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Provides multiple marking options allowing you to sink more putts, hit more fairways and save strokes instantly.

Used as a Playing Aid...
The Line-M-Up Pro conforms to USGA Rules and is legal in competition to help you align your putts and tee shots to improve your score.

Used as a Training Aid...
The Line-M-Up Pro gives you a visual guide when putting. When a good stroke is made, the line on the ball appears straight as it rolls. When poorly struck, the line will appear to wobble. When a Pure Stroke (no wobble) with the proper speed misses the hole, you can identify a missed read to improve your green reading skills.


  • Golf Ball is NOT included.
  • Multiple marking options for your preferred visual alignment.
  • Concave "V" slot design allows easy marker tip access.
  • Underside ridge design prevents smearing of line markings.
  • Durable polycarbonate molding retains its shape in your golf bag.
  • Sharipe® Mini attached for convenience.
  • Snaps onto ball and self centers for straight and accurate marking.

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Mike S rated this product on 04/16/10 I bought this tool, or one like it, when I started playing not too long ago. The easiest way to use it: stand behind the ball, facing your target, and line the ball up with the target, using the straight line as a reference. Square the club up to the line, and you're good. Just be sure to mark the ball's position on the green before moving it if your friends are picky or competitive ;-)
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David S rated this product on 10/12/09 Many professional golf balls, like the Titleist Pro V1, has a line and type marking along the balls seam. The seam can be seen as a ring around the ball with no dimples. This seam is the only place where the ball is totally round and the only place where the putter should hit to make a perfect straight roll. All PGA players are lining up this seam towards the hole. Now, with this nice tool you can buy here, you can mark other cheaper balls on the seam and make perfectly straight putts. PS: not all balls have a seam.
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Jacob Magers rated this product on 08/29/09 I'm not really sure what all the confusion is about. Read your putt, line up the ball accordingly, and then you can just focus on hitting a solid putt.
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Chuck reviewed this product on 08/28/09 Great for marking the ball. I search the web for further instructions or tips on using the available lines. Found nothing. Nice tool. Feels like I'm missing something...besides putts. : )
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John Rizzo rated this product on 07/20/09 As far as marking the ball, the unit works great. However, there are no instructions or guidelines for how to use the markings to effectively lower your score, other than "if the line does not wobble, you hit a solid putt". Ther are illustrations on the package, but no clarification on how to use the markings to your advantage. Green Keepers website is totally worthless, for instructions or anything else. Product works as advertised, but no explaination as to how to effectively use the marking options. Very disappointed.
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Displaying all 5 reviews