What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On September 02, 2005 Jon wrote: Let's start off saying that my old clubs were 14 years old and I was tired of them and wanted new ones. A co-worker told me about PMG som I ordered the Q Power Ti Driver and the 3 and 4 Excel Hybrid Irons. I took the driver out this past weekend and let me tell you. With my old driver I would get up to 250 yrds on a good drive. With the Q Power Ti Driver - I'm hitting it 290 on an easy swing and 310+ on a strong swing. Straight as an arrow, just like me old one - only farther !!! My 3 and 4 irons were not as old but harder than heck to hit. With the 3 and 4 Excel Hybrid Irons - I was more than amazed after seeing the driver work so well, but my 3 and 4 hybrids were just as straight and distance wise the same !!! I would highly recommend the Q Power Driver for just $99 !!! And the Excel Hybrid irons, I'm actually going to get the 2 and 5 to round out my set !!!!
On August 25, 2005 Tommy, Henrik & Linda from Ã…re in Sweden wrote: We ordered thursday-evening, local time in SWEDEN, and recieved the golf-clubs thuesday evening. Fantastic!!! 3 buisseness days from Ordering in USA to delivery in SWEDEN... We are very happy with that kind of service!!! All the best
On August 25, 2005 Eddy Grummitt wrote: Dear Pinemeadow Golf,

I ordered these golf clubs on Sunday when I was in Sweden, today they arrived at my home in Spain!! When the UPS mail man called at my door this morning, I could not believe he had my clubs. Fantastic service and wow, the clubs look great. Off to the range to try them out. Thanks for the tees and markers.

On August 18, 2005 Sam L wrote: Just to let you know that the order arrived on-time. I am very pleased with the quality of your clubs and the golf bag. I have had the opportunity to play with them and they have taken a stroke or two off my score so far..........I did not expect them to make me a 'scratch golfer'. Those that I play with have noted the high quality and balance of the clubs, I am very pleased with my purchase. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.
On August 08, 2005 Joop Servaas wrote: Hi, Today I received the set in fine order and played a round with it. Great stuff. Amazing difference to what I used to play with. Thank you for your fast and correct handling of my order. I will surely recommend you to my golfing friends.
On July 29, 2005 George S. wrote: No kidding, I have already taken about 4 shots of my game per round as I am hitting the System Q titanium Driver and the Hybrid club straight and long with less effort. I can't wait to get out on the course again. I will definitely show these secrets to my playing partners. Thanks a bunch

On July 27, 2005 Roger L. wrote: I just received my 3 and five woods, ordered last week and I decided to test them out in my back yard. We have a large field behind the house that separates us from another tract of homes. With my MacGregor three wood, I can drive the ball well into the field but never reached my neighbors yard. On my second swing with my new Impex 2 three wood, I managed to reach his yard and my terrible slice is nonexistant with the new club. Several more balls also reached his yard. I had similar results with my new Impex 5 wood. I was a bit worried about ordering golf clubs on line, but after this positive experience I won't think twice next time. I figure I saved about $300.00 by purchasing your custom clubs. Thank you.

On July 20, 2005 Mike wrote: Hi James,The Items came in today, unfortunaly I was not home because I did not expect it that FAST, They will be back tomorrow, WOW you guys are the best, you guys are taking the business professionnaly and flawlessly, I Am so impressed with everything, you even make my wishes come true, I'm in heaven, =)

Thank you for everything and you guys can be sure I will buy again, hoping for the irons to be good, Mike

On July 19, 2005 David F. wrote: I just received my irons and truly believe that they are the best VALUE on the market today. The whole experience from figuring out the fit, through ordering & tracking, to delivery was PERFECT! The fit, finish, and performance of the clubs is outstanding - I don't know how you do it for the price. Thanks for everything - this will certainly not be my last purchase from you.

On July 15, 2005 Kevin wrote: I am a novice golfer and have been golfing for over 3 years sporatically never breaking 120 on 18 hole courses and averaging 50-55 on par 3, 9 hole courses. After ordering your clubs, it only took me 2 rounds to break 100! The quality of the clubs is supurb, and the fact that you custom build them allowed me to get clubs that actually fit my game (I am tall and have a very fast swing). The price can't be beaten for the quality you receive (trust me, I've looked), and product was very well protected during shipment. I have been tremendously pleased with your company, the product, and service, and highly recommend you to anyone seeking golf equipment.