What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On July 20, 2011 George W. wrote: I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your company to date. You have informed me with each step, and Chris even called me when there was a question regarding my order. No other company has ever done this for me and I must say I am quite impressed.

If the clubs you've made for me are half as good as your attention to detail and customer service, I know I'll be very pleased with them.

On July 19, 2011 Mike R. wrote: Hi Tommy,

I received the clubs on Wed, 7/13. They are exactly what I specified and gorgeous. I haven't hit them but can't see how I could miss. They set up perfect.

You guys are great! Return and store credit could not have been handled better. Only other company I have dealt with that has comparable customer relations is Zappo's.

I will let you know when I get to the course.

On July 19, 2011 Mike wrote: Hi Tom,

Received the clubs and they look really great. Haven"t had a chance to try them yet but I am hoping to soon.. I am very satisfied with the order and the way it was handled. Looked at other companies but am glad now that I chose Pinemeadow Golf.



On July 14, 2011 Bryce G. wrote: Chris,

I just wanted to say thank you for the follow up email and the whole experience dealing with your company. I also play tournament paintball on a national level and your customer service rivals some of the top manufactures that sponsored me. I have played 4 18 holes since I received them and I am so happy that I follow my coworkers advice and went with your clubs. I use to shoot a 104 on 18 holes and with my new clubs I’m the last 4 times I went out was 101, 97, 93 and now at 89.

As you well know golf is a expensive sport to get started in and with companies like yours it sure make the sport less of a sticker shock and more inviting for new players. Even before I received my clubs I did my research on your clubs and I have not found anything bad about them and I also got my boss to buy a set also 4 days before I received mine. My co worker that got a set of your clubs about 4 years ago is still very happy with his and he is the main reason I went with Pinemeadow golf

On July 12, 2011 J. P. wrote: I used my new clubs and played an excellent game. It is really great having clubs that fit and are made just for me. I really like the feel and the anti-slice is a really nice added feature. I believe that these clubs really help my game progress to the next level. I'll be ordering several more clubs in the next couple of months. Aaron, thanks for all your help and the customer follow-up is second to none.

I will recommend Pinemeadow to any one who will listen. Your company should logoize hats and shirts so we can advertise for you. Thank You

On July 12, 2011 K.B. wrote: Received the goods in around 5-6 days. Love the 3 wood (looks good, feels good and goooes!!) Love the putter. Mates are envious and you will probably be placing orders in the near future. I have used Pine Meadow Golf before and found to be reliable and safe and secure in regard to the credit card. Cant recommend you high enough and will be making further purchases in the near future. Cant see the point in spending big dollars when the clone clubs are every bit as good.
On July 11, 2011 Jonas wrote: Thanks for following up. I finally had a chance to take my new clubs to the driving range yesterday. Please let everyone know at Pinemeadow Golf how pleased I am with the quality of the clubs, the price, and the excellent service I've received. The adjustments to my irons and the shafts on the woods are perfect . I think it's great that you have a 30-day price protection policy.

I'll definitely recommend Pinemeadow to all of my golfing buddies. I showed my new clubs to my golf instructor yesterday and he was impressed as well. Thanks!!

On July 11, 2011 Eric B. wrote: Hey thx for touching base w me. My clubs have performed exactly as advertised. Did not get to test initially on driving ranrge, but rather went straight to Gresham golf course. Hit driver for first tym, went about 283, but scary straight!!! Shot lowest round of 86 (I've only been playing for 16.5 months) so I'm not "that guy" yet. The loft on the irons is unreal, and my wedge put me in position to eagle twice on both par 5! That has only happened once before. Nice control and ease w driver and 3w went 304 for birdie on hole four par four at glendoveer next day! Love 'em!
On July 08, 2011 N.H. wrote: I've had a chance to take it out already and I loved using it! The weight and feel of the club was impeccable. I went out th day after I got it and played. My shots have never been straighter with a wood than that one! Thank you for all your support!
On July 08, 2011 E. K. wrote: Aaron,

Just wanted to let you know how things are going with the clubs I ordered through Pinemeadow. After seven years away from the game due to increasing frustration dealing with a game going nowhere, I decided to pick up the clubs again. My first two rounds out were more of the same frustrations and poorly struck shots. My wife encouraged me to explore getting new clubs that were better suited for me, which led me to your company based on a recommendation from a friend of mine who had heard good things about Pinemeadow.

My first realization that this was going to be a positive experience involved your contacting me shortly after I had placed my order for the Excel clubs to make sure that I had ordered the correct length. The attention given to looking into whether or not my order was appropriate was refreshing in a day when customer service does not always truly to seem to provide good service for customers. Once the correct length was determined, and of course I was mistaken in what I had previously ordered, the clubs were shipped quickly and arrived exactly when they were promised to be delivered.

Now for the really good part: the combination of the clubs I ordered, and a desire to actually get out and use them because of the new-found success I was experiencing, has resulted in dramatic improvements in my golf game. I had never broken 90 over 18 holes in my previous attempts at golfing, yet I was unbelievably able to card an 88 and an 87 on my second and third trips out with the Excel clubs. Even more unbelievably, on my fourth trip out I was able to record a score of 77, including a ridiculous (for me) 35 on the back nine. I realize that a good portion of the success I have had this summer deals with playing a lot more, but I also realize that would not be happening if not for the fact that I am hitting clubs that I have a great deal more confidence in.

The experience with these clubs has been so positive that I added a second order (a hybrid chipper/putter and the Pre putter), which were instrumental in the 77 I scored on my fourth trip out. I have been truly impressed by my dealings with Pinemeadow golf. The information found on your website helped me to shop with more confidence and knowledge than I had going in, your customer service after the sale left me completely confident that your company was helping to ensure that customers were ordering equipment that was appropriate for their needs, and the performance of the clubs has guaranteed that Pinemeadow is where I will turn for all of my golf needs from this point on. I have recommended your company to all of my colleagues and friends, and have loaned my clubs to a couple of my golf buddies thinking about ordering new clubs. They were both wowed by the quality of the clubs, and will hopefully be contacting you soon. Thanks for a great experience, and thanks for providing an opportunity to enjoy a wonderful game like golf at such a reasonable price.