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You've found a product that we no longer carry. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to explore the rest of our site by clicking here. For help finding a similar product or other questions, please contact our customer service team.


We have a limited supply of wedges left with the old look. If you are interested in seeing the new look and getting the wedge in more lofts click the Pinemeadow Wedge for details.

The Pinemeadow dark tumble wedge is the most popular of our wedge lines two years running. The expanded face area makes this wedge the easiest to play out of the most difficult lies allowing the golfer to get under the ball but still have enough club to generate control and ball flight. This wedge also comes in the widest variety of lofts for both right and left handed golfers, all the way to our industry leading 68 degree wedge.


  • Largest face area of any wedge available making the toughest of lies seem like perfect lies.
  • Available in 52, 56, 60, 64, and the impossible to find 68 degree wedge. The widest selection in both Left and Right hand.
  • Compare features and performance with the best classic wedge designs at $120.

Technical Specifications

Loft (deg) 52 56 60 64 68
Lie (deg) 64 64 64 64 64
Weight (g) 291 298 305 312 312
Bounce (deg) 10 16 12 5 0
Shaft and Grip:
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431 Stainless Steel
Dark Tumble

Customer Reviews

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Robert rated this product on 03/25/10 I am a returning customer, and I have totally revamped my wedge play and selection this winter. My most recent addition was the 68 degree. I had 4 shots in my first round that this new club was the perfect distance that I may have over/undershot with my 60 degree. As I learn what I can and can't do with this new club, I expect the ability to loft at the pin from just off the green instead of attempting runners over rough terrain, or inconsistently under swinging with a longer club to try to get there. It is so much easier to have the same swing with this club vs attempting to alter my swing with a longer club. Until I can actually get it on the green instead of 10-20 yards off it from 180 out, this new club will be a key part of my game. I was surprised to see how rare this club is, because after 1 round, I love it. I have recommended your site to many but I may have to keep this wedge a secret, at least for now.
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George Varga rated this product on 03/21/09 I only golf once a week. Needless to say I'm not very good. My biggest problem was slicing my tee shots. I bought the Tour 780 draw driver. The first time I used it was kind of disappointing. I never took it to the range to try it out. It did help some. But after using it a couple times and adjusting my stance, I'm very pleased with it. My drives are as long or longer than my playing partners. And they are mostly down the middle of the fairway. A few of the guys spent over $200 for a driver that does the same thing. I feel I got a real bargain.
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Steve rated this product on 03/15/09 Working with Pinemeadow has been an outstanding experience. I ordered a full set of clubs, which were ordered on Sunday and delivered on Thursday. I ordered the ZR1 Driver and #3 wood (Graphite shafts), a set of the ZR1 irons (graphite shafts), a Zeon 9 Putter, and the Pinemeadow Wedge (60 Degree). When the clubs arrived I was able to hit the driving range immediately and found the clubs to be everything Pinemeadow claimed them to be. I drove the ball farther and hit the ball straighter with more consistency. The following day I was able to play 18 holes and found the clubs to be excellent. I would highly recommend these clubs to anyone. My golf buddies were very impressed with the craftsmanship and few of them are now looking to buy their own sets.
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Richard rated this product on 03/13/09 I bought the 56 and 60 degree wedges awhile ago and liked the way they hit without vibration, but no matter what ball I used cold not get any spin which I can do with my Golden Bear wedge set, also 60 degree does not seem to hit right anymore, use to hit it straight and came out of the sand one day and heard a wiered sound from the hozel and now feels loose and I pull everything now to the left with it, the 56 still flies pretty straight. I dont know maybe it is me, but am a 10 handicap and usually my short game is dead on.
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Tiger Jr. rated this product on 01/19/09 I recieved the 60 degree lob wedge. I went to the range and used it and i am very impressed by the material and weight of the wedge. Reminds me of a Clevland wedge. Excellent product, and I will defintly be doing business again!!!
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 69 in total