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With a Brush-t(R), golfers of all levels can hit longer, straighter drives. The unique qualities of the Brush-T mean that the sidespin or interference, all too often associated with plastic and wooden tees, can be eliminated. The bristles provide raised support of the ball, but still give unprecedented flexibility. Independent testing using a mechanical driver showed a marked improvement in the dispersion rate at impact, thereby delivering greater accuracy.

Oversize Tees

The Oversized Brush-t(R) is ideally suited for oversized woods and Drivers - 200cc to 460cc - thus enabling the ball to be struck in the center of the large sweet spot, for maximum distance and consistency. Each tee comes with a storage case and ball marker. The Oversized Brush-t(R) is 2.4" or 62mm in overall height. Oversized Tees come in a pack of 3.

Driver Tees

The Driver Brush-t(R) is ideally suited for lower trajectory shots due to its reduced height. This gives the ball a penetrating ball flight with maximum run. Each tee comes with a storage case and ball marker. The DRIVER Brush-t(R) is 2.2" or 57mm in overall height. Driver Tees come in a pack of 3.

XLT Tees (Pictured) - Discontinued

We are sold out of the XLT tees that are pictured above.


  • Conforms to R&A and USGA Rulings
  • The Brush Tees allow you to launch your drives without resistance or deflection and gain up to 7 additional yards without having to change equipment.
  • The innovative Brush-T allows you to tee your ball on flexible synthetic bristles that bend on impact, creating a feel of driving the ball off the air. These bristles provide significantly less resistance which produces dramatically longer and straighter drives.

Technical Specifications

How it Works:
Distance: The lightweight but sturdy Brush-t is based on a unique nylon bristle "cup" that supports the golf ball. The secret behind its success is the flexibility of the bristles which allow the ball to be struck with a minimum of resistance and deflection. During the drive, your club is traveling at up to 98 miles per hour and anything that touches it at that speed is going to have an effect. The Brush-t bristles have been designed to do away with resistance from impact with the tee. The ball is supported largely by air which means that the speed of the clubface at impact is concentrated so perfectly on the ball, that the sheer kinetic energy helps create a longer and straighter shot.
Brush T eliminates up to 2% of left or right deflection and that means greater accuracy for your shots. Over 300 yards a 2 degrees of deflection can make your shot up to 14 yards wide of the mark!

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Matt rated this product on 08/06/12 The good-They will last you a few rounds and cut the need to buy tees. The bad-It takes alot to get the tee level and keep the ball from falling. The ugly-When you can drive a ball as hard as me(my drive is the one quality im proud of)the bristles tend to fly out and youll end up chunkin it in the trash.
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Blake rated this product on 07/22/10 I purchased a combo set in a store which contained one blue, black, and orange tee. Have consistantly been using the blue for my command bk 3w and the orange for my command bk driver and have worked out great. Consistant, great loft, and distant. Came on here to order a putter and sw to go with my iron set and ordered the orange 3pks with it to have spares.
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Richard B rated this product on 07/01/10 I received these tees for Fathers Day a few years ago and let me tell you what you can pry them from my hand thats how good they are. It is not some super tee but like others have said it is set right once you put it in the ground not worries about to high to low. I have been hitting consitsent drives for awhile now and I want to think it is the tees that are part of the reason. Also I have been playing the same one for like 16 months now.
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Fred rated this product on 07/12/09 I picked up a couple of these tees at a golf expo for free. I am a 6 handicap, and thought what the heck, I would hit them once for grins. The joke was on me! I was shocked to see my drives go straighter and longer. I believe it is because my ball is teed at the exact height every time. This frees up extra room in my mental thoughts, maybe. As long as I see improvement, I will continue to use them.
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Brian rated this product on 07/08/09 The tee itself is a great idea but I played like crap with it. Bought a new driver from Pinemeadow as well and couldn't hit the ball solid at all with these. Went to a standard wood tee and have been making good ball contact since, no other changes made. The bristles seem to be too soft and make it hard to get good solid ball contact.
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