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Yes, you are reading this correctly. Get the Doublewall Driver in a 10.5°, 9.5° or 8.5° loft at a discounted price. We are closing out our old model with the arrival of the new Doublewall Driver. Please note that this is a one-time closeout offer and therefore all sales are final. The club is covered under are 1-year warranty for workmanship and material.

The Doublewall(TM) has been independently tested to have the Biggest Sweet Spot in golf. It is engineered with a patented inner wall dramatically improving performance. This revolutionary new technology creates an extraordinarily strong power chamber improving C.O.R. over the entire hitting surface of the club. The result is your off-center hits perform almost as well as your dead center hits.

Light weight, yet extremely strong and stable, the woods abandon the trampoline effect technology recently adopted by most other golf club manufacturers. Instead, it achieves its performance by building the solid concrete floor from which the Doublewall acheives it's performance. The design is engineered to achieve the largest, most stable sweet spot in golf at the highest COR allowed by USGA Rules. Read more about how we development story, technology, and lab tests by visiting our special DoubleWall site by clicking on the banner above or by visiting

Like all Pinemeadow products every club is specifically custom built for you. With the Doublewall we offer you the best choices in shaft and grip upgrades in the market so you can build the club to suit your game. A head cover will also be included with your wood.

If you are considering DoubleWall Titanium Driver the Doublewall 3 Wood is a perfect complement.

Closeout Item: Guarantee and Warranty Information

This club is on closeout. Please note it is not eligible for the 30 day money back guarantee or store credit policy. However, we still offer the twelve month defect warranty on all clearance clubs.


  • Improved C.O.R. across the entire hitting surface creates the largest most consistent sweet spot in golf.
  • Latest technology in golf for high performance golf driver.
  • Exclusive Power Chamber generates higher ball velocity equaling improved distance.

Technical Specifications

Club 1 1 1 - RH Sold Out
Loft (deg) 8.5 9.5 10.5
Lie (deg) 57 57 57
Weight (g) 200 200 200
Face Height (mm) 51 51 51
Volume (cc) 360 360 360
Shaft and Grip:
learn more
Beta Ti (2.4mm)
100% Titanium
6AL-4V Titanium
Charcoal Gray
Bulge & Roll:

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Nate rated this product on 02/28/13 I am updating my post from earlier, I found that the shaft suffered a spiral fracture so I removed it and replaced it with a steel shaft myself. The head plays awesome now, I love the 8.5° loft. I play very infrequently(once or twice a year right now), but I was getting wows from the group I played with one the few holes that I could just swing away on. The control with this thing is unreal, I can fade it or draw it with ease. I just wish the rest of my game improved as much as my driving with a simple club change.
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Bullwinkle rated this product on 06/24/11 I bought my 360cc DW 9.5-degree driver on clearance a few years ago ($99). It is well worth the money, even at the original pricetag. When I hit it correctly, the ball flight is a beautiful sight to behold; long (I lose sight of it), straight, and lots of roll. Problem is, I'm 50/50 whether I hit it correctly or not. I'm sure 95% of the problem is me, but part of it is clubhead design, too... the bulge & roll (whichever one is the horizontal component) is atrocious to me. Look at the middle photo on the product page... all they give you is a dot to address the ball. No line of any sort, no arrow... I honestly don't know what it means to line up the clubface "square" to the ball with this club, even after years of (easy) use. But boy oh boy... when things work right! Keeps me determined to master it. So I definitely recommend this club. And to each his own, but frankly I abhor the "new style" oversized drivers with 400+ cc clubheads. The 360cc clubhead is still plenty huge, but has style to it and is more manageable (IMO). It's a beautiful looking club. You lefties should feel privileged. Not only is it even less expensive than what I paid for a clearance price, but you still have shaft & grip upgrade options available on this clearance item. I didn't get options with mine, so I have the standard configuration, except it's 1" longer length. I'd love a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip on mine like my DW 3-wood has... which, BTW, is an absolutely 5-star awesome club!!!
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Ross rated this product on 02/22/11 I got this club for free because of the great customer service from Pinemeadows golf team, thanks Chris. I absolutely like this club, I would love it but the 360cc hurts the sweet spot of the face, so unless your really good, you'll hit a few duds. But boy, when it connects the ball flies for me at least 300yrds. At the price posted above, its a steal. So get them while they are cheap. This is not a BS review, I have written several bad reviews on other products.
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Pieter Brouwer, The Hague NL. rated this product on 06/27/10 I have the LH DW-driver for over two years and am very happy with it. The drives are longer than any other driver I had or tryed out.
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Nate rated this product on 01/10/10 The biggest problem I have with this driver is a strange cracking noise in the shaft when I swing. It throws me off of my game. Also, after reading the reviews of how long it plays I was expecting more, however, this may be related to the cracking noise in the shaft and not a product of the head design.
Preston Hale responds with Hi Nate, that shouldn't happen. It is possible the epoxy didn't set correct. We will contact you and correct the issue. Best Regards, Pinemeadow Golf
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 50 in total