What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On July 13, 2005 David Pfrimmer wrote: Saturday, July 09, 2005: PinemeadowGolf.com customer was recognized in the Daily News-Miner (news-miner.com) for his first hole-in-one using a Pinemeadow Hybrid club.

Pfrimmer collects hole-in-one

David Pfrimmer couldn't have picked a better time to hit the first hole-in-one of his golf career.

A Century 21 Realtor, Pfrimmer used a No. 3 PineMeadow Hybrid club to ace the 182-yard par 3 third hole at the Fairbanks Golf and Country Club during the Yukon Title Scramble.

"I kissed my ball (Yukon Title Nike(R)), I kissed my club and I'm framing the results," Pfrimmer told officials at FGCC after the tournament concluded.

Pfrimmer won a Taylor Made driver for his accomplishment.

The only thing that may have bettered the feat would have been if Pfrimmer had scored his ace on the sixth hole, where he would have received a car for his achievement.

The Rich Kelley Realty team of Jon McCoy, Rick Kelley, Gary Falls and Karla Sullivan Vacura won the tournament with the Yukon Title team of Cathy Shuttleworth, Dan Sorenson, Pete Peterson and Jeremy Plentnikoff finished second. Rounding out the top three finishers was the Denali State Bank team comprised of Mike Smith, Jerry Walker, Bill Rogers and Cathy Donaldson.

Closest to the pin honors went to Rich Kelley and Cathy Hodges, while the longest drives were hit by Charlie Rogers and Rae Holland.

On July 07, 2005 Dave wrote: I Just recieved my order. Your service is great and fast. These EXCEL HL Irons 3-SW are the sweetest clubs I have ever had. Also got the EXCEL 17 degree Hybrid wood and Power Play 400cc System Q Driver and 3 wood. Just wanted let you know that the first time at the range hit the driver long and straight about 280 compared to 240 with my old diver. This is a very big differance in what I was using before.

The irons are the same way going to have to change my club distance, since

getting yards more. Hope to get out this weekend on the course to see how I score, can't wait. Going to order the Excel 20 degree Hybrid soon, which will round out my set.

Again Pinemeadow,your service and products are the best and I have compared

you to a lot and you came out on TOP. Will let you know how I do this weekend.

On June 23, 2005 Tony M. wrote: I just wanted to thank your staff for getting my clubs to me quickly. I am really impressed with them and my game has improved with the first round I played with them. I will give your name as a reference and will continue to give you my business in the future...Thanks again.
On June 14, 2005 J. Clark wrote: I received the package today. All the items were of great quality and arrived in perfect shape.The bag is better than I expected.The clubs were also professionally constructed, far better than I would have done myself. I sincerely appreciate you solving the delivery problem. Your companies extra effort is appreciated and I look forward to using the golfing equipment. Please thank all involved.
On June 08, 2005 Tom S. wrote: Congratulations! You people have found a way to personalize internet shopping. If your product is close to your service and attitude I will certainly recommend you.
On June 02, 2005 Pete C. wrote: I just wanted to tell you how impressed I have been with Pinemeadow's attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Although I have not yet received my clubs, the fact that I have been given numerous updates, tracking numbers, etc. have been very impressive. It is nice to know that there are still companies out there who take customer service seriously. If the company is this great, I can only imagine how the clubs will be. I'm excited to know that they will arrive tomorrow. I'm like a kid at Christmas. Thanks again for all your upfront service. It has not gone unnoticed. I will certainly pass along these thoughts to all my friends.
On May 25, 2005 wrote: I just received a new set of irons and a 3 wood and 5 wood on monday, may 23, 2005. thats a good day since its my birthday. I have been looking for a year to get a new set of golf clubs. I purchased the Callaway knock offs or as you would say the equal. I got them monday morning. I immediately took them to the driving range. To my suprise I could not hit them at all. So the next day I took them to the golf course. Coyote Hills in Fullerton.

All I can say is wow. The clubs were great. Put it this way. I have a Callaway Big Bertha driver. After 5 holes I realized my 3 wood which I got from you was going 30 yards farther. I shot an 89 today which is the best score in 5 years. Your product stands for itself. You gave me a great product at a great pirce. All I can say is thank you and happy golfing. I will be out tomorrow playing if you don't mind

On May 23, 2005 Brian wrote: I just wanted to write you guys an email thanking you for not only an outstanding product but outstanding customer service and support! I ordered your Powerplay Q System Driver and 3 Wood as well as the Oxygen Type S HL Irons and SW about a month and 1/2 ago. I was referred to your site by a co-worker who has been playing with clubs he purchased a while ago from your site. At first I was a little reluctant to purchase a high ticket item such as golf clubs from the Internet but I decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot anyway.

I was not only surprised with the information you kept providing after making the sale, such as the stage in production but shipping information and tracking numbers but when I received my clubs, in less than 2 weeks, I was shocked at the quality of craftsmanship! I took the set to the range the very next day, then to the course that weekend and then to the range a few days after that. I was not only hitting the ball further than before but MUCH more accurately. I used to be weary of hitting my driver with a group of people because I was embarrassed of my horrific slice...but with the Q System Driver my buddies were practically screaming when I teed off...definitely impressive!

But, as if the performance of my new clubs wasn't enough I noticed a small crack on the club head of my driver...worried about the whole buying stuff on the Internet thing again I picked up the phone, held my breath and dialed...not only did someone pick up the phone but the told me that my new club would go into production that day, sent out to my asap with the same specs as my original purchase and when I received it to use the UPS shipping label emailed to me, put the old club in the box of the new one and ship it back, NO CHARGE... OUTSTANDING...Rarely do consumers get this wonder full treatment at a traditional "brick and mortar" establishment never mind from an "Internet based company". I'm totally impressed with EVERY aspect of your company...I recommend your products to everyone I talk to, even if they don't play golf!!! I will AlWAYS do business with you in the future and I will ALWAYS recommend your services to my friends and family.

On May 11, 2005 Robert wrote: I'm writing regarding a set of Impex Oversize SS irons, a lob wedge, and bag I purchased a couple of years ago. At the time I was pleased with your service, price, and the clubs helped improve my novice game, but an incident last weekend has reinforced my belief in your clubs. On the way to the course, my clubs (which at the time were being used to help weight down a cardboard refridgerator box that was to later be sculpted into a pirate ship for my kids) blew out of my truck bed with the box onto the interstate. I know, you're saying "why was he using his golf clubs as ballast?" To that question I say "shut up", my personal stupidity is not what this story's about. Anyway, the clubs scattered onto the highway and were run over by at least four cars (including the behemoth of a SUV that was travelling directly behind me). I was so happy that no one had an accident that I didn't even consider damage to my gear as I was scrambling to pick everything up. By the time I got

to the golf course, however, I expected the worst. To my great surprise, I used every club and none were damaged (other than a little road rash)! My golf bag, sadly took a significant blow and the grasshopper legs are no more. Ultimately, to come out of such a ridiculous incident like that relatively unscathed is the icing on the cake for my purchase from you guys. Your clubs are solid.

I've recommended your company to a number of people in the past two years, but alway with the caveat that "I've just gotten the clubs so can't really comment on the long term durability". Now, I will continue to recommend Pinemeadow, but without any reservation about quality/durability considering my 75 mph interstate drop test.

On May 05, 2005 Rob A. wrote: Had to send a quick note, impressive! ordered online Sunday, arrived at my door noon on Wednesday (Canada). I have not had a chance to hit the club yet, but will send review when I get a chance this weekend. great service thank you