What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On March 29, 2010 Aaron wrote: Got my clubs last week and went directly to the driving range. The clubs felt great and I was hitting much better than w my old clubs. Had my first round with them on Fri and shot an 88. I have only shot in the 80's 2 other times in my 10 plus yrs golfing. Needless to say I am extremely happy with the clubs! Thanks again, you guys offer great support and customer service.
On March 29, 2010 Ross wrote: I have received them. I drove down to Wilsonville and picked them up at will-call. I have hit them and so far, I like them. I would like to thank you for a wonderful customer service experience throughout the entire purchase process of my clubs. You provided quick, responsive service every time I had a question or change for my order. I work in the customer service field and am both highly critical of customer service, and appreciative when I find people that seem to take as much pride in their work as I do in mine.

On February 23, 2010 Richard wrote: Received my 11 wood 13 wood 15 wood and travel bag-- I got back from Vegas Sat night and used my new clubs out there. Played course where Butch Harmons golf school is. Rio Secco if i am spelling it right. A beautiful course built into the canyons and rock. Every hole was beautiful. I have a 9 wood that knocked 4 strokes off of a 9 hole handicap 14 down to a ten last year at Cog hill in Lemont il. I used my new woods in Vegas and they are just so easy to use vs irons. Just put the club head down on the ball and and it flies. I use the 15 wood from 80 yards out and in. Flies so high and lands like wedge. You do have to go out and hit them to get the feel of how far you can hit them. I am 67 years old and these woods have changed my whole game around. They are fun clubs that help you score better.
On February 20, 2010 G. B. wrote: I received my new Command BK driver last Friday, and played with it Saturday, Sunday and Monday during the Labor Day Holiday. It performed great and gave me exactly what I was looking for in a driver…..fairways! I also played again yesterday (Wednesday) and shot my low round for the year. Yardage off the tee is only slightly better than my old Callaway F-5, but I drive the Pinemeadow club much more consistency and rarely miss a fairway now. I set the 6 gram weigh in the heel and it apparently help cure my fade (fade to a full blown slice sometimes). I am very happy that I upgraded to the Aldila Gamer shaft and Lamkin grip. All in all, I am very pleased with the Pinemeadow Golf experience and plan to order the Command BF 3 wood before next season.
On January 30, 2010 K. H. wrote: I received them on time as promised and tried them out at the driving range over the weekend. My original purpose in buying the Pinemeadows clubs was to have a spare set around for when guests visit. At the price of rental clubs I figure they will pay for themselves in less than 6 months. I currently play with a 5 year old set of Pings with standard steel shafts. After hitting the Pings and the Pinemeadows side by side on the range I've decided to make my old Pings the guest set and the Pinemeadows will become my primary set. I was very surprised at how well they hit and felt. Thanks for your great service and excellent quality clubs! They are certainly a great value.
On January 20, 2010 Paul wrote: have been able to use the anti-slice driver several times - took a few holes to get used to it but have since hit a few of the longest drives of my life and that saying something at age 67 - also still excited with the anti-slice 3-wood that I purchased last year - I'm regularly hitting it 200 yards - hit onto the green on a par-5 from 220 yards out last week!

On January 19, 2010 G.L. wrote: Yes I have received my clubs, I use to live in Calif & was purchasing my clubs from you then, I have since moved to Oregon & was pleasantly surprised when I saw your building on my way to work, Every club in my bag is now a Pinemeadow club, I have used them extensively for the past four years & I love them as much today as the day they arrived, I have not had one material or craftsmanship problem, they have been flawless. I have hit some of the most expensive clubs on the market & see no advantage to these clubs. My friends have spent thousands on equipment having them custom fitted & I still shoot lower scores, I tell everybody before you buy check out Pinemeadow or you'll be sorry. Keep up the great products

On January 18, 2010 John wrote: Got it, and played with it this morning for the first time. Came off the tee great, 310-325 all day, and even had a draw!!! Ive been slicing for years. Lessons, practice, etc. no help. I even compete in long drive events...Out of ten drives, 5 are always out of bounds. With this, I lost a little distance, but everything is playable!!! You took 6 strokes off my game, and sold me a used one at a GREAT price!!! My buddies cannot believe it. I have 1500$ Ping Irons, a 200$ Putter, and the 2008 Long Drive Championship Driver....Yet, my 50$ Anti-Slice Driver is the most valuable!!! LOVE IT....If I had to make a recommendation, a more flexible shaft...But, then I would go back to slicing...
On January 17, 2010 Don wrote: My clubs arrived safe and sound. They look fantastic!

Unfortunately, I had to go out of town on short notice. I even called and had my shipping upgraded to Overnight so that they would not end up sitting on my porch until I got back. Happily the clubs arrived the evening before I left. As such, I have not had a chance to try them out yet as I'm still on the road. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thank you for the great customer service, particularly the help in getting my order to me before I had to leave. I'll keep you posted. I also need to order a set of woods, and will be submitting that in the next few days. Again, thank you for the meticulous care. Fantastic customer service like you provide is somewhat of a rarity these days, sad to say. It is greatly appreciated.

On January 17, 2010 J. A. wrote: Yes my orders have arrived and I have already starting playing with them. I absolutely love the clubs especially for the price. I played with a gentleman that was using a set of Calloway's X20 irons and his game was no better than mine he just paid more for his clubs. He did have a Cleveland wedge which impressed me but I was actually more impressed with the lies it gave him. Which has me looking on your website for wedges this morning. So, after I make the wedge purchase I will have a complete set of Pinemeadow golf clubs all for a fraction of the price. I am so glad I took my time and did some research and found you guys. You have satisfied me with the clubs and my wife with the cost.