Command Q Ti Complete Set

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  2. driver 3/4
  3. driver face
  4. wood sole
  5. wood face
  6. hybrid sole
  7. hybrid back
  8. iron back
  9. iron toe
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Command Q Ti 400cc Driver

The design of the Command Q Ti Driver now features a 460cc titanium head. The 460cc head allows you to increase your swing speed due to the smaller head size of the club head, which allows you to get the head through during your swing. The end result is more control, less drag, and absolutely longer drives.

Command Q Ti 3 Wood
The Command Q Ti fairway wood takes every feature from our Q Ti driver and applies them in a smaller head size for this wood. Our new rear weight port location offers a lower center of gravity in the head that allows for a higher launch and increased control and distance. Players who are looking for a silky smooth balance and feel, and want to achieve a better game from their 3 wood should consider the Command Q Ti fairway wood.

Command Q Ti Hybrid
The Command Q Ti Hybrids feature a low profile club face and weight port in the rear of the club that allows you to generate a higher launch without having to sacrifice distance. The shape of the club head and sole allow you to use the club at anytime. Whether you are using it off the tee or fairway the spring like feel at impact gives you the feel and confidence needed on shots that can be difficult with a lower iron. Even out of the rough the club is designed so it does not get caught up in the longer grass assuring a solid and straight shot to the green.

Command Q Titanium Irons
The 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons merge a 6-4 titanium face into a 431 stainless steel body to provide an increased rebound for superior distance. By having a lighter and thinner titanium face in the irons it allows the weight of the club be pushed to the perimeter of the club maximizing the sweet spot.


  • 10.5&deg Driver
  • 3 Wood
  • 2, 3,4 Hybrids
  • 5-PW Irons + SW
  • Headcovers for Driver, 3 Wood and hybrids

Technical Specifications

Shaft and Grip:
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Bill rated this product on 09/08/14 I purchased the Command Q Ti set at the beginning of the season. Pinemeadow allowed me to exchange the Command Q Ti driver and 3 wood for the Command BK because I wanted a 12-degree driver. I opted for hybrids (3 through 6) and 7-SW irons. I added the AW iron as well. I immediately improved my scores by about 5 or 6 strokes and worked through the summer trying to improve ball striking for all clubs. I am 71 years old and definitely needed the senior shafts all the way down the line. I'm not going to brag about hitting the ball great distances, but my accuracy has improved dramatically. The hybrids have lifted my game to a level I didn't think possible. Today, I equaled the best round I ever shot (which I accomplished about 30 years ago). In fact, my last three rounds (all on different courses) were about 14 strokes better than I shot a year ago before I bought my Pinemeadow clubs. I'm a convert when it comes to using hybrids, especially when you're sitting down in the rough. I should mention I also have a Site II putter. Today's round included just 31 putts, outstanding for this old duffer.
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Rudy rated this product on 05/25/13 Excellent clubs which are giving me great satisfaction, just received the complete set a few days ago, but already love to play them. The delivery was even faster than promised and they arrived in Switzerland in perfect conditions. The quality is stunning and not only they feel good but really do improve the accuracy of my game. What amazes me most is that the irons, the hybrids as well as the woods are all performing very well and are of equal (if not better....) quality than the TaylorMade and Callaways I tried before ordering. Compliments to the "Pinemeadow-Team".
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Ryan rated this product on 05/20/13 Bought this set almost 2 years ago and I absolutely love them. I was new to the game of golf, and finally got to the point where I needed my own set. I had been borrowing, and learning on, friend's Taylor Made and Cleveland sets. Not having the cash, or need, to invest in a name brand, I found the Command Q Ti. This set of clubs has been awesome. I see no difference between these and the sets of clubs I had been borrowing. The price is right, the clubs are quality, and I am completely happy I made the purchase. At least for me, these clubs hit like butter and have seriously improved my game. I guarantee that when my current set finally wears down, I will be buying another set of Command Q Ti.
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mark rated this product on 05/18/13 I was one of the first people to get these Irons. They work great, I'm a very big man so I went with extra stiff metal shafts. It straighten my swing out and I won some close to the pin money. The only reason I saw this was I may by another complete set, I have used mine up.
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jake rated this product on 05/04/13 hi my names Jake im only 13 and im a bigginer at golf i love the sport my family thinks im wierd because i can stand watching golf on tv for 3 and a half hours straight anyways this golf club set is going to be my first set ever i love the look i love the color and by the description these are amazing i love the guarantees and the Warrentys and all the other info in my opinion you should definetly buy this set i now i am
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 14 in total