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The new ZR1 Driver is designed to fit all types of players from high handicappers to better players. The size of the driver pushes the USGA volume to the limit at 460cc's of pure power. It is a perfect match for golfers looking for the performance of a technologically advanced titanium club head combined with the size and power of an oversize driver.

Larger volume also means more distance and increased forgiveness, and this club head provides it. Featuring thin-face beta titanium sweet spot for maximum rebound, the smooth rounded profile looks great and plays like a winner.

If you are considering the ZR1 Driver, the ZR1 Irons is a perfect complement.

Driver and Fairway Wood Headcovers are available.


  • Fitted standard with our low-torque Pinemeadow Graphite Shaft for the same $99 value.
  • Compare features, performance and price to the Ping® G5 Titanium Driver at $399.

Technical Specifications

Club 1
Loft (deg) 10.5
Lie (deg) 58
Weight (g) 196
Face Angle (deg) 0
Face Height (mm) 57
Volume (cc) 460
Shaft and Grip:
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Beta Titanium
100% Titanium
Bulge and Roll:
11" x 9"
Metallic Black

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George rated this product on 09/05/07 Got a the ZR-1 driver & 3W to replace my 20 yr old clubs. Loved my 3W right off but it took me a while to get used to the driver. My last outing I consistenly had the longest drives in our foursome while taking a nice easy swing. Even some of my poorer drives were good distance. I'm happy with the clubs and am now deciding on a set of irons.
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Gavin rated this product on 08/19/07 I received my driver on Friday and played 36 holes with it this weekend. Most forgiving driver I've ever used. I hit 300-320 yds down the middle every time, even cleared the green air born on a 330 yd hole once. Theres not a better driver for the money anywhere else. Nice work fellas
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Toos rated this product on 08/11/07 I bought this club about a year ago, with Proforce 65 stiff shaft. I wasn't too sure about the club for a long time - some crackers, but some only average, but wasn't playing much golf, so wasn't swinging it the best. After a couple of weeks of actually going to the range and swinging like a golfer, then this thing rocks! Hit a lob wedge second shot into a 420 metre hole today, plus a couple of 300-330 crackers up the middle. Hit one off the Pinemeadow logo on the toe: still went about 230-240, dead straight. I used to average about 240 metres, now that's my severe mis hit. This story was about the same 2 weeks ago - 4 or 5 over 300 metres. I'm playing with guys with Taylor Mades, Calloways etc and they can't believe that I only paid $130 or so. My only disappointment is the Pinemeadow grip: it is absolute rubbish, slippery as hell. Upgrade for a couple of bucks before you buy, rather than forking out for a regrip after a few weeks or months. Thanks Pinemeadow for supplying quality at a price my wife loves!
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Jeremy rated this product on 05/10/07 I bought this driver about a year ago. I blew the dust off my clubs a week ago and practiced some. I played in a golf tournament today. With one swing tip from a buddy to straighten my drives out it was my ball we usually played on the back 9. I average 300 yards with this driver. The guys had to ask what I was hitting with. They thought I had a high dollar name brand club. Needless to say they were impressed!! I've also a got a putter and the ZR1 irons from Pine Meadow. You can't go wrong with clubs from PMG. I'm about to order my fairway woods now. Save your money and get the same product as the top name brand clubs!!
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Pete rated this product on 10/12/06 I've had my ZR1 with gaffalloy R shaft and Winn Classic grip for about two weeks and i'm driving the ball about the same distance as with other clubs that I tried but this club setup seems much more forgiving and easier to work the ball. thanks Pinemeadow
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 14 in total