Xeon 9 Putter
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Xeon 9 Putter


Compare features and performance to the Ping® G5i Putter.

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You have the best of both worlds in putter technology! The Pinemeadow Xeon 9 is the most sleek Anser style putter with comparable features of a mallet design.

Two thru-holes in the sole increase MOI* a feature you find in most mallet putter designs today. The tri-line alignment with a curve shaped top rail is the size of a golf ball providing a nice visual aid for your aim. Black polymer insert provides you with a soft buttery feel at impact. You'll be impressed with the features of this putter.

*MOI is the term applied to a clubhead's resistance to twist at impact. Increased MOI on a putter will result in straighter putts. If a putt is a little off center the spin will be reduced creating a better chance your shot will stay align to your target.


  • Compare features, performance and price to the Ping® G5i putter.
  • FREE putter headcover is included with the order.

Technical Specifications

Lie (deg)7272
Loft (deg)33
Weight (g)340340
Men's Standard Length34"42"
Ladies Standard Length33"41"
Shaft and Grip:
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Lawrence Williams rated this product * * * * * on 11/19/14 I'm 68 years old and just getting back into golf after 40 years of not playing at all. So I feel pretty much like a beginner. I also have never bought clone clubs or purchased clubs online before. So I decided to buy just one or two inexpensive clubs as a trial. I'm glad I chose this putter as one of them, because I love it! When I played in my 20's I used a few different blade or cavity-back putters, and even though I played for years, I never got really comfortable with any of them. Lately, I've been using both blade and mallet-style rental putters, and I haven't really like any of them. For me, the Xeon 9 is an optimal combination of a blade/Karsten style with a small mallet footprint. I like its clean, simple appearance as well as its weight and balance. When I really strike the sweet spot, the feel and feedback are perfect, to me. With the Xeon 9, I'm putting as I've never putted before. If I really pay attention to the shot, I make nearly everything in a 6-10 foot range, or when I miss, I leave the ball right near the rim. I have great feel with this club on long putts, too. My putting confidence was never great in my game before, but even though I'm struggling to get my overall game back, now I feel entirely confident when I step onto the green. Looks like this putter hasn't been reviewed lately, and I get a sense that maybe it's a bit "old technology" and low on contemporary flash appeal, but I can only say that it suits my game better than any other putter I've used so far. Can't think it would hurt you to give it a try--especially for under $30!
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Norma V rated this product * * * * * on 09/15/13 I love this putter. I'm fairly new to golf, but my putting has very much improved. I highly recommend this putter.
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Terry M rated this product * * * * on 09/17/12 Nice putter Pinemeadow. Recieved the putter as part of the short game set. It took a round to get used to compared to my old blade putter. Have played 5 rounds with and sunk a nice 30 footer on my second round. I am a two putter so that made my day. Perfect weight. Nice Job. You don't have to spend a lot of cash to get good quality with some research.
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David L. (Richmond VA) rated this product * * * on 06/05/12 i have been using this putter for about 1 year now i was very happy with this putter until last week when i went to my bag to get it and the face had fallen off. im a casual golfer and may have had only 15 rounds of golf with it before it broke. but my experience with it while it was working was great.
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Dan Mac rated this product * * * * * on 09/16/11 O K last review for now. A putter is a putter till to try this one out. All the choices out there and I'm not a fan of the mallet (Personal preference) I got this putter around May or June of 2010. Took it right out on the course and did all right. But after a little practice I went from 3 or so putts to 2 and 1 putts. I wouldn't trade this putter for anything right now. I am so impressed with it I bought another one for a spare and one L.H. for the son in law. nothing bad to say about this putter great feeling club. Thanks again Pinemeadow!!
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