What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On December 22, 2009 Richaed F. wrote: Chris:

Hey, thanks for getting back to me. The clubs arrived a day earlier than scheduled! The customer service was excellent, Tommy did a wonderful job taking care of me. I have officially replaced all of my clubs with Pinemeadow, and I will never switch away. Two of the putters are for gifts for christmas (My Dad and Brother loved my clubs and are looking to switch over to Pinemeadow themselves), so those ones I have not tried out, but the irons and the lefty putter are wonderful and hit beautifully. I want to thank everyone one the Pinemeadow team for the service and the quality clubs for an unbeatable price. The only thing I have left to do is replace my bag, which i am going to need to do shortly.

Thank for everything.

On December 18, 2009 D.P. wrote: Yes, my clubs arrived and I have played once since they arrived and I am very pleased. Actually I bought the two sided chipper as a Christmas gift for a friend and he is very pleased with it. I may be sorry I gave it to him as he beat me by several strokes Thursday. I bought the pitching wedge for myself and I am pleased with both the quality and the play the first time out using it.

This is my first purchase with Pinemeadow and I am totally impressed with the customer service and the selection offered as well as all the golf information on your site that is a real help.

I expect to buy many more clubs from Pinemeadow in the future.

On December 12, 2009 Anonymous wrote: Thank you to the entire team at Pinemeadow Golf! My recent order arrived promptly as usual and my son has had a few weeks to play with the new clubs he received for his birthday and he couldn't be happier!

The Doublewall Driver with the Lamkin Crossline Tour grip and UST Proforce shaft is so sweet, that I find myself putting aside my awesome Excel Strong Driver and borrowing this killer club.

The length and accuracy of his Command Q4 Three Wood is astounding. But his go-to club for touch and placement is the Excel Strong #4 Hybrid that has become a lethal weapon in his young hands! Zack has just turned 14 years old but his new iron set with Pinemeadow Custom Graphite shafts have helped bring his game to a new level. He has been giving me a run and it won’t be long before he kicks my butt regularly.

I cannot believe how much his up and down game has improved with the Classic Grind Black Butte Wedge and his Xeon 9 Putter, what fine sticks these are! Oh, and he just loves the Camo golf bag, perfect for a young teen. I think this entire custom set would be perfect for any young golfer to help improve their game by leaps and bounds. You should package and market this for teenagers, there is nothing out there that could touch it.

Thank you again and a special thanks to Chris for helping me put together (and giving me such a great deal) on this magnificent complete set.

On December 08, 2009 J.C. wrote: I'm actually trying to leave a testimonial and I couldn't find where to do so. I'm sure it's right under my nose. So here goes. After stumbling upon your site looking to buy new clubs I saw the prices, the name brands that you compared yourselves with, and I throughly looked at all of your products. I read all of the testimonial and such, but then I did a search internet wide on you. I found nothing but positive reviews on several golf related websites. So, I bought the Excel Lightning driver, 3-pw BK command irons, a 3 bloc hybrid and a 5 bloc hybrid. My order came exactly when promised and the clubs looked awesome. My only criticism is that I ordered a 5 hybrid with head cover and I received a 4 hybrid with a 5 head cover. I'm a big believer in "things happen for a reason" so I'm fine with this.

I took my clubs out today for practice balls and a round of 18. I am a notorious slicer with a driver. I am a 100 shot per round golfer. Today I hit 90% of the fairways (my power wasn't spectacular, but that's me not the club", my irons were 20-50 yards longer, and the 4 hybrid from the fairway put me 2 feet from the hole 170 yards away for my first par four birdie ever. (everything happens for a reason)I could go on and on about my game, but I shaved off 6 strokes from my previous best. All I can say is that Pinemeadow delivered on everything they said they would and I will buy only this brand for as long as I play golf! These are outstanding clubs, outstanding customer service, and I am thrilled to have my first new set of clubs.

On December 06, 2009 M.F. wrote: I really dont have a question but I wanted to thank Pinemeadow Golf. I purchased some excel irons from you guys over a year ago and have been so pleased with the product. My game improved from a 13 handicap to a 6 after the addition of the irons. I also recently had my first hole in one on my birthday a few days ago. Thanks again for the wonderful product.
On September 09, 2009 D.R. wrote: Yes, Tom, I received the Putter 2 days after it was sent to complete my order. I am very pleased with the clubs, enough so that today on the course I was asked what brand my putter was and proudly told them that it was Pinemeadow. After that, I showed him my command Q's and explained to him the finer points of how you don't make illegal knock-offs but actually construct clones using the same technologies as the major manufacturers. I informed him of your excellent pricing and gave him a feel of my irons with the Winn grips and told him he can customize his shaft and grips to his own liking. He was thoroughly impressed with my irons and putter. After our round he stopped me again at his vehicle and took down your information. I believe your well crafted clubs and the way I played them turned him into a future customer. Thank you for these fine additions to my golfing experience.
On August 26, 2009 David in Australia wrote: Thank you for your email and yes the driver arrived yesterday afternoon thank you. I went down to the driving range after eating dinner and I was flabergasted! I have never, ever hit so many long, straight drives in a row as I did last night at the driving range! I will post feedback on your website but I want to see how I go using it in competition play this Saturday. I took a chance with the configuration and I have hit the jackpot! I have bought from you before and am very impressed with the standard of service and high quality of your equipment and at a fraction of the price of comparable clubs. You can use this email as feedback on your website if you like and I will add extra comments after Saturday.

Thanks again

On August 24, 2009 R. James wrote: Received my new driver right on time last Tuesday. Too busy to get out and try it. I like ordering products from your company because you are one of the few Internet companies that once I place an order, you do not try to sell me more products or automatically sign up for some type of extra service that usually hits my credit card the following month. I probably purchase the majority of my products online and the companies that have called me or charged my credit card for services I did not request, I no longer do any business with, includes Amazon.com. I now have a complete set of Pinemeadow golf clubs and a nice travel bag. Very happy with the clubs. I do need one more club. I need a club a little more angle than my pitching wedge. Do you suggest a 56 degree or a 60 degree pitching wedge? I consider myself an intermediate golfer. I enjoy your website and please do not begin to try the two things other companies do to make more sales. Your clubs in my opinion sell themselves.


On August 24, 2009 P.B. wrote: I received the 2H Command BK and the Hybrid putter today, many many thanks. I’ve been chipping around the living room like mad today and I love the feel of the chipper. I won’t get a chance to drive the hybrid until later this week on a range, but both clubs arrived in pristine condition and I’m extremely satisfied with the clubs and the customer service. I have a set of BK Irons and a BK driver on order too, and am really looking forward to them arriving.

Thanks for great service,

On July 22, 2009 Matt wrote: I have the clubs and they are simply amazing! I almost feel like I am cheating. I was hitting around 110 to 120. I have been out 4 times now and been under 100 every time. These clubs can simply not be beat. I don't see myself hitting anything that isn't from pinemeadow in the future. Best purchase I have made in a long time. You guys rock!