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Protect your investment with 9 (3-9, PW and SW) Neoprene Iron Covers. The Neoprene iron covers are crafted from the finest materials and desgined for ease of use and ultimate protection.


  • Set of 9 (3-9, PW and SW)
  • Fits regular and oversize clubs
  • Light weight
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Easily visable numbers
  • Fits RH and LH clubs

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Bob rated this product on 09/17/18 I'm a bit neutral on these. But like the other reviews the numbers seem to be on the wrong side of the club, thus you have to always be searching for the club you want, rather than seeing it easily. Also they may stretch, but they seem overly snug, to the point where they are a pain to put back on.
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Sean rated this product on 06/20/13 I just noticed something interesting. The picture above seems to be backwards. My iron covers do not have the number on the same side as the covers shown in the picture above. As I read in one of the other reviews, once you put the covers on, the number is on the face of the club for RH clubs. When the clubs are in my golf bag, this makes it hard to see the numbers without turning or picking up the club. They fit snug, so there is no chance they will fall off. I haven't had them for more than a week, so we'll see how durable they are. Price is good though.
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Wil rated this product on 09/26/11 I bought these head covers and i was disappointed for two reasons.first the nuber is only on one side of the head covers it would be nice to have them on both sides and the second reason is that one of them is starting to come apart after the 6 or 7 time of using them. i do like the fact that the cover are snug and cover well.
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Chris rated this product on 05/16/11 I like being able to cover my new BK Command irons but it annoys me that the number is on the face side of the covers on right handed clubs. This makes me have to pull the clubs out of my bag or twist them around a bunch to make a club selection. If you are buying them for lefties this is a mute point. IMO the PM logo and the club number should be reversed. ps love my clubs.
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RSATT rated this product on 10/13/07 I bought the full set of hybrid clubs and bought the inexpensive head covers. They have only been used 5 times and some of them are worn out already. They were priced cheap enough but I would say you would be better off with the higher priced set. PS> The clubs are very impressive
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Displaying all 5 reviews