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Save over $30 on the complete Command golf set. Set includes Driver, 3 & 5 wood, 3-SW irons and headcovers for woods.

Command Q4 Driver: The Command Q4 by Pinemeadow Golf is the benchmark in titanium driver technologies. The moveable tungsten and aluminum weights create customizable launch angles and ball flight options. Six weight configurations give you total control of your game (see the weight setup tool on this page).

The driver includes two (2) six gram tungsten weights and two (2) two gram aluminum weights preinstalled. The position of the weights in the club head determine ball trajectory. We have created a weight setup tool to help you position the weights (see button above). The weights require a wrench that is included with the driver to move the weights around. Please be careful when removing the weights.

Command 3 and 5 Woods: The Command Q4 fairway woods feature a low profile design with added weights in the rear of the club which helps make this a very easy club to hit. The two rear weights are positioned to help improve trajectory without having to sacrifice distance.

Club head was designed with a classic look and feel in the address position giving you confidence you are going to hit a pure shot at the address position. The weights have been position for a neutral ball flight and should not be removed or replaced.

Command 3-PW Irons: The Command series has always been highly regarded as a forgiving club featuring cutting edge weighting technology. The latest Command iron set is no different, featuring a dual port weighting system and wider sole. The wider then usual sole design combined with an under-cut cavity and rear weighting produce superior playability for all types of players.

What’s Included?

This set is composed of the following products, which can be purchased individually. Also includes headcovers for driver and woods.

Sole         Sole         
Driver and woods are custom-built with graphite shafts. For your irons, choose either steel ($349) or graphite ($419) shafts.


  • 10.5&deg Driver
  • 3 & 5 Fairway Woods
  • 3-PW Irons + Sand Wedge
  • Headcovers for Driver, 3 & 5 Woods

Technical Specifications

Club Driver 3w 5w 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW SW
Loft 10.5 15 19 19 21 23 26 30 34 39 44 54
Lie 59 60 60 60.5 61 61.5 62 62.5 63 63.5 64 64.5
Weight 200 207 214 244 251 258 265 272 279 286 293 300
Offset 0 0 0 6 5.7 5.3 5 4.7 4.3 4 3.7 3.7
Vol. 400 170 145 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Shaft and Grip:
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3 and 5 Fairway Woods:
Stainless Steel
3-PW & SW Irons:
Stainless Steel

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Stan reviewed this product on 04/06/11 Just ordered these clubs online. Hopefully their what I'm looking for. After looking at their website pinemeadow golf seems to be alot more user friendly than most. They have good pictures of their products & info easy to understand.
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Bill rated this product on 03/07/11 Received my set last week as promised. Headed to the driving range the last couple of days and so far very impressed. the clubs feel great. I am glad I spent the extra money for the upgrade for the grips. I was searching for another set of clubs due to my old set,some of the heads were coming off. bought that set from a box store. This time I wanted to go in a different route, Boy am I glad I did. I spent less money for a much better set of clubs. The feel,grips and just the way the clubs hit the ball is awesome. Now if only the weather here in upstate New York would co-operate. I golf as much as I can,which is about 2-3 times a week after I get out of work. I am a average golfer,and I can not wait to get out with these clubs. I highly recommend these clubs. The added bag was also a bonus when I bought them. I will be buying more stuff from Pinemeadow.
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Mike rated this product on 08/16/10 Okay, I've got half a summer on this set now. I ordered an upgraded grip that is no longer offered, and standard, regular-flex shafts (steel shafts for the irons) at plus 1/2". The irons all play amazing, from the three to the S wedge. I've been hitting greens at 120 yards with the PW all summer long! The build quality is perfect, just like you would find on any "big" brand at any sporting goods store. I also give high marks for the shipping process, these folks really get the clubs to the door in great shape, and in good time. The only thing that has been bothering me, and it took me a while to figure out exactly what is going on, is in the flex of the graphite shafts -- I recently verified that I am "just" on the slow side of needing a stiff flex shaft, by verifying this at a local pro shop. The shorter steel shafts on the irons are still fine, but that long "whippy" driver and woods are tough to get a good shot with when they flex too much. I've had more mis-hits than solid contact with this club. I did much better with my decade-old hand-me-down driver and woods. I know these sets are sold "as sets" at a great price, but a little more customization when buying a dozen clubs would still be nice. If it weren't for that minor gripe, this would easily be a five-star review, and I'm still more than happy to thank Pine Meadow for excellent products at great prices!
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Todd B rated this product on 07/04/10 I bought these clubs a couple of years ago and have played a couple dozen rounds with them since then - replaced a big box store set I used for about 8 years. One word - Awesome. I used to keep track of my score by 9 holes - that way a 72 sounds REALLY good. Now I'm down in the mid fifties on 9 - getting close to breaking a hundred for the first time!! With the old clubs I only used the driver on the driving range for stupendous demonstrations of hook and slice, but now I get this one out on the course and I rip it STRAIGHT and LONG!! SO SO pleased with my Pinemeadow clubs!!! Seriously, just buy them!!!
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Butch rated this product on 06/17/10 Awesome set of clubs, I have been able to improve my game so much since I got them. I just wish it would have come with a putter but thats okay. Being 5'2" and having to custom order I am very happy I used Pinemeadow!!!
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 33 in total