Command Q4 Driver

Command Q4 Driver


Compare features and performance to the Taylor Made® drivers.

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Right Hand:
10.5° Driver w/ Headcover $89.95
12° Driver w/ Headcover $89.95
Left Hand:
10.5° Driver w/ Headcover $89.95
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An updated version of the hottest driver Pinemeadow has ever offered has arrived! New designed and technologies will improve distance and control. The Command Q4 by Pinemeadow Golf is the benchmark in titanium driver technologies. The moveable tungsten and steel weights create customizable launch angles and ball flight options. Six weight configurations give you total control of your game.

Adjustable Weight-Port Technology

Command Driver Weight Set-Up

The driver includes two (2) six gram tungsten weights and two (2) four gram steel weights pre-installed. The position of the weights in the club head determine ball trajectory.

Command Driver Weight Tool

Click on the image to the left to launch the weight setup tool to help you position the weights. The weights require a wrench that is included with the driver to move the weights around. Please be careful when removing the weights.

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  • Fitted standard with our low-torque Pinemeadow Graphite Shaft for the same $89.95 value.
  • Compare features, performance and price to the Taylor Made® drivers.

Technical Specifications

Loft (deg)10.512
Lie (deg)5959
Face Angle (deg)00
Weight (g)200200
Volume (cc)400400
Shaft and Grip:
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Beta Titanium
100% Titanium

Customer Reviews

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Carlos Acevedo rated this product * * * * on 02/23/15 I have had this Driver for about two years and I loved it. I also have the entire set for the Q4. This past weekend I found a crack at the lower part of the head close to the face. Now I have to look for another driver, but afraid to get the same one even if I like it. I see other customers with the sane probel. Is there a update on this issue? Soemthing covered by warranty? I'm looking for a repalacement for me and one fro my wife.
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daniel rated this product * * * * on 10/09/14 I have bought a multiple clubs from PM and I have never had any issues. I had the Q4 Driver as part of the set and it really helped my boomarang slice. I do not golf a lot so I had maybe 40 rounds over 4 years with it and then it cracked. I purchased a PXG from PM and I do not like it. I am looking to replace it and will go back to the Q4 and hope it lasts longer. Hopefully PM has fixed the fault that produced the crack.
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Doug rated this product * * * * * on 09/11/14 This driver performs very well. It has a nice feel and the adjustable weighting has helped me drive straight down the fairway. As a 63 year-old senior golfer, I'm consistently hitting between 220 and 240 yards. I also found the customer service to be second to none. I've played with brand name fitted clubs, and I just don't find that big a difference between brands and Pinemeadow clubs. I think that you will love their clubs. Give them a try!
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neil sharp rated this product * * * * on 07/31/13 it is fun trying to have all the ways to hit a ball with the screwouts. i have found that the setting of low trajectory has been most beneficial to me. i tried the others and got some fairly good results. try the club and you won't be hurt with the results.
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Ken Boyer rated this product on 07/27/13 Just for the record, after purchasing [2]hybrids which I am completley satisfied with I purchased a driver. Wasn't up to my specs and I returned it and it was received on 7/15/13. As of today, 7/27 I still havene't received a credit. Not happy.
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