Will I see extra distance over the driver I’m playing?

The USGA allows a COR of no more than 0.83, measured at the dead center of gravity on the club head. The DoubleWall™ is design engineered to achieve the largest, most stable sweet spot in golf at the highest COR allowed by USGA Rules throughout the entire club face. You should see more distance not only on shots hit correct at the center but mishit shots across the entire face.

What type of shaft comes with this driver?

The driver and fairway woods are equipped with a Aldila Mid Launch Pro Shaft, with its light weight and low torque build, complements the DoubleWall’s weight-forward nature—a perfect match that launches your drives.

The DoubleWall hybrids come equipped with a shaft specifically designed for them. Like the driver, the hybrid shaft complements the DoubleWall technology allow you an ideal ball flight at impact.

How can I try out this club?

Lab tests are great, but you need to hit this club to feel the technology at work. Build your DoubleWall now, and put it through the paces. All DoubleWalls are eligible for our satisfaction guarantee regardless of upgrades.

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