Command W7 Hybrids

Command W7 Hybrids

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4 Hybrid w/ Headcover
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Combine the best technologies with the hottest color in golf. The Command W7 hybrids are built to replace the 3 and 4 irons. This compact head profile ensures ease of use in just about any situation. The shape of the hybrid distributes the weight to the center creating a larger sweet spot and solid feel at impact, so the feeling is crisp, pure and the traditional hybrid style sole makes this a really easy club to hit.

All men's hybrids will include a Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G White grip (pictured below) as the Pinemeadow Standard Grip.

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  • Compare features, performance and price to the Taylor Made® hybrids.
  • Built standard with your choice of a low-torque Pinemeadow Hybrid Graphite Shaft or Apollo Lite Steel shaft.
  • We highly recommend a graphite shaft on all hybrid golf clubs.

Technical Specifications

Face Angle00
Shaft and Grip:
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431 Stainless Steel

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Kurtis rated this product * * * * on 01/16/14 For the price, these are great clubs. I have the 3 and the 4 and they have a good feel. Club head seems a little heavier than others I've tried but it's not big deal. I gave them 4 instead if 5 due to the paint smearing and a small chip on my 4 after my first use.
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Lonnie T rated this product * * * * * on 11/18/13 I have got to commend Pinemeadow on their excellent customer service. I purchased a 3 hybrid and after about 3 holes the paint chipped. They apologized and immediately sent a replacement. Customer service like that wins customers forever. I will recommend them to everyone.
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David rated this product * * * * * on 11/01/13 I picked these clubs on a whim because they were $30 dollars. I was looking for some hybrids since I was having a hard time hitting my 3 and 4 irons accurately and having them land softly. I was skeptical because of the price but having played them for the summer, I become more and more impressed with them. Off the tee I hit the hybrid 3- 240 yds and the 4- 220-230 yds! They are great for when you need accuracy off the tee and they are great for par 5s! I hit them off the deck about 220 and 210 yds and they go straight and far. Even mis-hits go pretty far and straight. I liked them so much I picked up the hybrid 5 too. I usually shoot in the 80's and they are a great club to have in the bag. I'm a big hitter and they have held up great to my abuse ;) you got another winner here pinemeadow! Age: 31, sex: Male, average drive: 290, handicap: 13-15. Hope this helps!
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Kelly W. rated this product * * * * * on 10/09/13 I have now had my 3 & 4 Command Hybrids for about 6 months and I still feel totally satisfied with this purchase. I got them on sale for less than $60 for both as I was starting to have problems hitting the long irons. The 3 hybrid is much easier to use than my old 3 iron plus I get more predictable distance (220+). The 4 hybrid is my go to club at 195-210 and I love it! I am just mad that I let my iron play deteriorate for so long before I invested in Hybrids. All my golfing buddies have payed over $150 apiece for their name brand hybrids. Mine are just as good at a fraction of the price = 1 Happy Customer.
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Chief rated this product * * * * * on 09/21/13 The twins (my new hybrids), arrived exactly one week from the day they were ordered. They shipped the same day. I was in no hurry to get to the range the day they arrived. I figured I’d sit back and wait for a nice sunny Saturday morning to knock out a couple of large buckets. That was today. Thought I’d warm up with the irons and work my way through the drives before I got around the twins. So I grabbed an iron and a large bucket of about 60 plus balls. I got maybe 10 good hits, if that. Pulled another large bucket and was headed down the same path. So now I’m all sweaty and thinking to myself …what a wasted day. That’s when I said; let me see what these new hybrids can do. They looked good, they felt good and I paid a unbelievable price for them. First swing went straight up in the air and down range about 125 yards. I took a second swing, up and out 135 or more, straight as an arrow. Took a few more and got my confidence back. After getting the same results from the second club I was a satisfied customer. So…Did I get my money’s worth? Yes! Do I recommend this deal? Yes! Will I buy from these guys again? Yes!
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