What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On December 15, 2008 D. wrote: Thank you so much for the follow up. Yes, I did receive my club and am loving it. I actually bought my whole set from you guys about 2 years ago now, I lost my 60 degree and so this was a replacement club--just couldn't do without it. Love my clubs and will not be changing them anytime soon. Been playing about 2 years and shooting low-80s, never took lessons--I think the clubs have a lot to do with it.
On December 15, 2008 B.M. wrote: Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived in great shape! I checked out the whole set and everything looks (and feels) great! I purchased the set for my wife as a Christmas present so she won't get to see them for another 10 days, and she probably won't get to use them until March. I am certain that she will love them, much the same as the set I bought for myself a couple years back. Most of the guys in my league can't believe I use my 3, 4, and 5 irons as well as I do (they have shifted to hybrids for the most part) but my high - launch irons do everything promised, and I hit them straight as well! My son loved the ZR driver I have so I bought him one last summer and he really smokes them!

Thanks for your great customer support, your quality and your great prices! I will be back for more clubs in the future I'm sure!

On December 09, 2008 Anonymous wrote: Thank you for your follow up on my recent order. I want to share with you a few comments about my experience with Pinemeadow Golf.

A few years ago I purchased a set of custom irons from Pinemeadow and have been very pleased with their performance. Recently, I'd been considering buying some hybrids but was unwilling to pay the $150-$200 price tag at local golf shops. When I received your email offering a great sales price on your Excel hybrids I decided to try them, especially with the guarantee. I was pleasantly surprised when you called upon receiving my order to offer your comments and suggested alternatives to my specifications.

The clubs made it cross-country and arrived a day ahead of the promised delivery date. They were very nicely packaged and looked great. I played with them the following day and was very pleased at their performance. In fact, a playing partner wanted to try one out on a difficult par 3. He almost aced the hole and said he was going to order some for himself.

In short, I am extremely pleased with both the quality and price of the equipment, and especially the excellent customer service I've received from Pinemeadow Golf. Best of luck for the future.

On December 08, 2008 J.R. wrote: Thank you for you excellent customer service...... I have placed two different orders for the Chromax golf balls, and both times the delivery was made within two days of my orders.(unheard of in my experiences) So thank you for that excellent service. Also the balls are gifts, so I haven't any feedback for you as yet.... I'm also giving myself a couple of the golf balls, so when I play with them I will send you feedback...Thanks again for your excellent service.
On December 04, 2008 wrote: Hello Tom, my clubs arrived today & I just felt compelled to send you a quick e-mail message and let you know how impressed I've been with the customer service shown related to my order. Ordering through the internet is nothing new for me but you folks certainly put most businesses to shame by going the extra-mile! I appreciate the informative e-mails letting me know what's going on with my order. It's too bad in today's world that it's the great customer service that stands out as the rare exception rather than the other way around. Keep up the good work, I'm sure I'm not the only one who notices and appreciates the effort! May you and your company enjoy many years of success!!
On December 03, 2008 Gary wrote: I can't say enough about your company. Not only do you make & sell great products and have a well-designed website with loads of helpful information, but your customer service is the best. I asked an identical question just this week to a well known electronics vendor & they said they could not do what you have done. This combination of a great product and outstanding customer service has made me a customer for life - I will look nowhere else for my golfing needs.
On November 19, 2008 Candie wrote: I am so happy I found your website. I have always been a hacker and always felt frustrated after a round of golf.I ordered an Excel woman's driver and a 5 hybrid. Chris helped me custom order my clubs. It has taken about 3-4 weeks and I can tell you that I have really noticed an improvement in my game. I am having so much fun. Between my husband's private lessons and the Pinemeadow clubs, I have become addicted to golf and am having a lot of fun. Thank you so much for the excellent clubs and the exceptional service. I will be ordering a 3 hybrid pretty soon!
On November 17, 2008 George wrote: Thanks for the follow-up. I love my new 50 degree wedge and have already used it in play. I love Pine Meadow golf equipment and your fine service. I have 3 hybrids made by Pine Meadow in my bag, as well. I'm a 7 handicapper and your equipment is every bit as good as brand name and for a lot less.

Thanks, again. I'll be ordering from you in the future.

On November 10, 2008 wrote: Yes I received my order and I am very pleased. I appreciated the way the company emailed me step by step on how my order was being processed and when I could expect to receive it. They arrived as promised and I have had a couple of opportunities to try them out. They work great for me. Looking forward to practicing my drives with my five year old next spring! Thanks for everything!
On November 10, 2008 D.B. wrote: I took them out for the first time to the driving range yesterday and they are incredible!!!!! I am so happy with the way they feel and all. Will play a round later this week but already know I will be satisfied. Thanks for the super service also.