What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On May 25, 2012 Mario wrote: Club came in the same day as my golf league. I used this club on a 2nd shot from the rough on a par5 hole, without ever swinging it before. How's that for trial by fire? I crushed it 220+ yrds and landed on fringe of green for an eagle putt. Of course I 2-putted that one but I was very impressed with the hybrid. I used the same club 4 other times that night and each time it was remarkable. Very satisfied with this purchase.



On May 11, 2012 Harold wrote: Aaron, thanks for your follow up on my purchase. I had purchased the #4 secret weapon last year and liked it so much I ordered the #3. This is replacing a brand name#3 I have. The head and shaft just plain work for me. The value for dollar cannot be beat. I have purchased from you on several occasions now and your service, from communication to shipping is wonderful. Keep up the high standards as I look forward to future purchases.

Thanks Harold

On April 17, 2012 Val wrote: Took me the front 9 to become familiar with the clubs. Then had a decent 45 on the back 9

on one of the hardest courses in NJ (Atlantis) in Tuckerton, clubs are great could not ask for better quality or service you Guys are top of the line.


On April 06, 2012 Jerome wrote: Aaron,

Thank you for contacting me. Not only did I buy the 60 wedge, I purchased the entire pre-Hybrid set just a few weeks earlier, and I will tell you that I am completely satisfied with them. I haven't hit any balls in 6 years due to a surgery, and no lie, my first swing I took was with the 3H and smoked it right down the middle. The clubs have a great feel. The 60 wedge hits so smooth and I am glad I got it with the graphite shaft.

Thanks for delivering such a great product, and when I decide to purchase another club, I will definitely hit the Pine Meadow site.


On April 06, 2012 Gary wrote: Aaron,

I have played two rounds with my new Command Q clubs and they are great so far. I hit the ball straighter and further than I did with my old Taylormade clubs. They also seem to be more forgiving when I have an off center hit. I would like to also mention that the ordering process was very easy and they were shipped to me in less than a week. After I received the clubs I had a question about one of them and you responded to my email very quick.

So far I really like my new clubs and the customer service that I have received. You were recommended to me by one of my golfing friends and I will mention Pine Meadows to my golfing friends.

Thank you,


On March 26, 2012 Earl B. wrote: Chris/Aaron – the clubs are great. I have noticed a marked increase in distance using the Command driver and it is so easy to hit! Love them. The irons are easy to hit, but when I mishit a shot, they are very forgiving and I get extra distance from a “bad” shot. I have never used hybrids and they are taking getting used to, but I see the ball literally explode off at impact. I believe they will help lower my score in the long run since I tend to struggle with the 3 and 4 irons.
On March 26, 2012 R.Y. wrote: Tom,

Received and used my new +7 Yukon fairway wood to compliment my +9.

As with my past Pinemeadow experiences (this is the fourth club I have purchased plus two putters), interfacing with you, the order process, delivery and of course the excellent Pinemeadow quality of the club has been a pleasure.

I am obviously a Pinemeadow beliver.


On March 22, 2012 Michael R wrote: Aaron,

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude to you and the staff at Pinemeadows for the wonderful service and professionalism in working with me on designing my new set of clubs. The clubs are everything that I have dreamed of owning for many years. I have never owned a custom fit set of clubs and in playing them, I now realize what I have missed for many years of play.

I will certainly tell anyone I "bump" into that wants designer clubs at an affordable price to search no further than Pinemeadow.

You and the staff at Pinemeadows are "Top Notch".



On March 20, 2012 Stephen M wrote: Hi Aaron,

I received my clubs on Friday. Played with them on Monday and as always, I'm completely satisfied with Pinemeadow golf products. Will take me awhile to get used to hitting the higher lofted hybrids, but I'm sure that will happen with practice.

Thanks again to the Pinemeadow team for the great service and products!!!


On March 14, 2012 Michael R wrote: HI Aaron...I did receive the clubs on the date projected...I just recently moved to a new home on a golf course... so as soon as UPS dropped them off I walked over to try them...I really enjoy the way they swing and how I can feel the weight of the club head going through the shot...plus I have never hit the golf ball this high in the air before...I've always hit a low shot... well this flight pattern has caused more distance and I flew the green on the second hole...what a great feeling..great clubs..thank you!!..Michael