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Our exclusive finish creates a sleek, black surface giving you a smooth, full-bodied appearance every time you grab the club. Over time the finish on the bottom of the club will wear into a retro grey oil can look very similar to recent black finished wedges.

Fill the yardage gap between your PW and SW with a 50 degree Command BK wedge. It is the perfect club to add to your set.

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  • Built standard with high quality Pinemeadow steel shaft from Apollo®, a 125 gram shaft with a low to mid kick point. Also available with our standard low-torque Pinemeadow LIMITED graphite shaft. For only $7.50 per shaft.

Technical Specifications

Club # AW
Loft (deg) 50
Lie (deg) 64.5
Weight (g) 300
Offset (mm) 3.7
Shaft and Grip:
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Doggg rated this product on 07/03/12 I played golf for about ten years then raised kids for about fifteen years. I started playing again last year and needed to upgrade my clubs. I didnt want to spend 7 or 800 on a new set of clubs so I decided on the Command Bk irons. It was the best money I have spent on clubs in my life. Since then I am hitting more greens in regulation and I feel more confident with my shots. I would highly recommend these clubs to anyone looking for good quality clubs at a great price.
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Dameon rated this product on 04/26/11 Very good wedge for a golfer seeking more distance and an overall higher trajectory. I was very suprised by the feel of this club, along with how great it looked at address. Although I did not decide to put this wedge in my bag, it would be a great scoring club for mid to high handicap golfers. Note: The Apollo shaft is pretty soft. I ordered this club with a stiff shaft minus 1 inch, and it still felt pretty weak.
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David S rated this product on 10/19/09 FORGIVING! Im a HCP 4, used to play on Olyo 2603 semi blades. Ordered this club just to test before I buy full set BK command. The 50 degree aproch wedge is as long as my old 9 iron (130 yd). Its is very easy to hit and on first day I had a chip in birdie with this club. Great feeling. Only thing I didnt like was the grip I had ordered; Permawrap... They are slipperier than a greased eal (If you sweat a bit in the hands)
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Richard rated this product on 07/18/09 Great club. I ordered this particular club as a test before ordering a set. It just so happened a friend of mine gave me a great deal on his Taylor Made Tour Burner set a couple days later. For whatever reason, I hit this club right between my Taylor Made approach iron and pitching wedge. I'm all about wedges, so I love having this option. The accuracy is the same as the Taylor Mades for me, and if I hadn't gotten the great deal, I'd be buying a whole set. To me, the club looks a lot like Taylor Made RACS, which are extremely easy to hit, from a few years ago. It's just a little heavier.
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Ron rated this product on 05/04/09 i bought a 50 degrees to fill in a 10 degree gap in between my pw and sw. love this club. i can hit it between 100 - 125 yds. the ball jumps off the clubface. this is my goto club for chipping. thanks pinemeadows.
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 7 in total