What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On August 24, 2009 R. James wrote: Received my new driver right on time last Tuesday. Too busy to get out and try it. I like ordering products from your company because you are one of the few Internet companies that once I place an order, you do not try to sell me more products or automatically sign up for some type of extra service that usually hits my credit card the following month. I probably purchase the majority of my products online and the companies that have called me or charged my credit card for services I did not request, I no longer do any business with, includes Amazon.com. I now have a complete set of Pinemeadow golf clubs and a nice travel bag. Very happy with the clubs. I do need one more club. I need a club a little more angle than my pitching wedge. Do you suggest a 56 degree or a 60 degree pitching wedge? I consider myself an intermediate golfer. I enjoy your website and please do not begin to try the two things other companies do to make more sales. Your clubs in my opinion sell themselves.


On August 24, 2009 P.B. wrote: I received the 2H Command BK and the Hybrid putter today, many many thanks. I’ve been chipping around the living room like mad today and I love the feel of the chipper. I won’t get a chance to drive the hybrid until later this week on a range, but both clubs arrived in pristine condition and I’m extremely satisfied with the clubs and the customer service. I have a set of BK Irons and a BK driver on order too, and am really looking forward to them arriving.

Thanks for great service,

On July 22, 2009 Matt wrote: I have the clubs and they are simply amazing! I almost feel like I am cheating. I was hitting around 110 to 120. I have been out 4 times now and been under 100 every time. These clubs can simply not be beat. I don't see myself hitting anything that isn't from pinemeadow in the future. Best purchase I have made in a long time. You guys rock!
On July 22, 2009 KC wrote: Hi Gabe,

I received my driver and 3-wood exactly when you said I would. And yes, I've hit the clubs. I've done a lot to correct my slice, but I still do slice from time to time. The driver produces the least degree of slicing of anything I've ever hit (and I've used an assortment of TaylorMade drivers for years). The 3-wood is equally outstanding.

Superb quality at a great price, shipped promptly, with solid communication all along the way - I couldn't ask for a better scenario in ordering the clubs. You folks are second to none in the custom golf club manufacturing business.



On July 08, 2009 J.S. wrote: Thank you so much for your on target stance, backswing and follow-through on this order. I am superbly happy with the golf club I ordered and the quality of your company's service. When the club I initially ordered wasn't available as a custom order, your team called me on the phone, which I never expect from an internet order, they offered a viable product alternative. I have since taken the club to task on the driving range and I am supremely happy with the grip and the weight of the club. Although longer than I originally planned on, the clubhead weight is just beautiful. I will definitely contact Pinemeadow for other clubs and warmly recommend your company to my friends. You can share these comments with others. Thanks again.
On June 25, 2009 Ernest M. wrote: My clubs arrived Monday. I'm most impressed by your service. I played with them today for the first time and immediately took five strokes off my game!! Thank you again for your great service.
On June 08, 2009 Jeannie wrote: I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE MY CLUBS!! My husband and I went to the driving range over the weekend and I couldn’t believe the improvement in my game with the new clubs—not just the driver but all of them. Distance and Lift were incredible. My husband wasn’t sure when I told him that I ordered clubs from Pinemeadow, but he is now a BIG believer in your clubs. He used my Driver yesterday at the Range and he hit farther and more accurately then with his EXPENSIVE name brand club. I will definitely be making many referrals to your website and will look nowhere else for any future golf needs I have. Thanks again!!
On June 08, 2009 RB wrote: I have received my order. It arrived a day early and I had the chance to play them. I ordered a bloc 5 wood to replace my old one. With the two for one deal , I also got a bloc 3 wood. These clubs are great! They are at least 10 yards longer than my old ones. My golfing buddy hit the 3 wood a couple of times and went home and ordered his.

I also ordered a 60 and a 64 degree wedge. These are both great clubs. I shot my best round ever - an 85. I should get better as I get use to the new clubs. I'm now playing all Pinemeadow clubs except for the putter and I will correct that soon.

On May 05, 2009 Anonymous wrote: Just wanted to drop a line after finally having a chance to work with the BK3 and 54 56 and 60 degree wedges I ordered over the winter. One word should sum up how I feel about these purchases, FANTASTIC! I have to admit that I was very skeptical about online purchase of clubs. IM now a fan! The 3 wood with upgraded shaft is effortless and has added a good 20 yards to my fairway play. The wedges took some getting used to, but my confidence from 90 yards in has never been better.

I just want to thank you and the staff at Pine meadow for your follow-up and keeping in touch to see how I was making out.

Thanks again so very much.

On May 05, 2009 C.D. wrote: I received the clubs exactly on the expected date, I was impressed with the packaging, and the clubs were amazing i also bought head covers for all the clubs and was highly impressed with the quality of the covers for the price. I did get to the range this week and was impressed with how easy it was to hit some nice straight shots. I am a new golfer, and wanted to get some good quality woods, with a price tag that wouldn't hurt to bad, and i am can't say enough good things about these!