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The longer than average toe to heel length and slightly taller face height creates an expanded sweet spot, which is easier to find consistently. Also the dual-rail sole helps cut through the roughest lies with ease.

The Yukon Shallow Face Woods are by far one of the most forgiving clubs offered by Pinemeadow; we all highly recommend these to all levels of golfers. Not only are they forgiving, but also are available in the widest range of lofts, so now golfers can keep with the latest trend in golf by substituting long hard to play irons with high lofted woods.

Yukon Replaces Synchron Series

Keep in mind the Yukon Shallow Face Woods are the exact same great club as the Synchron II Fairway Woods. The reason for the change was to introduce a new member to the Yukon family which produces game improvement technology. These woods have the same shape, design and technology which made these clubs so popular. All reviews on the woods before July 10th, 2009 are for the club with the old Synchron name.


  • Fitted standard with our low-torque Pinemeadow Graphite Shaft for the same $54.95 value.
  • Unbelievable feel and forgiveness. Ultimately the most playable club we carry.
  • Compare features, performance and price to Adams® Tight Lies at $199.
  • Suited best for: All golfers especially those who want to drop some of the longer harder to hit irons.

Technical Specifications

Club 3+ 3 5+ 7+ 9+ 11+ 13+ 15+
Loft 13 16 19 24 28 31 34 37
Lie 59 59 60 61 62 62.5 63 63.5
Weight (grams) 212 212 216 220 225 230 235 240
Face angle -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1
Face height 32 32 34.5 31 30.5 30 30 29
Volume 165 165 145 125 120 120 110 100
Men's Std. Length 43" 43" 42" 42" 42" 42" 42" 42"
Ladies Std. Length 42" 42" 41" 41" 41" 41" 41" 41"
Shaft and Grip:
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Metallic Black
Bulge x Roll:
12" x 12"

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Steve Moore reviewed this product on 12/29/15 Good Club. Used for the first time today. Perfect 150-160 yd club for me. Only reason not a 5 rating is it did not come with a club cover. Only Wood/Metal club I ever bought in over 4 years of play golf that did not come with one. Despite this I am considering replacing the rest of my fairway woods.
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John Miller reviewed this product on 11/09/15 Purchased a 13 wood - now I'm on the green every time from 90 - 130 yards Love my club
2 out of 3 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Marc C. reviewed this product on 11/05/15 The best! I play with folks who can't believe I'm hitting a 11 wood or a 13 wood. "Are you hitting a fairway wood," they exclaim as my shot flies high and straight and divebombs the green. "You bet," is my satisfied reply. These clubs are by far the easiest and most forgiving clubs out there. Throw those wonky, stiff-shafted irons away. Get rid of them--pray tell!--and fill your bag with Yukon Woods. The only other clubs I carry (except Yukon woods, 3-15 wood) are wedges. Don't need nothing else, either. The best--pure and simple!
3 out of 4 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Alan reviewed this product on 10/16/15 I have played three rounds with the Yukon 3+ wood and it has delivered. I needed a 220 - 230 yard club as my 16 degree 3 wood would cover 210. The first clean hit went 230 (slightly downhill). A couple days ago, I pushed an approach on a par 5 and it still went 200+. Solid club and feels great when cleanly hit. It is also nice to know that there is some forgiveness.
3 out of 3 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Christopher Robin Reiss reviewed this product on 09/02/15 I now have #s 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 Synchron II (Yukon) woods, matched with Grafalloy Blackbird X-stiff shafts. I have the Long Tom driver & 2-wood ~ wow distance & love those shafts! I also have all JumboMax XXL grips for my arthritic fingers & hands. Being 75 years old and 6'5", I had also noticed a general decline in scores, distance, accuracy, & feel. Got the Long Toms first, both clubs exceptional. Then I replaced all my irons (3-9) with the Yukon woods, after first trying the 15. Bought the heads & fitted shafts and grips. OK, what's the verdict? a) The ball really springs off the club faces ~ height (never a problem for me in the past) & distance are extraordinary! Without care, I fly well past the pin & green. b) They are very forgiving ~ MOI or whatever must be maximum. I can still mishit terribly (swing arc very inconsistent) but if I hit them well, they are the straightest clubs. c) The 2 "Baffler" style rails on the soles of these heads work wonders on dead-pan surfaces, deep Bermuda, even weeds, pine needles & St. Augustine grass. d) The heads are the ideal weight and face height. I tried the Tour Edge Bazooka QL Pitching Wedge ~ no rails, too heavy, too bulky all round, very hard to "work", hated it! SO: They are, without any reservation, outstanding. I've never wanted to review nor have reviewed any golf product before. Haven't got me on the super senior tour yet, but I am back to shooting from the Blue tees. These clubs have arrested my decline with advancing age, decrepitude. I am back to shooting in the low to mid 80s on my rough local city course in Florida, given a few gimme's & a Mulligan each side if needed. They have also made golf fun again for me & that is wonderful. PLEASE make a Yukon/Synchron II Pitching Wedge wood or a #17!!!! Can you? PLEASE!
5 out of 5 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 87 in total