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Can I get a 3, 4 hybrid and 5-PW irons?
Can I substitute my lower irons with hybrids?

We get a number of requests from our customers wanting to replace the harder to hit lower irons with easy to hit hybrids. Building upon the ultra-playable hybrids we substituted the 3 and 4 irons (also an option to replace the 5) with Command Hybrids, so that you may benefit from the forgiving design of hybrid clubs, as well as the feel and control of our popular, Command Irons.

The Command clubs feature new and improve weight port technology. This dramatically increases the moment of inertia, reducing twisting and increasing accuracy, even on miss-hits. The weights also lower the center of gravity for optimal trajectory and feel. The set features the best of both worlds.

Command Hybrids

The hybrids feature two rear six gram weights that are designed to lower the center of gravity and increase MOI (moment-of-inertia). By increasing MOI it will prevent the club head from twisting at impact, resulting in straighter shots.

Read more about the Command Hybrids and configuration sequences.

Command Irons

The Command irons share the forgiving club feature of the cutting edge weight-port technology, featuring a dual port weighting system and wider sole. The wider-then-usual sole design combined with an under-cut cavity and rear weighting produce superior playability for all types of players. The wide sole prevents the club from digging into the turf ensuring more solid contact even on fat or thin shots. The lower center of gravity produces a higher launch angle.

Read more about the Command Q Individual Irons

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Sole         Sole                  Sole


  • Compare features and performance to the Taylor Made® Dual TP Hybrids and r7 CGB Max Irons.
  • The standard 3-SW set is sold with a hybrid 3 and 4 (option to replace the 5 with a hybrid) with the remaining irons as per usual.
  • Set includes FREE headcovers for all Hybrid clubs in the set you choose.

Technical Specifications

Club 3h 4h 5h 5 6 7 8 9 PW SW
Loft 19° 22° 25° 23° 26° 30° 34° 39° 44° 54°
Lie 59.5° 60° 60.5° 61.5° 62° 62.5° 63° 63.5° 64° 64.5°
Weight 236g 241g 246g 258g 265g 272g 279g 286g 293g 300g
Volume 107cc 110cc 113cc NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Offset 0 0 0 5.3mm 5mm 4.7mm 4.3mm 4mm 3.7mm 3.7mm
Men's Std. Length 40.5″ 40″ 39.5″ 37.75″ 37.25″ 36.75″ 36.25″ 35.75″ 35.75″ 35.75″
Ladies Std. Length 39.5″ 39″ 38.5″ 36.75″ 36.25″ 35.75″ 35.25″ 34.75″ 34.75″ 35.25″
Shaft and Grip:
learn more
Std. Club Length:
add 0.5 inch to std. length to all graphite shafted irons
Custom Fitting Note:
In order to provide the perfect custom fit for you, a half inch adjustment may be made on all length requests greater than an inch. We do this in order to match your requested flex, since flex in a hybrid shaft is the most important aspect. The end result is the perfect custom fit! We would love to go over any fitting or other questions you may have, so please contact us.

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Florida reviewed this product on 08/01/17 Hello blogger, i must say you have high quality content here. Your website can go viral. You need initial traffic boost only. How to get it? Search for: Mertiso's tips go viral
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Nyal R. rated this product on 05/31/11 New golfer, less than 6 months...and even I can HIT THESE!!! Got my set on Friday, went out to the range on Monday and found out even I can HIT THESE!!! I'm hitting my 9 iron at a consistent 140 yards and further with the rest of the set! I am more than happy with this set and look forward to finding myself a new driver here in the near future. Customer service is supreme with all my questions answered before I placed my order. Bottom line is great service, great price, great set of clubs!
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sam rated this product on 05/17/11 bought the white driver....freaking awesome....bought the excel irons....awesome....thanks pinemeadow.....
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W J rated this product on 02/19/11 After a few weeks with this set, I wanted to try the 3-4 iron vs the 3-4 hybrid. Truthfully I get about the same distance but more accuracy with the irons. The point I really want to stress is the service I've received with this company. Their concern and follow up is above par. Your clubs are excellent, thanks again.
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 68 in total