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The ZR3.0 line is the newest installment in our flagship ZR series that we've proudly produced since 2006. It's a brand new design for us, featuring a full line of clubs including the driver, woods, hybrids, and irons.

The ZR3.0 driver features a lower center of gravity, which increase launch angle to create larger carry distances. Don't miss out on the opportunity to leave yourself with shorter approach shots.

You'll notice an alignment feature on the top (crown) of the club. This is designed to help with staying true to your target angle at address. Plus, it just looks cool!

Additional ZR3.0 Clubs

Sole 3 4         Sole 3 4                  3 pw set


  • Fitted standard with our low-torque Pinemeadow Limited Graphite Shaft for the same $119.95 value.
  • Compare features, performance and price to the PING® G25 Driver.

Technical Specifications

Club 1
Loft 10.5°
Lie 59°
Weight 198g
Face Angle 0
Volume 460cc
Shaft and Grip:
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Face Material:
Beta Titanium
Body Material:
100% Titanium

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Paul Mailly reviewed this product on 09/11/16 Hi, this is an update of my review date 8/15/16. (Stiff + 1/2 inch shaft) I have played several rounds now & got used to the driver. I hit it strait & constantly about (+)200 meters (220 yards) now. As I turned 60 last year, i don't think there's anything wrong with that distance. So overall very happy. Tks guys.
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Paul Mailly reviewed this product on 08/15/16 All though the woods are perfect, i'm not sure about the driver. When i hit the ball, it sounds as if i hit the ball with a frying pan. The result is ok, not far, but that's surely because of me, i lack swing speed (stiff shaft), being 61 and not having played for 10 years.
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WILLIAM OGBURN reviewed this product on 07/23/16 ****Update**** I now have a year in and the club is ridiculous awesome. I did not change the shaft flex, but got my swing speed and tempo evaluated. i am consistently out driving guys with lower handicaps and with your big name drivers. On a clean drive avg 310-315 with a 285 carry. Much different from my 275-285 and a 260 carry. I'm 4 years in on playing and this club has tremendously aided in the 10 strokes I've shaved of in the past year.
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Wil O. reviewed this product on 01/06/16 The sound of this club is like music to my ears, being an old softball player. Many won't like it, but there are different pitches of the sound depending on where you hit it on the face. I've had the club since August and I have to say the performance is pretty frickin good! I've hit some of my longest drives with this club. Driving distance comparable to my old Burner! Will have to change the flex from stiff to regular as my swing has cleaned up to give me more consistency off the tee!
4 out of 4 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
charly rauscher reviewed this product on 09/19/15 This club is loud. I think someone else mentioned this; no big deal for me. When I took it to the driving range, I got no loft. However, when I used it on the golf course I got the loft I'm accustomed too. The degree is 10.5. I need to check if it carries the same as my current driver. Most times it does, But I've only had it a week. It seems to produce a fade which I always play for...could be me (fade that is).
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 10 in total