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The Tour 780 Draw Driver features new technologies in an oversize club head. The weight of the club is centered on the heel of the driver. By moving the focal point of the weight to the heel it helps encourage faster club head rotation through impact, promoting a draw effect on your ball flight.

If you are one who tends to slice a lot off the tee this driver is a perfect fit for you. The additional weight in the toe of the driver stabilizes the club head through impact resulting in more consistent square contact on a regular basis. Although the clubs does have more weight in the heel it still has tested with an ideal balance throughout the driver providing greater forgiveness on the 460cc head.

Driver comes equipped with a ten gram weight in the heel of the club. We also include a 6 gram weight and wrench giving you the option to customize the driver to you.

Driver and Fairway Wood Headcovers are available too!


  • Fitted standard with our low-torque Pinemeadow Graphite Shaft for the same $104.95 value.
  • Compare features, performance and price to the Taylor Made® R7 Draw Driver at $299.

Technical Specifications

Club 1
Loft (deg) 10.5
Lie (deg) 58
Face Angle 0
Weight (g) 200
Volume (cc) 460
Shaft and Grip:
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Beta Titanium
100% Titanium

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Jeremy rated this product on 04/21/09 I have never hit my driver straight... Period. Now i do... Period.
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Mario rated this product on 02/17/09 I am a terrible golfer. Most of my friends have been playing for years and are great, so naturally I lag behind. I am okay with most clubs but I have never been able to cure my slice which ranges from slight to sometimes outrageous! This club allows me to simply change foot alignment and swing as fast as I can with great results. Now, on a 400 yard par four I can play from the fairway with a decent chance to be on in two. I love this club! In fact I am thinking about buying a couple more before the y are all gone!!
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Andrew reviewed this product on 02/05/09 Just letting you know it says their is a 10 gram weight in the "heel" of the club. It is actually in the toe of the club. Other than that this is a great product.
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MattyBronx rated this product on 07/30/08 So far I've hit a few hundred range balls and one round with this driver. I'm definitely driving much better with it compared to my crappy starter driver which it replaced. I'm hitting big, long drives with plenty of height. I don't know if it's the club's 'draw' weighting (I put the smaller weight in the toe right away), the extra practice or a combination but I've reduced my slice to a fade that I can live with. The website initially didn't charge me the sale price but Chris@customer service took care of that right away - great service (as always)! The only drawback of this club is the sound. Its not so bad out on the course, but at the range that "PING!" is loud and obnoxious. We'll see how long I can live with that before I'm forced to buy a new one.
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Adam K rated this product on 06/24/08 I purchased this club out of the "pre-owned" section. It was the exact length I needed (+1/2) and also came with the upgraded NV 75 graphite shaft. First time out I was dropping balls at the range's 250 yard sign. Out on the course I fell apart as usual and was sending the ball way over into the next fairway. I love this game!! :o) My next plan is to buy some range balls and play with those. Thanks for the great deal!
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