Pre Bronze Wedge

Pre Bronze Wedge


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The newest member to the PRE family. The wedge features a wide sole at the bottom of the club head which narrows towards the toe to provide a more forgiving hitting surface. Combine this proven shape and bounce design to provide accurate play from any lie. Features a bronze finish for a sleek look.

Club Face Image

Pinemeadow Nation, thanks for the feedback, here is the image you asked for. Our wedges, like most others in the marketplace today, feature “U” groove technology.


  • Custom build with a high quality Pinemeadow steel from Apollo®, a 125 gram shaft with a low to mid kick point for the same $24.95 value, perfect for the beginning to average golfer.
  • Built to Men's Standard Flex and Length

Technical Specifications

Loft (deg)52 5660
Lie (deg)64 6464
Weight (g)300 300300
Bounce (deg)8 12 6

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Lawrence Williams rated this product * * * * on 11/19/14 Looks like I may be the first review of this club. I'm 68 years old and just getting back into golf after not playing since my 20's, so I consider myself a beginner, pretty much, though I do have a swing and some (distant) past experience. I'm shopping for a set of clubs and have never bought clones or any clubs online. I decided to give this club a try on sale--not much to lose on a roughly $20 club! I'll start my review by saying that Pinemeadow's order and followup service lives up the positive comments I've read online. I ordered my Pre Bronze wedge in a 60* loft. I've only had it a couple of weeks, so this review isn't based on in-depth experience with the club. The club looked great when it arrived, though the milling on the toe of the face outside the strike zone looked a little uneven. Not too bad, though, and didn't look like it would drastically affect the club's usability. The bronze anodizing, however, is already wearing off the bottom and lower club face, and I've been playing it only in grass or sand--no bare ground, astroturf, etc. It still looks pretty decent, however, and I find I like the feel of this club better than most of the rental wedges (including major name-brands) that I've been batting around lately. That being said, however, I do seem to be having a little trouble getting consistent shots with my Pre wedge, but keep my age and newbieness in mind if you're evaluating the club based on my review. It could be that I'm just not that used to such a high loft--might have done better ordering it a PW or AW loft. The club does feel solid, and I'm beginning to develop more feel for it and more awareness of its appropriate uses. I expect that over time we'll both get used to one another, and that my consistency with the club will improve. I also ordered a Xeon 9 putter that I'll review separately on it's appropriate page, and I really, really like it. If I were doing it all over, I would still take a chance on this Pre Bronze wedge. Seems like a good value for very little money, whether it turns out to be a favorite iron or just another club I use sometimes.
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