Command Q Ti 460cc Driver

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If you prefer a bigger 460cc head this version of the Command Q Ti Driver is the better fit for you. The oversize head paired with the rear weight provides a large sweet spot and perfect weight distribution in the driver.

The 4 gram permanent weight will increase the launch, which results in a higher and longer ball flight. Players benefit from a higher launch angle and, with the golf ball technologies that exist today, you don't have to worry about sacrificing any distance to a higher ball.

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  • Fitted standard with our low-torque Pinemeadow Limited Graphite Shaft.
  • Compare features, performance and price to the Taylor Made® Burner.
  • Keep in mind we do not provide any extra weights for this driver.

Technical Specifications

Club 1
Loft 10.5°
Lie 56°
Weight 200g
Face Angle 0
Face Height 57mm
Volume 460cc
Shaft and Grip:
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Face Material:
Beta Titanium
Body Material:
100% Titanium

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Rodney McInnis reviewed this product on 05/28/17 I had a Taylormade Superfast Burner 2.0 before. Bought this driver on the hopes that it would give me a few more yards and it does. I went for an exrta 1.5" length and am glad I did even through the chart says I should be standard or 1/2" shorter (I'm only 5' 7" tall). Regular flex and Lamkin Crossline grip and my swing speed is around 90 MPH. I recommend you get the longest shaft that you think you can manage and I'm fine with the additional 1.5". This driver is easy to hit long and straight and it isn't expensive either. 100% satisfied.
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Ed rated this product on 04/10/14 Finally, the snow has gone away and I've been able to get this club out and I'm not disappointed. The first drive plugged in mud about 220 yds out...hard ground would have added another 30 yds. Well worth the money, IMO, I continued to hit it further than usual on every hole.
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Kurtis rated this product on 01/17/14 This club is fine. Nice to look at. Hasn't added any yards to my drive but hasn't taken anything off either. I Like it. Thumbs up.
10 out of 14 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Displaying all 3 reviews