PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set

PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set


Compare features, performance and price to the Adams® Idea a70s Hybrid Iron Progressive Set.

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3-PW w/ Headcovers $249.95
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We've listened to the feedback from our customers and created a set fully designed to improve iron play.

The PRE name stands for Performance Ready Equipment. The series allows players of all skill levels to play the most modern and new age technologies in golf. One of the first clubs created in the PRE series is this unique hybrid set.

The hybrid iron set is designed around a full hollow construction throughout the entire set, providing a seamless transition. Long irons were designed with a wider sole plate and added offset offering maximum forgiveness, while the shorter irons are crafted with a smaller sole plate and reduced offset to increase control and effectiveness. This progressive appearance has become very popular within the hybrid set being sold in the market place.

If you are struggling with your current irons this is the solution for you. Trust us, you will not be the only one in the marketplace giving up tradition irons for a set like this.

Additional Wedges

Pre Wedge


  • Progressive sole width and offset
  • Full hollow construction through out the set
  • Recommended to be built with our standard Pinemeadow Hybrid graphite shaft
  • Color scheme is black with orange highlights
  • Headcovers included for all clubs
  • Suited best for golfers who have trouble hitting down on the ball
  • Increased MOI than your classic iron
  • Center of gravity is 6 times deeper than a classic iron, this increases the launch angle
  • Larger hitting area
  • Compare features, performance and price to the Adams® Idea a70s Hybrid Iron Progressive Set.

Technical Specifications

Men's Std. Length40.5"40"39.5"39"38.5"38"37.5"37.5"
Ladies Std. Length39.5"39"38.5"38"37.5"37"36.5"36.5"
Shaft and Grip:
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431 Stainless Steel

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Geraint rated this product * * * * * on 01/21/15 Ordered these clubs over the Christmas holidays and got them a few days earlier than originally requested. The service was fantastic. I've been to the range a couple of times and on the course once, a resort course in Dubai where they hold the Race to Dubai finale every year on the European PGA Tour. Scored my lowest Stableford points in 2 years ... because I am still getting used to the added distance I'm getting. Making great contact with all clubs. And my usual slice is reduced dramatically. I must say thanks to Aaron for his hard work and diligence in making sure the order was okay and delivered on time. Great service. When I need new woods, I know where I'm shopping.
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Barry rated this product * * * * * on 10/27/14 I've had this set now for a couple of years so thought it time to update my review. I bought this set of clubs to achieve consistency. That decision was absolutely the correct one - I am striking the ball better than I have ever done and only yesterday hit my 7 iron just under 150 metres that's around 165 yards and I'm 74 years old. These clubs really work - believe me. Barry
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Kevin Flanagan rated this product * * * * * on 09/04/14 I bought these clubs this spring and ordered the shafts 1 1/4 longer than stock (I am 6'1"). I hadn't played a lot of golf over the last decade, just about 3 scrambles a year after being a decent player (about a 15 handicap) for the better part of the previous 15 years or so. Kids and a sucky economy will do that to you. I have to admit, when I first got the clubs I was very frustrated. While I liked the increased shaft length and the much more consistent ball contact, my predominate slight fade had turned into a snap hook due (I think) to the offset face. That being said when I was playing my best golf in my late 20's and early 30's, I could play a draw when I wanted to and that helped me especially off the tee. Since I was committed to playing on a weekly basis for the first time in a long time (in a league) I was hoping that the snap hook was due to the carpenter and not the tools. Boy was I right. After adjusting to not playing on a consistent basis and rediscovering my swing, I have fell head over heels in love with these clubs! I have always been a guy who could hit it a fair distance but I absolutely mash these things! I hit the 3 iron off the tee as long as my playing partners hit their drivers (about 240 yards) and all of the clubs play about a club and a half longer than my traditional irons. The biggest problem I have right now is finding a wedge that I can hit 90 to 120 yards. I have played the best golf I have played in years with these sticks. Shot a 42 tonight (par 36 for 9 holes) and (unfortunately) have been killing my quota headed into the playoffs. If only I could putt! Seriously, it is hard to make bad contact with these clubs and even the miss hits aren't nearly as bad as they were with my old "traditional" irons. I have played Pinemeadow clubs for years so the high quality is no surprise. If you are considering purchasing these clubs DO IT! I have not enjoyed playing golf this much for years. Thank you Pinemeadow!
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Kirkfish rated this product * * * * * on 09/02/14 I never thought I would say that my go to club is my three iron, but with these clubs it is. I have never hit irons worth a darn, but these are awesome. I bought a used set off your web site and my golf partner hit them at the range and immediately ordered a set for himself. I am at least ten strokes better than before. Love these clubs. 68 years old and hit it longer and straighter than 30 years ago.
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Terry Gabhart rated this product * * * * * on 07/31/14 I purchased mine on Amazon but just had to write you. I do a lot of research on my purchases and was about to purchase either a set of Powerbilt Hybrids or the Integra Ex200's. I stumbled across your website while doing my research and the more I read the better they looked. I ordered from Amazon but I want you to know that I could not be more pleased. I have been playing hybrids for a couple of years so my learning curve was short. However everything you say is true and the progressive part is better than my old ones. I am 70 and i have never hit my irons like this before. You have made a great design and I hope someone will read this as I did and give them a try. The delivery, Packaging, fit and finish, and playability of these irons is perfect for the player intended and I cannot wait to play more with them. Thanks for a great product!
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