What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On November 10, 2006 J. Steinbrecher wrote: Extremely helpful & courteous support staff via phone! As a first time customer, I was extremely impressed with the help I received in placing my order for a custom made club.
On November 09, 2006 Phil wrote: James - I played my first round with the (now discontinued, on sale) Excel mid-launch irons. I thought I loved my Oxygen Type-S irons! It is really impressive that you and your company manufacture such a quality product at such reasonable price. The price/performance of the new irons is really impressive. With the Adila shafts and upgraded grips I had phenomenal trajectories even in a 25-mph headwind by SF Bay!

At age 53, 6'5" and a 17.2 hcp, the new sticks feel very balanced with a "rock at the end of a string" feel througout the swing. I just want you all to know that I appreciate the recommendations and continue to say "Pinemeadow!!" every time I swing pure. Thanks again.

On November 07, 2006 Anonymous wrote: I am a longtime customer of Pinemeadow and have referred several people who have purchased items. They like myself are 100% satisfied with Pinemeadow products
On October 27, 2006 J. Felicelli wrote: I love this site. And the pricing on this set is fantastic! My brother bought a set last night, and I bought one this morning. We check pinemeadowgolf.com about once a month.
On October 25, 2006 James wrote: After almost a year of playing with your clubs i am still extremely satisfied with my irons, hybrids, and 3 wood i purchased. Thanks for a good golf season.
On October 19, 2006 Keith wrote:

I have received the clubs, bag and accessories and I just wanted let you know that I am very pleased with my purchase. Everything looks great and I hope they swing as good as they look. Thanks for your expedient service and will do business with you in the future.

On October 19, 2006 Bob H. wrote: Just received my new driver in time for my annual trip to Myrtle Beach. After 5 days of golf, all I can say is that I love this club and would recommend it to anyone. This is my second purchase from Pine Meadow and I'm looking forward to my third. With products like these, I'll never purchase a "Brand Name" again !!
On October 18, 2006 Monique wrote: October 15 – Monique

"I had my fist golf lessons during my youth, then – for about 30 years – I never played again, until last year. Although I haven’t been really trying to accomplish a breakthrough handicap wise, I do play a lot, improving my game at a steady pace and enjoying it very much. I was, until last week, playing with a cheap men's graphite set, a bit on the heavy and long side, and the grips slightly too big. I was on the brink of buying a 'real' set, having tested Callaway and Ping clubs, and was already preparing to pay roughly 1000 euros or more for irons alone, when I came across the Pinemeadow Golf website. After virtually spelling the whole site and reading the customer feedback, I decided to give Pinemeadow the benefit of the doubt and order my new clubs there. This was 1,5 week ago.

After consulting with Pinemeadow about the choice of clubs, I am now in the possession of an incredible set of golf clubs: the Pinemeadow Excel High Launch Plus irons 5 – PW + SW, Excel 3 & 4 Hybrid, Excel 450 cc 10,5 degree driver, Excel 3 & 5 fairway woods. And I not only possess them, but have already played with them too. Incredible! Everything I could wish for. They feel and handle even better than the Callaways and Pings I had been testing.

Yesterday I played a round of golf with some friends, among which very good, low-handicap golfers. They were enthusiastic too. And impressed by the quality of the clubs. One of them tested my driver, to see if it was as good as his super-duper top of the bill 450 cc 10 degrees driver, and could only come to the conclusion that it did exactly the same as his – hitting just as far (= very far) and as straight. In my own hands the clubs feel completely natural and easy to handle – no real getting used to involved. I find them much easier to play with than the clubs I used to play with. They are a real incentive to go out and improve my game at a more than steady pace.

As for recommending Pinemeadow Golf to others: they have a huge fan and faithful customer here, in Holland, and I will certainly spread the word. No hard task at all, to convince others to do business with Pinemeadow when considering buying new clubs. Pinemeadow does what it promises – and more. An error with my woods was dealt with immediately and gracefully. Super! That’s what I call real customer service! Something very hard to find nowadays.

And yes, it’s true: you order, say, on Tuesday and you have your clubs – custom fitted to your specs – in your golfbag and ready to play with on Friday. Usually impossible with the shop around the corner, apparently not impossible when you are in The Netherlands and the shop is in Tigard, Oregon, USA – about 8000 kilometers away!"

On October 16, 2006 Tom wrote: I know you guys like a bit of feedback. Had no time for a practice hit so took the two clubs out to a match today... not every hole gives one the chance to use a 3-wood or a 25 degree hybrid but the first chance I got was 2nd shot on our No 6, long par 4 dogleg. The Hybrid sent the ball straight as a die into the green to set up a birdie putt (which I missed). The 2nd chance came at the par 5 10th, the Hybrid 3rd shot – 150-186 yards - ended 3 feet from the pin (I missed the putt again!!).

On September 28, 2006 Anonymous wrote: I found out about PineMeadowGolf.com through a friend of mine who ordered clubs from the site just a couple of days prior then I did. I have played once with the set and must say that I am extremely impressed. I am only a beginner, but have played with other clubs but when I played with Pinemeadow clubs, my game was more accurate. I look forward to playing more with these clubs. Very satisfied.