and Command Hybrid 4 Iron, as well as a 3 Wood they had on sale. When you order clubs you get a ton of choices to customize them: length, grip, shaft, etc. Once the clubs are ordered, prepare for the email barrage to begin!. First you get an email confirming your order, then an email telling you the clubs have entered production. Finally, an email telling you the clubs are being shipped and what the tracking number is. It's great to have that level of automated customer feedback. More online retailers should do this!

Anyway, bottom line is that these hybrids turned out to be amazing clubs. I think I hit them better than any other clubs in my bag at this point. I would recommend them for any beginning golfer.

On November 13, 2007 George S wrote: Hey just got my golf clubs in today…….they are great! I shot a 128 yesterday with out them, and today I shot a 98. I would just like to commend you on your outstanding customer service. I have already found 2 people to buy clubs from you, and you should see there orders today or tomorrow. Thanks again, George S.

On November 13, 2007 anonymous wrote: Very good products with great turnaround on orders. In the past their customer service has been terrific in helping me add to my order.
On October 24, 2007 Peter from Prague wrote: Sunday order, Thursday in Prague, Monday after customs, VAT etc. via UPS by me - the Bloc 455 cc driver, 12 degree It is the best I ever had, driving distance +40 meters, without any slice!!! It is a new order for players like me. I will recommend your golf clubs as often as I can.

thanks for the product for excellent price!

On October 16, 2007 Issac wrote: I feel like Pinemeadow Golf has given me excellent bang for my buck. I took advantage of the 50% off sale on pre-owned clubs and, combined with a promotional code I received from a friend, was able to assemble a great set of clubs at nowhere near the price I would have paid anywhere else. I'm confident that I will be able to use the set I assembled for a long time, and that's important to me as a beginning golfer. I selected my "new" set to be forgiving enough on me as a beginner, but competitive enough to last as my skill increases. I am confident that I couldn't have built such a set at such a low price point anywhere else. I can't wait until I can play a round with my new set!
On October 12, 2007 Steve wrote: I received the putter yesterday afternoon which I had ordered from your company and just wanted to send a memo to confirm delivery. I have not had a chance to use it on the course but did do some practice putting in my family room. Very satisified with the design and manufacturing of the putter. The weight and balance of the club is what I had hoped it would be, and finally found a center shaft putter I am really going to enjoy and purchased this at a very reasonable price. Your company does very fine work and what I read on your site before ordering proved to be exact.

I am so glad that I ran across your web site while searching the web for center shaft putters. I will return to your site for future purchase of more golf clubs.

Thank you so much for being a direct ordering manufacturing company, which eliminates all middle men.

Thanks again-- Steve- Have a safe, blessed and happy day!!!

On October 12, 2007 Trudy wrote: I have only had one transaction prior to this one, but they have been most friendly and cooperative, and their products are very good at the price. I will more than likely be a customer in the future.